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Will StretchSense, a motion capture glove with a financing of 50 million yuan, be the next unicorn?

2022-11-23 22:58:54Heart of the Metaverse MetaverseHub

近日,A high-precision motion capture technology company favored in the game and animation industries completed the760万美元A轮融资,这家公司就是成立于2012年的StretchSense.

后续StretchSensePlans to use the financing for the global expansion of the company's engineering team,建立AICenter of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence and Spatial Computing to expand its European headquarters,In order to meet customers' requirements for motion capture andVRThe growing need for tools.

同时,The company will also continue to develop new sensor technologies,Realize high-precision tracking for the enterprise virtual training industry.并且,The company will also expand the sales service team,Focus on customer support.

截止目前,StretchSense为全球超200companies and studios providing motion capture technology and visual effects.

首席执行官Benjamin O'Brien表示:“在StretchSense,We think highly accurate、Detailed hand motion will transform game and VFX modeling,And through this investment,We are expanding into the metaverse,Focus on partnerships、Investment in new technology and scale,Create by building、学习、The future of work and entertainment.”

According to a set of data from this year,Motion capture technology industry2022年市场规模超过3000亿美元,预计到2027年,Its size will exceed5500亿美元.

那么,What exactly is motion capture technology?为何StretchSenseWilling to invest energy and cost to lay out the industry track?Under the metaverse era,Which industries will motion capture technology empower to carry out digital industrial layout??

What is motion capture technology?

动作捕捉(Motion capture)简称动捕,Also known as motion capture,Motion capture technology refers to the technology of recording and processing the movement of people or other objects.

in filmmaking and video game development,it usually records the actor's movements,and translate it into the motion of the digital model,生成2D、3D计算机动画.如今,It has been widely used in military,娱乐,体育,医疗应用,fields such as computer vision and robotics.

从技术角度来说,Mocap is all about measuring、追踪、Record the trajectory of objects in three-dimensional space.A complete set of motion capture equipment is composed of sensors、信号捕捉设备、Composition of data transmission equipment and data processing equipment.

The sensor is responsible for recording the position information of the object's movement,A large amount of location information will be collected by the capture device,After the data transmission equipment is sent to the data processing equipment for correction and 3D model combination quickly and without error.通过这套流程,The 3D model will move smoothly and naturally.

At present, the commonly used motion capture technology includes mechanical motion capture、Acoustic motion capture、Electromagnetic motion capture、Optical motion capture and technical inertial navigation motion capture5类.

Depending on the application direction of the above technologies,Motion capture technology has become a familiar technical vocabulary in various industries and fields,Traditional film and television animation production、3A游戏、工业、AIetc. are inseparable from the application of motion capture.

It not only improves production efficiency、降低制作成本,and it's more intuitive to make,The effect is also more lively.

除此之外,This technological tool hides behind the virtual world,It is also methodically promoting the development of the Metaverse.

  • Provide a new means of human-computer interaction

Motion capture technology does the work of digitizing human expressions and movements,Provides a new means of human-computer interaction.Motion Capture Devices in Robotics Research、机械臂、It is very important in the research of machinery and automation fields such as drones.

Motion capture technology enables the operator to directly control the computer with natural movements and expressions,And for the ultimate realization that can understand human expressions、Motion computer systems and robotics provide the technical foundation.

  • VR系统

In order to realize the immersive and substitutive interaction between human and virtual world,The user's head must be identified、手、Position and orientation of the body, etc.,And can perfectly track various actions of the user,detected in real time,In order to monitor the system for real-time feedback,These basics work rightVR系统必不可少.

  • Interactive somatosensory game

The motion capture system can combineLED大屏幕、电视、投影仪、VRUse with glasses and tablet,Suitable for sports somatosensory games.Motion capture technology can also be used to capture various actions of players,Used to drive the actions of characters in the game environment,Provide players with an immersive gaming experience.

  • 虚拟人

Motion capture technology can be driven as a virtual human,Virtual Idols on the Market Now,Such as Su Xiaomei and virtual anchor live broadcasts on major platforms,The virtual digital human driving technology of motion capture is adopted.

Select the avatar in the virtual anchor system,Connect the motion capture device,It can drive the avatar to move arbitrarily in the virtual world.Speak if necessary,Only need to connect surface capture system,Synchronize the expression of the real person to the virtual character.

For example a virtual studio、Movie previews in real time、Interaction between real and virtual game characters,And the popular e-commerce virtual anchor、It can be used in scenes such as cross-dimensional virtual idols.

  • 动画制作

The animation of film and television or games can be accurately captured by motion capture equipment,实时驱动动画角色,刻画剧情动作,赋能动画创作,According to the plot script,Directly output small animated videos.

Motion capture technology has already played an irreplaceable role in metaverse virtual interaction and other tracks.

那么,An industry leader in motion capture technologyStretchSenseHow to promote the development of the industry through the technical advantages of motion capture?How does the company's R&D team view the arrival of the Metaverse??


