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Heavy!The Federal Reserve released a "dovish" signal, and European and American stock markets "red"!The "price limit order" of Russian oil is approaching, and international oil prices have plummeted!

2022-11-24 10:21:35Sina Finance-Blockchain

  The fed on Wednesday meeting minutes slow release rate signal,U.S. and European stocks boost edged up.The dow Jones index closed up0.28%,标普500指数收涨0.59%,纳斯达克综合指数收涨0.99%;德国DAX30指数涨0.04%,英国富时100指数涨0.17%,法国CAC40指数涨0.32%,欧洲斯托克50指数涨0.42%.

  俄罗斯石油“限价令”预计于12月5日实施,Price ceiling may be limited in a barrel60或70美元.国际原油价格暴跌,WTI原油下跌3.08%,布伦特原油下跌1.73%.U.S. stocks weaker energy stocks should be potential,Exxon mobil fell0.5%,Western oil drop2.27%.

  Currency circle crisis continues.加密货币交易所FTX的律师称,FTXA large number of encryption monetary assets stolen or missing,For the most part the relevant creditors is almost impossible to recover the loss.同时,Review the encryption monetary industry also increasingly tight,New York state has announced a ban on,Became the first limit encryption money“开矿”州.

  美联储FOMCMinutes released  U.S. and European stocks closed up collective

  当地时间11月23日,美联储公布11月会议纪要.会议纪要显示,Most fed officials believe that,In four consecutive time75个基点后,They should slow rate increases.With monetary policy closer to“Restrictive enough”的水平,与会者强调,The ultimate goal of the federal funds rate has become more important than interest rates.All participants agreed that,11月75BPS rate increases is appropriate,是向“Restrictive enough”Monetary policy and step.The federal reserve meeting minutes after the,Interest rate futures showed,The market slightly improve12月会议加息50The possibility of BPS to79%.

  市场方面,As the fed minutes release“鸽派”信号,U.S. stocks three index rose slightly.截至收盘,The dow Jones index closed up0.28%,报34194.06点;标普500指数收涨0.59%,报4027.26点;纳斯达克综合指数收涨0.99%,报11285.32点.

  The new energy vehicles shares higher,Rivian涨超2%,理想汽车、小鹏汽车涨逾3%,蔚来涨超5%,特斯拉涨超7%.

  热门中概股多数上涨,唯品会涨超5%,腾讯音乐涨超4%,富途控股、阿里巴巴涨超3%,爱奇艺、百度涨超2%,网易、京东涨超1%,哔哩哔哩、Weibo edged up.

  Intraday credit suisse fell over7%,随后跌幅有所收窄,最终收跌6.36%.当地时间周三,瑞士信贷警告称,In the fourth quarter is expected losses15亿瑞郎(约合16亿美元),Out of concern about their financial condition,Many customers choose to withdraw funds,Lead to the situation more difficult.

  Credit suisse said,Wealth management and investment banking overall slow,Is the company's fourth quarter loss16One of the leading causes of $.Wealth management business capital flight from2022年10Dropped sharply in the first two weeks of high,But has not been reversed.相关文件显示,自今年6月以来,共有逾1000$outflows from credit suisse.

  近年以来,Credit suisse is plagued by a series of scandals,Including agus capital management broke events、Green hill capital bankruptcies, etc,Not only make the world's fifth largest consortium reputation,Also let its results appeared a huge losses.

  Europe's main stock index closed up slightly,德国DAX30指数涨0.04%,报14427.59点;英国富时100指数涨0.17%,报7465.24点;法国CAC40指数涨0.32%,报6679.09点;欧洲斯托克50指数涨0.42%,报3946.44点.

  国际油价大跌  俄罗斯石油“限价令”将至

  The international crude oil prices sharply lower.WTI 1月原油期货收跌3.01美元,跌幅3.72%,报77.94美元/桶.布伦特1月原油期货收跌2.95美元,跌幅3.34%,报85.41美元/桶.U.S. stocks weaker energy stocks should be potential,Exxon mobil fell0.5%,Western oil drop2.27%.

