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Are staking rewards earned on ETHPoS taxable?

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作者:《The Implications of The Merge: Tax Worry》by Seun Gbri

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史蒂芬·covey said,There are three things in life that never change:变化、选择和原则.但是,We're going to add a fourth:税收.Almost Everyone in the Crypto World Is Talking About Consolidation,合并如何影响ETH持有者?what it means for the environment?另一个关键问题是,Will I have to pay more taxes after the merger??We combined the research ETH taxability and its impact on stakers.

在ETHPoSAre the staking rewards obtained on the Internet taxable??

How Mergers Affect Your Income and Taxes?

We will study this question for different situations:Unstaked in your wallet before merging ETH 会怎样?当你质押 ETH 时会发生什么?

There is no single country or territory for what to do with your post-consolidation ETH Develop specific tax regulations or guidelines.出于税收目的,合并可能会被归类为软分叉.US tax law has rules on defining soft forks,根据IRS FAQ 30,when there is a protocol update(如合并)But when no new cryptocurrency is generated,A soft fork occurs in the protocol.

根据美国国税局(IRS)的指导方针,「软分叉」Occurs when the distributed ledger is updated through the protocol without resulting in a transfer of the ledger or creation of new tokens.你不会因为软分叉而获得任何新的加密货币;相反,You will stay where you were before the fork,it means you don't get paid.事实上,A soft fork leaves you in the same position as before and doesn't generate more income,This means it is not a taxable event.This fits perfectly with what happened during the Ethereum merger,合并不会形成新的以太坊链.It makes Ethereum faster、More scalable and less harmful to the environment.The old chain will be replaced with Beacon 链结合;no new revenue generated;All transaction history is kept.

Suppose you have in your wallet 5ETH,没有新的收入产生;相反,The Ethereum ecosystem after the merger,将你的PoWETH 转换为PoSETH.

If before the merger of the pledge ETH 会怎样?

你可能会想,How to stake before merging ETH.Isn’t the purpose of the merger to introduce a pledge mechanism??在合并之前,Some exchanges offer staking services;然而,合并完全消除了 PoW mechanism and all ETH 转换为 PoS ETH,You are asked to lock you ETH 以获得奖励,Therefore need to mortgage your PoW ETH(合并之前的 ETH).要锁定你的 ETH,你必须将其转换为「ETH2」或「ETH2.S」,These names represent the pledged ETH.

请注意,Different exchanges for staking ETH 提供了不同的名称.Coinbase、Binance and many other exchanges refer to them as「ETH2」,而Kraken将它们称为「ETH2.S」.因为「ETH2」These are only used as「标签」,So this kind of pledge before the merger is also a soft fork,Tokens are essentially the same,只是用一个新的名字来区分,No new cryptocurrencies are created.例如,假设你在 2019 年花费 200 美元购买了 5 个 ETH,Then a year later you convert them by converting them to ETH2 将其质押在 Binance 上.转换后的 ETH 价值为 5000 美元.无论价格如何,None of this transaction is taxable,因为它不会产生新的收入.

How pledge types and jurisdictional differences affect taxation?

在以太坊 2.0 before network support,Stakers will not have access to deposited original ETH 或质押奖励.这意味着 ETH2 奖励是非流动性的.

Should these illiquid rewards be taxed??

no clear rules PoS ETH Nature of Staking Income,So we will use the closest guide to determine how the pledge tax.We will refer to some jurisdictions,But countries have different tax laws and guidelines.

The closest guide in the US is the Mining Tax Guide:Notice 2014-21.尽管在 ETH2 Obtaining staking rewards on is a taxable event,但在你可以使用、管理和兑换奖励之前,You do not need to file an income tax return.if you are in Binance 上质押 5 ETH,and received one month later 0.5 ETH 作为质押奖励.你不需要报告收入,because it can't spend yet.但是假设 Binance 允许你在 2025 年获得 0.5 ETH 的质押奖励,0.5 ETH 的价格现在是 350 美元,you now have the right to deal with this 350 美元,so you can report it as income(you can spend).在为 PoS ETH To enable the function before,Most stakers generally do not receive rewards.

