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"Encryption Shanghai Himalaya Web3.0 Digital Art Exhibition" ended, AIGC and digital art derivatives are the biggest winners?

2022-11-24 11:29:45Wang Jiajian

图片来源:由无界版图 AI Paint tool generation
图片来源:由无界版图 AI Paint tool generation

11月11日,The first month-long“Crypto Shanghai·喜玛拉雅3eb3.0Digital Art Exhibition”Kick off at the Himalayas Art Gallery.

This is the moment the biggest in China、The most concentrated digital art exhibition.

art fair attracts likeSoul 、小红书、网易星球、bilibili、cool world、Unbounded territory, etc. to join the digital collection orAIGCDomestic iconic enterprises of related businesses.包括像The Weirdo Ghost Gang、MIMIC SHHANS、Theirsverse、Phantabear、Azuki、Ying等,A large number of community-based,以IPThe focus of the marketingNFT项目.

Whether it's a digital collection,还是NFT,Still a part of niche and fringe culture in China,甚至,Many people do not agree with its artistry.但这一次,NFTOn the stage of famous art museums,具有非同寻常的意义.

图:From the Himalayan Art Museum
图:From the Himalayan Art Museum

Shen Qibin, curator of the Himalayas Art Museum, said in his opening speech:“I know that this era can make you brave to try and make mistakes and practice.I know this is just the beginning,我们并不完美,but we have the determination and courage to explore.”

Perhaps it is the bravery and avant-garde of this art exhibition,国内的数字藏品、NFTPractitioners rejoice,纷纷喊出了“确保Web3.0Digital Art Happens in Shanghai”的欢呼.

NFT数字艺术、Digital collections enter the National Art Museum of China for the first time

NFT在2021年走红,The tipping point is the digital artistBeeple的《每一天:最初的5000天》在佳士得拍出6900万美元天价.

BeepleSuch pureNFT艺术品在NFTless field,且小众.NFTThe hottest is stillPFP(头像),像BAYC(无聊猿猴).10月以来,Hangzhou hosts several public art exhibitions,BAYC、CryptoPunks等PFPAvatar projects appear frequently.

But whether it is pure art orPFP类NFT,Enter the domestic art gallery exhibition,Shanghai is the first time.The Himalayas Art Museum is the earliest established museum in China.、One of the most famous museums,It is also a very important public space for cultural and artistic exchanges in Shanghai..

This encryption Shanghai·喜玛拉雅Web3.0The Digital Art Exhibition has creatively designed four sections,PFP、NFT Art、Independent Artists and Digital Art Collections.

PFP板块,主要是2022Avatars that have become popular around the world since the beginning of the yearNFT项目.

NFT Art,concentrated on theNFTTechnology-based digital art projects,focused on digital art andNFT结合的可能性.

独立艺术家,The content of the exhibition is mainly about software and hardware technologies related to digital art、产品.

数字藏品,Most of the exhibitors are domestic compliant digital collection projects.

图:Web3.0digital art exhibition,From the Himalayas Art Museum
图:Web3.0digital art exhibition,From the Himalayas Art Museum

The Himalayas Art Museum issued a statement,This pioneering exhibition breaks between encrypted art and traditional artists、Frontier Art and Traditional Culture,and the boundaries between artistic groups.It is hoped that this will promote the transformation of the art ecology,确保Web3.0Digital Art Happens in Shanghai.

Zhu Gang, President of the Shanghai Art Museum Association, delivered a speech:“We are in the digital age,our art、Numbers and science will go hand in hand.Science and art part at Foothills,Turning back and gathering at the top again.We look forward to the meeting of science and art in the Himalayas.”

Renowned curator of contemporary art,At the opening ceremony, Shen Qibin, director of the Himalayas Art Museum, positioned this digital art exhibition as an important part of the Himalayas Art Museum’s exploration of digital art museum construction.他认为,The future of digital art museum must be the transformation direction of major art museums.In addition to the traditional exhibition hall,Various new content and new models such as products and interactions will appear in the digital art gallery.未来3到5年,Digital art gallery will spread throughout the country.

The opening ceremony of the art exhibition attracted a group of people from the art world,The number of exhibitors exceeded3000人.包括像人民日报、新华社、China Business News and other media reported on the spot.

NFT艺术的价值,Social attributes are more prominent?

NFTWhat is the value of quasi-digital art??

Shen Qibin said in an interview with Shanghai Securities News,Collection is nothing more than two elements,One is the value of the collection、价格,Another is the identity,it reveals the character of the collector、态度.This is the common attribute of encrypted art and traditional art.

Based on the perspective of art collection,Shen Qibin also shared his love forNFTUnderstanding of encryption art under the blessing of technology,“Different from the scarcity determined by the stock of traditional art,Encrypted art can issue 10,000 copies,but each one is unique,The traditional concept of violating the rules with rare things has changed,Identity properties more highlights,It is also more conducive to the sharing and dissemination of art.”他说.