  消息面上,据央视新闻11月23日报道,Aimed at the group of seven on the Russian oil is“限价令”,当地时间22日,美国财政部表示,Washington and its Allies will soon be finalised Russian oil price cap.A senior Treasury official22日表示“The g7 should soon announce for Russian oil export price cap,May be adjusted several times of the year”.一位消息人士说,The group of seven fastest in local time23日或24Has made a decision on the price ceiling level.

  据报道,Price ceiling may be limited in a barrel60或70美元,Implementation date is expected in the12月5日.

  FTXA large number of encryption monetary assets stolen or missing  The state of New York as the United States first restricted encryption monetary“开矿”州


  11月23日消息称,加密货币交易所FTXThe lawyer said in court on Tuesday, local time,The leadership crisis caused by user runs and liquidity problems,Leading to the collapse,FTXA large number of assets currently missing,May have been stolen.

  对此,外媒报道称,FTXGroup company consultant with the us department of justice、The southern district of New York network crime unit stays constant communication,The latter has started withFTXThe relevant criminal investigation.

  FTX创始人萨姆·班克曼-弗里德(Sam Bankman-Fried)曾于11月11日在社交媒体上宣布,加密货币交易所FTX、美国子公司、关联“姐妹”交易公司Alameda Research等130余个FTXGroup entity filed for bankruptcy.根据FTXThe premise to the bankruptcy court multiple court documents,FTXDebt may involve100More than a creditor,Including owed before50Name the largest creditor nearly31亿美元、前10Big creditors about14.5亿美元.And for the creditors,The biggest news is,由于FTXThe large amount of assets is not stolen is missing,For the most part they are almost impossible to recover the loss.

  受到FTXBankruptcy this month since the currency and the influence of extreme volatility market,In view of the encryption monetary industry review increasingly tight.当地时间周二,The governor of New York Cathy·霍楚尔(Kathy Hochul)Signed a two-year ban,Make New York the first limit encryption money“开矿”的州,Said it is necessary to protect the environment.

  两年内,New York will be suspended to the mining activity is used to encrypt currency of fossil fuel power plants and new air license issuing license renewal of air,To prevent the off-grid type encryption monetary mining behavior.Encryption monetary mining using computer to solve mathematical equations that need a lot of energy,To earn cash.不过,Through the power supply“挖矿”Will still be legal.

  New Zealand the fed to raise interest rates75基点  Economy is expected to start next year contract

  据新华财经报道,11月23Asian trading day,New Zealand fed official cash interest rate rise75个基点,至4.25%,And peak expected interest rate rise to5.5%.

  这是新西兰央行自1999After introducing the cash interest rate system in one of the biggest rate increase,Is the bank since last year10Since the ninth consecutive rate,Cumulative rate rise as high as400个基点.The rise will also be on the official cash rate to2008年以来最高水平.

  New Zealand fed's interest rate decision meeting minutes show,The reserve bank of New Zealand even considered the one percent rate increase.

  The fed is expected to New Zealand,New Zealand economy will be in2023In the second quarter began to shrink,And will continue to decline to2024年第一季度.Inflation rate in the fourth quarter of this year will be from the current7.2%升至7.5%.到2023At the end of inflation will slow to5%,预计到2025At the end of the year to return to1%-3%The goal of middle.

  市场认为,The forecast means the official cash rate may from2024End of the year began to decline gradually.

  Singapore in the third quarter economic growth is slowing

  据央视新闻报道,当地时间11月23日,Singapore industry report third-quarter economic survey report.报告显示,Singapore's economic growth in the third quarter of this year4.1%,Than the previous quarter4.5%有所放缓.Expect full-year growth for the3.5%.

  报告显示,Singapore in the third quarter economic growth is mainly due to the traffic engineering、General manufacturing and production support in the field of precision engineering,Offset the electronic、The influence of chemical and biological medicine manufacturing output fell.Construction of rose7.8%,服务业同比增长5.8%,But manufacturing growth to0.8%.

  Singapore industry point out that,自8Since the economic survey report issued in,A further slowdown in external demand in Singapore.Mti forecasts of Singapore's economic growth this year is about3.5%.If you don't appear downside risk,Singapore's economy in2023年预计增长0.5%至2.5%.

  当天,Singapore enterprise development also release data.数据显示,Singapore in the third quarter of non-oil domestic exports year-on-year growth7.2%,低于上一季度的8.9%.



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