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Bankless丨An article discussing Optimism's vision for modular expansion: OP Stack

2022-11-24 11:20:37Yangz

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2021 In the encryption bull market.以太坊变得拥挤,Gas Fee, sometimes up to several hundred dollars.

那么,Then what is the solution?Faster deployment of new chain!像 Solana、Binance Smart Chain 和 Avalanche 这样的“以太坊杀手”Appear at the time.They are liquidity mining activities,And they all take the etheric fang on the money.

People gave up the etheric fang,Although in the past to support it.

Alt-L1 Chain temporarily solve the demand for extensibility.But the emergence of so many chain with different standards,Brought a bridge across the chain need to.当然,This also brings trouble,Not just the inconvenience,还很危险.正如 Rekt Listed as,Hackers events across chain bridge is very frequently.

The etheric fang tried to rollups Answer scalability problems in different ways.Will trade assigned to a single(rollup)链上处理,And inherit provids decentralization and powerful security.

This kind of practice, always play a role.截至 10 月,L2s On trade execution has gone beyond the etheric fang provids.

然而,It still has a problem.Each new chain or rollup Itself is a single chain,Has its own independent language and design.For a long time in order to extend the result will be an asynchronous Web3 生态系统.That's why we need to like Hop That deal in rollup The cause of the chain between the bridge.

如果 Web3 To be adopted in the mainstream,We need to say goodbye and this continuous network switch.People don't want to deal with scattered、Asynchronous chain.It's like every time you want to transfer between Banks to exchange money.

If the bridge across the chain is one-time band-aid solutions,那么,模块化的 rollup Is pave the way for a more comprehensive solution.

那么,该如何进行呢?Optimism The developers behind have a dose of fundamental prescription:OP Stack.


今天,Most of the chain in the pursuit of their own modular strategy.Optimism、Arbitrum 和 Starknet In the executive level is different,But they are by putting the settlement、Consensus and data availability outsourced to the etheric fang provids and share the same these layer.

Metis 和 Celestia Select their own data availability layer,While still using Ethernet lane as its settlement and consensus layer.基于 StarkEx 的 validium 链,如 Immutable X 或,By running his own relatively centralized data availability committee -- To host the pre-selected node set trading data,进行类似的操作.

Each strand of running their own independent、The strategy of a single,在执行、Settlement and layer data availability on the design of differ.If these chains share a standardized open source base,Rather than today's non-isolating chain/rollup 系统,会怎样?

OP Stack 🧱

这就是 Optimism 的 OP Stack 的作用:The basis of a set of modular lego,In the etheric on building more expressive and precise rollup 链,This in today's single L2 上是不可能的.

OP Stack Is a set of standardized open source module,Can be assembled into a custom chain --Optimism 称之为“OP 链”-- In the service of any specific blocks to chain case.

Let's put this definition apart:

  • Module is any developer can insert OP Stack 的数据位,以创建一个 L2、L3 或 L4.
  • "标准化" Means have consensus on a standard module,And it can be implemented all people.
  • Open source means that it can freely available to anyone to iterate and request.

使用 OP Stack,You will not be bound to a specific proof system or technology in.Developers have the ability in a chain of different、共识、Settlement and data availability layer switch module,Like a switch API 一样.

dYdX Choose to leave the etheric fang,转而选择 Cosmos 应用链,Because they want their consensus on the chain layer more modular.OP Stack 解决了这个问题.

OP Stack Design allows for easier than the current efforts to code in the form of bifurcate,Because developers can easily abstract the blocks in all parts of the chain,And by inserting different modules to modify it.

如果某个 Optimistic rollup Want to reinvent themselves as ZK rollup.没问题!As long as it's fraud certificate module into the effectiveness of settlement of the module can be.

If a chain to put Celestia For its data availability layer.没问题!把以太坊换成 Celestia 就行.

Want to the executive level EVM Switch to another virtual machine,比如 FuelVM?The chain on a running is hard,但这是 OP Stack A technical possibility.

Maybe you want to Minecraft 作为一个 L2 rollup 来运行,But chain game on the main calculation is too big?事实上,有人已经做到了,也就是 OPCraft,Behind the team Lattice By introducing their own execution module to L2 rollup In the execution of the groove,And then modify a plasma in the consensus layer to increase the extensibility.

因此,OPCraft As it's own L2 rollup(OP 链!)存在于以太坊上,In the game every movement is trade execution as a chain,Scroll down to the main Ethernet fang.这是在 EVM Compatible block chain Minecraft,且可以扩展!就像其他区块链一样,Developers can access it through node,And deployment on intelligent contract(关于这一点,请看 Metatarsal 的这篇文章.)

Lattice 通过利用 Optimism 的 Bedrock rollup Architecture did it.Bedrock 是 OP Stack 的第一个实现,是 Optimism Use the module set.Bedrock Using Ethernet fang virtual machine as the executive level,使其与 EVM 等效,And on the settlement layer using Cannon As its interactive fault proof system.

More crazy bifurcation is coming.0xPARC 通过将 Bedrock Execution engine for Game Boy 模拟器,建立了一个 Game Boy rollup.

These are all on the chain.🤯

OP StackOpen the garden

今天,Modular block chain fragmentation is the main problem that is increasing,Because developers are design choices and weigh.This fragmentation problem is similar to Web2 的围墙花园,Only in this it is accidental.

OP Stack By starting from the concept of open gardens,在 Web3 中进行构建,To solve the problem this fragmentation gradually.只要 OP Chain voluntarily choose to enter the same Shared sequencer set(每个 OP The only entity chain produced piece),所有的 OP Chain can enjoy the atom type across the chain combination.

如果 OP Chain may not want to run their own sequencer,So they can pay a fee to use their trust Optimism The sequencer sharing.这为 Optimism Opens a profit model,Not just now Optimism 链上的 dapp.

最终,Etheric fang on any user can from ecological system of any side send deals to each other.Don't need more network switch, or bridge!

The vision has given rise to Optimism 的“超级链”(Superchain)The new structure of,数百/数千条 OP 链将在 Optimism On a fully interoperable,And by the same technical structure connection.

启动 rollup Than will not start ERC20 Scrip harder,Web3 Experiment and the innovation will further accelerate the speed of the.

当然,It's not just about interoperability.

随着 OP Stack Shared module increase the flexibility of configuration,Developers are repeated before recycling reusable code used by the developers,So as to make the code more powerful,More resistant to hacking and bug.

例如,Lattice 团队建立 OPCraft 时,They designed each block gas 限制比 Optimism Own chain is much higher.In this kind of different configuration,They found some previous is not obvious bug.


总而言之,OP Stack Is the etheric lane through modular extend basic vision carol.

Optimism Is setting up a fully open source rollup 链生态系统,而 OP Stack Is the basis of establishing the vision.但是,不仅仅是 rollup,OP Stack Can also be used to establish the governance and identity module,Let the developers have the ability to easily design from scratch their chain.

OP 链不是 Cosmos 应用链.They are not single.It is a super chain by the same technical standard merge.

When all this after the completion of the,rollup Ecological system will be on the etheric fang like flowers bloom.

免责声明:OP Stack 仍处于早期开发阶段.Optimism Team are working hard,To achieve this documentation and clean up API.Although the code base for like Lattice Such a motivated team easily bifurcate,But if you want to make it readily available,还需要一些时间.最后,特别感谢 Optimism Team's comments on this article.

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