This is a very accurate description of the presentNFT,尤其是PFPThe logic behind the development of class projects.

One of the exhibitors,DeBoxvenue curator,推特账号“Yafon.eth”分享称,PFP类NFTthere's artistry behind it,But it's still different from crypto art,PFP NTFBehind the brand culture.另外,NFTcan serve as an identity for a community,It has certain social attributes,by brand andIP打造的,Community stickiness with cultural consensus will be high.

NFT、The strong social attributes of digital collections may also be related to the rising concept of creator economy,The unbounded territory of exhibitors is a typicalAIGCof creator-economy-related digital rights platforms,它通过AIAuthoring tools etc.,赋能创作者,Build a community of creators and fans,Then cut into the field of copyright and artwork.

这或许也是为什么,小红书、网易星球、B站、Soul等一批Web2.0of social and content companies will make high-profile entry into digital collections andNFTdeep cause:naturally social.

但是,For most of the non-practitioners participating in the exhibition,理解NFT、数藏、The social value behind digital art may not be easy.

“I am a lotWeb2.0Few of my friends can understand these arts,也不理解为什么NFT会卖得这么贵.”“Yafon.eth”说.

This does not prevent the Shanghai Digital Art Exhibition from stirring up11Monthly Shanghai Art Circle,The fans poured into the Himalayan art gallery.

Some exhibitors confessed,Maybe the audience is aiming atNFT、The artistry of digital collections comes,but they will agreeWeb3.0文化,Then be attracted by the social attributes behind the artwork.

And this may be the meaning of this art exhibition.借助Web3.0leading spirit,Breaking encryption art and traditional artists,Frontier Art and Traditional Culture,and the boundaries between artistic groups.

图:art exhibition site,Source Himalayas Art Museum
图:art exhibition site,Source Himalayas Art Museum

NFT、Digital Collections Are More Than Art,Industrial ecology has greater commercial value

Shanghai Digital Art ExhibitionNFTPractitioners are boiling.However, according to domestic media reports,They still care more about digital collections.The focus of the Xinhua News Agency report is on digital collections and their derivatives,How to bring new growth points to the real economy industry.

Li Benzhang, Director of Operations of Unbounded Maps, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency that,Unbounded territory has formed a blockchain-based,从创作、Copyright Confirmation and Protection、Digital Rights Distribution、A complete set of solutions and ecology circulated around derivative cultural and creative industries.

From artwork to cultural and creative products,在现场,The art derivatives of Unbounded Layout attracted many visitors.

And in this art exhibition,Unbounded landscape exhibited on the one hand, dozens of platform of cooperation of famous artists125An experimental and innovative digital artwork.另一方面,无界版图AIThe painting tools attracted the attention of the audience and the media.

图:Unbounded user experience layoutAI绘画工具,Source Himalayas Art Museum
图:Unbounded user experience layoutAI绘画工具,Source Himalayas Art Museum

2022年,AIGC爆火,无界版图AIDrawing tools also ushered in a blowout in the number of users.在现场,观众对AICurious about drawing tools,Including Zhu Gang, the president of the Shanghai Art Museum Association, also participated in the experience at the Unbounded Territory booth.

很有意思的一点,Many exhibitorsPFP类NFTproject feels strange,但对AIPainting more resonance.Simple words can be instantly turned into pictures,Let ordinary people become masters of painting.

Li Benzhang revealed,在现场,There are even many speculative institutions expressing strong interest in this field,尤其看好AIGC与创作者经济的结合.

For unbounded layoutAIDrawing tools also and artist agency FunnerART 合作,制作了2022An encrypted Shanghai commemorative collection( Crypto Art Shanghai POAP ),And issued by bi li bi li digital collections.

图:Encrypted Shanghai Memorial Collection,From Unbounded Territories
图:Encrypted Shanghai Memorial Collection,From Unbounded Territories

虽然,The HimalayasWeb3.0Digital art is defined as the art,Just like the exhibition of Unbounded Territory,it actually presents the digital art around、NFTThe whole industry ecology.

在不远的将来,Maybe you can see more and more enterprises、项目、品牌,涌入NFT、数字藏品行业.This in turn will drive media like digital、Practitioner in Interaction Design、Marketing and Community Operations Practitioner,and even developers who provide low-level technical support,进入Web3.0的世界.

SoulYuan commercial universe junwei, head of the proliferation of ideas or logic behind the process:The development of Internet applications is a process of survival of the fittest,If you can't create and innovate with the development of technology,Easily squeezed to the opposite edge later,所以在Web2.0Enterprises with certain advantages in,It is also necessary to actively exploreWeb3.0的世界.

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