The closest guide for Canada is the Mining Tax Guide:Guide for Cryptocurrency Users.一般来说,在加拿大,Unless you're mining on a commercial scale,Otherwise you don't have to pay tax on it.What this means for Canadians' illiquid staking rewards?与美国一样,Before you have full control over your funds,you don't have to pay taxes,如前所述,在你可以使用、Before administering and exchanging rewards,You do not need to file an income tax return.主要区别在于,If this pledge is taken as a「爱好」或「乐趣」进行的,Then even if you can spend the staking reward,You also don't have to declare any income tax.

注意:「业余矿工」和「商业矿工」capital gains tax,but income tax is different.

Suppose you are in Binance 上质押了 5 ETH,并在下个月收到了 0.5 ETH,it can't be spent yet,但它在你的钱包里.现在是 2025 年,Binance allows you to extract 0.5 ETH,Its price is now 350 美元,You don't need for this 350 美元支付所得税,因为你不能被称为「商业质押者」.

现在想想 Almorok ventures 质押 300 ETH,并获得 30 ETH 的奖励.现在是 2025 年,Binance 已经允许 Amorok ventures 获得质押奖励,They have to pay taxes on staking rewards,因为他们是出于「商业目的」进行质押.

注意:「商业目的」和「愉悦」Terminology is usually determined by a variety of factors.

Australia has regulated staking rewards guidelines,ATO Specifies how staking rewards should be reported:Staking Rewards and the Roles of Forgers.在澳大利亚,You get full access to staking rewards without filing taxes.Once you have access to these funds,You'll have to pay for incentives and capital gains taxes at your disposal(出售后)Report other taxes.

在英国,也有 HMRC Specified staking reward regulations:Crypto Assets Manual.The specific facts will depend on whether such a pledge constitutes a taxable transaction(加密资产作为交易收入),Taking various variables into account at the same time,包括:

  • 活动规模

  • 组织

  • 风险

  • 商业性

在你完全获得质押奖励之前,you don't have to file taxes.After obtaining the pledge reward,You have to be rewarded for staking、CGT or corporate tax on earnings receivable (CGTC) 申报所得税.


Lido、RPL、Marinade Finance The Pledge Protocol also provides liquid staking derivative tokens.Liquidity staking not only provides the ability to earn rewards by staking cryptocurrencies,Also allows stakers to continue using their locked assets to invest and earn in other activities.因此,质押的 ETH and received staking rewards,You are in control and can invest them in other activities.Rewards earned in liquid staking are taxable income.

This means you don't have to wait a while to gain full access to your staking rewards.因此,Once you get your staking rewards,you can handle(出售、交换等)它.

将 ETH 转换为 stETH is a taxable event,因为它与你拥有的 ETH 不同,它允许你获得你可以使用和控制的质押奖励,并且 stETH price is not exactly ETH 挂钩,stETH should be taxed on receipt.After you receive incentive income,应立即报告.此外,当你出售 stETH 时,会触发另一个应税事件.

例如,你用 5 个价值 5500 美元的 stETH exchange yours 5 个 ETH(成本是 5000 美元).在接下来的一年中,you will get the value 500 美元的 0.5 stETH.你的税收将是 500 美元(5500-5000)capital gains and 500 美元的普通收入(随后对 stETH 的奖励).

How does this differ from the illiquid pledge tax in each of the jurisdictions mentioned??

In the above jurisdictions for illiquid staking rewards,You have to wait to get access before filing your taxes,But in liquidity staking,you are receiving(you receive the reward immediately)and reporting income tax on staking rewards when selling rewards,You also trigger another taxable event,and declare in the U.S..

在加拿大,你必须是「商业」Stakeholders can declare income tax,Everyone Reports Capital Gains Tax on Disposition(CGT).

澳大利亚,每个(business and entertainment)Stakeholders report other income as received,report on disposition CGT.

在ETHPoSAre the staking rewards obtained on the Internet taxable??

an australian example,In liquidity pledge award after tax how are you

The case in the UK depends on commercial、风险、Depends on factors such as the scale and organization of the event.Any cryptoasset rewards given for mining and staking(在收到时)usually taxed as income,If the mining activity does not constitute a transaction,Any necessary fees will reduce the levy amount.

If the event is eligible for a transaction,income must be determined in accordance with applicable tax laws.如果「质押者」保留奖励,He will pay when he disposes of the award CGT 或 CGTC.


Proof-of-Stake significantly changes the Ethereum ecosystem.但是,从税收的角度来看,no reason to be afraid.This article, while not discussing that the combined staking rewards will constitute tax revenue,but answers the question about how to value it.

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