StretchSenseis a New Zealand-based manufacturer of hand motion capture technology,for wearable devices、医疗保健、Companies in the motion and motion capture industry offer lightweight and high-precision sensors.

StretchSense认为VR和ARwill replace our smartphones,Become the primary way to interact with the digital world and each other.

Capturing Gloves That Can Accurately Capture Hand and Finger Movements For Movies、The game and animation industry is very necessary,因此StretchSensedeveloped such a product to meet their needs.

StretchSenseOur vision is to create the future of human-computer interaction,When the need to interact in virtual environments increases,Precise hand movements will be critical.

2012年,StretchSenseSpin off from the world-leading biomimicry laboratory at the University of Auckland,is the product of substantial investment in cutting-edge research and development.StretchSenseThe glove is made with its proprietary stretchable sensor technology,Accurate measurement of human body shape.

Before being seam of sleeve,These elastics look and feel like elastic rubber with some light black lines running through them.These black wires are called stretchable capacitors,This capacitor is the same type of sensor used on smartphone screens,It can calculate what you touch.

目前,StretchSenseThe technology has been adopted all over the world200Used by multiple game and visual effects studios,From sign language videos to movie fight scenes to virtual health and safety training,Stretchable sensor technology creates realistic gestures for everything generated in these fields.

2020年10月22日,eight years of developmentStretchSenseOpen to the outside visitors factory gates for the first time,Celebrating important milestones in its entrepreneurial journey.

Minister of trade and export growthHon David ParkerVisited the factory with industry leaders,And experienced it for myselfMoCap Pro手套.A range of gloves made for sports,They are strong enough,Can maintain calibration during active scenes such as intense battles or live applause,此外,Comfortable fabric allows performers to focus on their performance.

StretchSenseIs building the world's best motion capture gloves,2022年7月7日,StretchSenseAnnouncing a new motion capture glove——StretchSense MoCap Pro Fidelity.

StretchSense表示,MoCap Pro FidelitySupports all hand movements including joint measurements,rather than complex algorithms to compensate for blind spots,This will help to quickly generate high quality motion capture,The company believes the motion capture glove will open up new creative possibilities in areas such as character animation.

StretchSensedeveloped sophisticated and rich hand motion capture technology that is revolutionizing games andVFXand other creative industries,同时StretchSenseis also expanding into the metaverse,Motion capture technology will be the building blocks people create in the metaverse、学习、One of the most important aspects of the work and entertainment.

StretchSenseWhat are the leading advantages?

Benjamin O'Brien曾表示,StretchSenseThe real core strength lies in making garments,而不是设备.意思是,StretchSenseThe garments produced are comfortable to wear、Does not affect movement、不易破损,And not hard、Chunky pieces of plastic.

“因此,we can beat the competition in motion capture.If you know about other competing products,You'll find that bulky plastic sheets are prevalent,Not only easy to interfere with hand movement,Also breaks easily.It's based on technology that doesn't naturally fit the needs of the human body.”O'Brien说.

以上文提到的MoCap Pro Fidelity为例,The device measures all finger joint movements at the source,Captures the realistic nature of the performer's movement.MoCap Pro FidelityThere is a sensor for each finger and thumb joint on the hand,instead of estimating what happens to the knuckles,Lose some nuances of performer movement.

This new device has a total of 26个传感器,Used to detect every degree of movement of the hand.此外,MoCap Pro FidelityDesigned for the rigors of large stages and the comfort of tabletop capture,Including the ability to use gloves while charging and extended Bluetooth range2倍等.

Product Chief Technology OfficerTodd Gisby表示,"We are always pushing the limits of high-performance hand capture,我们为MoCap Pro SuperSplayThe Glove is proud of the enormous impact it has had in raising the bar for capturing authentic performances.“

In a high performance motion capture system,It is capable of capturing the greatest number of different complex movements.The hands are extremely complex and flexible parts of our body,It can perform various actions,So performance is very important in motion capture.

StretchSenseFocus on making the world's highest performance motion capture gloves,Powerful technology ability prompted them to provide close support for customers in North America and Europe.

2021年12月,American full-body motion capture technology supplierOptiTrack与StretchSense达成战略合作伙伴关系,Both companies aim to create smoother workflows for game and movie studios.

The partnership will give customers the opportunity to purchase a complete full-body motion capture solution through a single channel,and customers can integrate based on theOptiTrack及StretchSenseoptical motion capture technology,Realize fast full-body motion capture.

OptiTrack表示,与StretchSenseThe cooperation is committed to improving the efficiency and accuracy of creativity and production,While reducing the post-production cycle.期待与StretchSense扩大合作,to provide more accuracy、Complete and powerful motion capture system.

此外,StretchSenseAlso working with industry representatives in my country and Japan,To meet the growing demand for high-quality motion capture technology in these regions.

