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The Rise of Metaverse Shopping

2022-11-23 19:52:32Golden Finance


Nearly half of consumers accept metaverse shopping

根据UserTesting[1]最近的一项调查,42%of consumers plan to spend this holiday season(holiday season:From Thanksgiving to“黑五”,Then to Christmas and New Years)Do metaverse shopping,其中88%of consumers plan to purchase their own avatar.

根据市场调查公司OnePoll[2]基于2000Reports from multiple US shoppers,Men willing to shop in the Metaverse(350人)和女性(394人)The numbers were almost even,其中大多数人的年龄在26岁至41岁之间.

UserTestingChief Data Insights OfficerJanelle Estes表示,In addition to providing shoppers with a metaverse experience,Retailers should also consider the combination of digital and physical experiences“phygital”策略.

Estes在接受TechRepublic采访时表示:“比如说,Target[3]shoppers can view inventory online,Find the exact location of an item in the store,Then buy it offline,Or use the delivery service to have it delivered to your door.Optionality and convenience are key to keeping repeat customers.”

而Forrester[4]Vice President and Director of ResearchMike ProulxDescribe the dominant business model in the metaverse as something very new,他说:“I'm sure parents will stock up for their kidsRoblox的‘Robux’礼品卡,But no one will rush there in a short time3DThe virtual world is snapping up Black Friday discounts.”

科技咨询公司Thoughtworks[5]global technical directorMike Mason表示,He doesn't think metaverse shopping will have a significant impact on this year's holiday season shopping,但他觉得,When metaverse shopping goes mainstream,Its driver will be avatars.

The metaverse experience will be extremely engaging

The Metaverse aims to create a more engaging and richer experience,And provide users with an even more amazing experience than the in-store experience.

Brands should not try to replicate the traditional offline experience in a virtual experience,两者并不相同,Because of their different forms、介质不同,They also have different strengths in interacting with customers.

Mason表示,The Metaverse experience is new and optional,They need to be fun and engaging,Let users find something of value in it.

毕竟,Users can select a Metaverse experience created by another brand with just a click or a wave.对于公司来说,It's important to figure out how to translate their brand into a new medium.

Mason指出,ThoughtworksDefine the Metaverse as an embodied Internet,Provide a reasonVR或AR驱动的3D体验.

他认为目前3DThe online shopping experience for the festive season is limited,主要是Roblox或FortnitePlayers waiting for the game to buy new outfits for their avatars.


“可以围绕NFTPlan some activities with the purchase of digital assets,但说实话,NFT的热度已经大不如前了,But then we can look at Nike's new launchWeb3平台.SwooshWhat measures will be taken.

I think they will come out with a virtual shoe design tool,And cooperate with some games or metaverse,比如与Roblox合作,It allows users to wear their own designed virtual sneakers in the game,They may start developingNFT的其他一些功能,比如使用NFTto get members‘专属产品’.

很多人都忽视了NFT的一个作用,That is, it can be used as a virtual club membership system‘入场券’.这是有意义的,因为NFTThe value of is not only in appreciation.”

Offline experience still matters

UserTesting发现:Even in a time of anxiety about inflation and the pandemic,The offline shopping experience is still expected to return this year for Black Friday and the festive season.

调查还发现,Heading to the store for the festive season will once again be in vogue,63%of respondents consider shopping in a brick-and-mortar store a tradition they don't want to miss.

调查显示,The proportion of consumers who prefer to shop online is almost equal to those who choose to shop in brick-and-mortar stores,And the remaining third intend to do both.

超过五分之二(43%)的受访者表示,They miss the excitement of shopping in person on Black Friday,Instant gratification is their number one motivator for going to the store.

Instant gratification and in-store experience pairZGenerations matter,81%的ZGenerational respondents listed these as their top reasons for visiting the store,The proportion of millennial respondents was only 49%.

42%的受访者表示,The in-store shopping experience is more important to them now than it was before the pandemic.

The combination of virtual and real will usher in a development boom

调查称,Although offline shopping is still very popular,But now consumers also increasingly hope that physical stores can integrate some mature and popular digital technologies into the physical shopping experience.

比如说,51%of respondents want a smart shopping cart or app that tells them exactly where an item is,47%of people like to use promotional codes or digital coupons.

这些数据表明,Includes augmented reality display、digital kiosk、Price confirmation,And digital functions including QR code ordering,Will be warmly welcomed by consumers,And become a competitive advantage for retailers.

What kind of new image will the brand face consumers,严肃的、Funny and edgy?

As the metaverse market heats up,The shopping mode combining virtual reality may usher in a development boom.

Profiles of companies mentioned in the article:

[1] UserTesting:The world's largest online user testing platform

[2] OnePoll:UK-based information research company

[3] Target:Target department store,Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA,It is the second largest retail department store group in the United States after Wal-Mart

[4] Forrester:An independent technology and market research company

[5] Thoughtworks:A family founded in1993Year-round global software and consulting company

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