未来StretchSense将致力于VR培训领域,A tactile glove is developed,to help people in increasingly complex work environments,Solving the People's Reskilling Crisis,Create unprecedented experiences in virtual spaces with these tools.

What are the expectations of motion capture technology??

Although we are talking about the application of motion capture technology in some special scenes or special functions,Far less than common products used in real life,But now we can already find the shadow of motion capture technology in many visual presentations,such as animation、movie special effects or some sports training.

根据IndustryARC在2021year-end forecast,2026年3DThe overall market size of the motion capture industry will reach2.7亿美元,2021-2026年的复合年均增长率为12.1%,Therefore, it is generally believed that the overall scale of the industry is small.

But if the capture application is expanded to more areas,such as virtual humans、Directions such as online concerts and metaverse,Maybe a breakthrough of a certain magnitude will be ushered in(You can look back at the market data at the beginning of the article).

当然,At present, the application parties of motion capture technology are mostly enterprises,这点我们从StretchSense也可以看出端倪,CEnd users' demand for this aspect may be just a novelty,Far from reaching the stage of market demand,同时我们从StretchSenseWe can also see one or two application scenarios.

As for the future development of motion capture technology,According to mainstream market expectations,roughly towards3个方向发展.

First, as the metaverse develops,Motion capture technology will gradually develop from medium and large enterprise applications to some small content teams,Especially the popularity of virtual people,Many application thresholds will be lowered,resulting in small outbreaks.

因此,需要像StretchSenseOr other same type of catch technology development team to support each other the early development of the market,这也是为什么StretchSense会与OptiTrack达成战略合作伙伴关系,After all, it is difficult to grow a single market.

其次,From the perspective of technology entry threshold,The current motion capture technology must also rely on some external equipment,像StretchSense的手套,或者OptiTrackmotion capture suit,According to market development expectations,Markerless motion capture technology will become the next important breakthrough.

Simply put, it selects some iconic locations on our body,to determine facial expressions and movements,This can lower the threshold for using motion capture technology.

Then there is the upgrade and iteration of motion capture technology at the software level,this is urgently neededAI技术的加持,Through simple motion capture technology or the use of external equipment,Can't achieve very high accuracy yet,因此借助AICan achieve a certain sense of full-dimensional motion capture,It's just that this is extremely demanding on the algorithm,Requires software and hardware technical teams to run in,而这也是StretchSenseThe direction of focus.

综合来说,Motion capture technology is still in a relatively early stage of development,But since its early adopters in some areas,enough to support a huge market,That's why it attracted a lot of capital support,There is still a lot to look forward to in the future.

How is domestic motion capture technology developing??

最后,Let's go back to China to see the development status of motion capture technology,从实际效果来说,There is also no shortage of high-quality motion capture systems in China,Like Noitom、Move naturally、Qingtong Vision and Guocheng Wantong, etc.,All have a good accumulation of motion capture technology.

Like was founded in2012Noitom Technologies of the year,At present, it has become an innovator of intelligent perception and immersive interactive technology with international competitiveness,And become a national high-tech enterprise.Previously searched Korean documentaries《遇见你》中,It is to let a Korean mother who lost her daughter passVR头显、诺亦腾的Hi5 VRGloves and other equipment,Fulfilling the wish of reuniting with her daughter.

当然,In terms of the development of motion capture technology itself,The country started a bit late,Overseas as early as2009年火爆全球的《阿凡达》Motion capture technology has been used more skillfully in movies,而更早的《指环王》Also have to move on the screen.The earliest movies with motion capture technology were1990年的《全面回忆》,It was the first film in history to use motion capture technology,Although the whole scene is only a few seconds.

反观国内,The application of motion capture technology in movies is not particularly mainstream,Only in recent years has it started appearing in some big-budget movies.

Such as domestic2020Animated series《凡人修仙传》It is the first domestic film made with motion capture technology.3D真人CGAnimated drama,The play was won on Douban8.9分的评价,并在BStation won12.4亿的播放量,It can be said that as an animation of motion capture technology,Not a bad try.

Except for movies,Because of the popularity of the metaverse concept,There is a wave of digital people booming in China,Many development teams are targeting this emerging track,Thus joining the track of motion capture technology,The purpose is to develop a virtual human that is convenient enough to use,This includes the Mofa technology we are familiar with.

With the popularity of virtual people,Domestic motion capture technology will expand to more scenes,not just film or game production,After all, virtual humans can do a lot,From online celebrity live broadcast to product endorsement,There have been many improvements.

Although the current market’s understanding of motion capture technology is still based on the prejudice of film production,但我们有理由相信,随着市场的扩大,Motion capture technology is bound to usher in a new highlights time in the future,Domestic motion capture will also usher in a new situation with the opening of an international perspective.

至于差距,It is bound to shrink with marketization,As for who will be the domesticStretchSense,或许未来2-3The prototype of the annual conference will appear.


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