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Looking at the Metaverse丨When a city is laying out the industry in the Metaverse, what exactly is it planning?

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All journalists not static Interns Ye Ziling 上海报道

元宇宙(Metaverse),This is derived from the concept of science fiction,Has become a buzzword in the real world.Around this new concept,A production、学、The practice of the research is underway.数字化转型中,Yuan universe can stage?These new concepts in the context of China how to fall to the ground?South goods compliance institute of science and technology digital entertainment group planning《The universe outlook yuan》系列报道,In order to provide industry and the social public to understand yuan the key of the universe.Series of the first reports,We focus on the urban industry to be bestowed favor on newly yuan universeAB面.When the city layout yuan universe industry,What in the layout?

元宇宙,Growing into reality.

21世纪经济报道记者梳理发现,今年以来,Yuan is the universe from concept to be born,Local governments become loose to the layout of the new concept and specific,上海、杭州、Places such as guangzhou yuan universe industrial park have been opened.And the game first when,Become a yuan more development industry one of the first key areas of the universe,Then expand into the text brigade、工农业、建筑业、医疗、教育等场景.

元宇宙的诞生,让这个时代有了新的前进动力,带动着数字化的快速运转,Driving the industry and the investment community all the way forward.However for future important platform of virtual world and the real social interaction,Exactly how the universe ultimately yuan commercial value exists in the real world,成为生产力工具?


Huatai securities le-ping huang team found,从时间线来看,The government of yuan universe industry from2021In the first half of the prudential supervision of,到2021In the second half of active rules,再到从2022年开始,Such as Beijing and Shanghai local government policies in succession,Support the development of the attitude of the gradually clear.

2021年12月,The central commission for discipline inspection's official website published an article by state prison《元宇宙如何改写人类生活》,Said to rationality yuan the universe to bring a new round of technological revolution and the impact on the society,不低估5-10年的机会,也不高估1-2年的演进变化.2022年1月,Ministry of industry and put forward to foster a batch of RMB into the universe such as emerging in the field of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises.

随后,Local governments on the yuan universe of wrangling with began,Continue to work reports and industry planning.

2021年11月,By the letter hall of zhejiang province has organized“元宇宙”产业发展座谈会.当年12月底,杭州宣布成立元宇宙专委会.随后印发的《关于浙江省未来产业先导区建设的指导意见》进一步明确,Will build with artificial intelligence、区块链、第三代半导体、量子信息、空天一体化、Advanced equipment manufacturing and yuan in areas such as the universe is focus on the future of the industry developing system. 

2021年12月开始,On the yuan universe layout done more in Shanghai for the first time to try.12月21日,Shanghai municipal committee of the economic work conference put forward:“引导企业加紧研究未来虚拟世界与现实社会相交互的重要平台,适时布局切入.”This action is also known as“我国地方政府对元宇宙相关产业发展的第一次正面表态”.12月30日,《上海市电子信息产业发展“十四五”规划》出台,该规划提出,加强元宇宙底层核心技术基础能力的前瞻研发,推进深化感知交互的新型终端研制和系统化的虚拟内容建设,探索行业应用.这也是元宇宙首次被写入地方“十四五”产业规划.

Beijing is by setting up guiding fund incoming yuan universe.2022年1月,出台《关于加快北京城市副中心元宇宙创新引领发展的八条措施》,将依托通州产业引导基金,采用“母基金+直投”方式联合其他社会资本,打造一只覆盖元宇宙产业的基金,支持元宇宙初创项目和重大项目,完善服务体系,支撑产业生态建设,支持设立专注于早期和长期投资的元宇宙子基金.

Different local industry background,Also determines the zone around the different policies have.今年6月,In Shanghai launched a new batch of13A characteristic industrial park in,包括“Caohejing yuan and the future”和“张江数链”2个元宇宙特色园区,Encourage wen gen games and chain block industry cluster development.5月,Hangzhou qiantang area yuan xintiandi industrial park officially opened the universe.为此,Qiantang district launched the meta universe special industrial policy,产业发展紧缺、水平特别突出的创业项目,最高给予1亿元资助.

And in the pearl river delta region,Guangzhou has been approved10A yuan universe pilot park,At present the park covers digital games、Digital animation creative industry companies such as,Another yuan industry think-tank universe、Professional BBS and other supporting organizations.具体而言,With netease、Notoginseng mutual entertainment scale enterprise of carrying out the contract at the same time,To provide business incubation service pilot park released ten super10万平方米产业空间,At the same time set up the super200Million investment funds.

“Ecological collaboration is of vital importance to the development in yuan universe,RMB because the universe is one of the core attributes of open source innovation.”中国移动通信联合会元宇宙产业委员会执行主任于佳宁在接受21Century business herald reporter to interview analysis,With the enterprise it alone、Compared to independent development,Industrial park more help to the whole system of interconnectivity. 

他认为,Real yuan universe is not dominated by a company or several companies“中心化”的世界,Companies dominate the world may only exist in a separate small ecological,“元宇宙的实现,Not a single company digital space,But numerous digital space polymer.”


在关于“Yuan of the universe to be born”的话题中,The game seems to be the most easy to imagine and implementation scenario.

中信建投证券指出,Yuan is the universe media, the Internet industry's long-term future logic,And the game in all kinds of generic entertainment applications,With its more comprehensive entertainment experience,Is expected to become the first widely opened the application.据“Caohejing yuan and the future”In Shanghai xuhui district public official claims,The park has the Chinese and foreign enterprises4900多家,米哈游、趣加互娱、莉莉丝、鹰角、巨人、Ubisoft entertainment at home and abroad well-known enterprises are gathered in the game.在此基础上,Park mainly through rich intellectual property service institutions、Standardize and develop the industrial integration innovation platform for industry to provide the guarantee.早在去年12月,Netease is related to the sanya government signed the universe industry base project construction yuan strategic cooperation agreement,Said the two sides will in interactive entertainment、E-sports to deepen cooperation in such fields as.

不过,Although the yuan the universe began with the development of the game,But the first to get government attention and application scenario for the landing,Was a city tour.

2021年11月,Seoul, South Korea, to become the world's first yuan universe platform for public service and cultural activities development of the city,The local government announced it would build the public service“元宇宙平台”——“元宇宙首尔”,花费39亿韩元(约合人民币1949.2万元),预计最晚将于2022年年底建成.如果项目成功,Future Seoul residents can access a virtual town hall,包括经济、文化、旅游、教育和市民投诉等板块.

在中国,Local governments also wen yuan universe as the city tour development of“新蓝海”.2021年11月18日,张家界成为全国首个设立元宇宙研究中心的景区.2022年5月,Xiamen state-owned capital operation co., LTD launched by wen travel blog for subject digital innovation platform“元屿”,Foreign limited release plan based on the world cultural heritage site gulangyuIP的5款《Gulangyu digital memorial collection》,RMB into the universe track.8月,横琴粤澳深度合作区“元宇宙超级试验场”计划打造“新品秀”“融合秀”和“场景秀”三大展厅.其中,长隆集团将提供不少于3000平米的集中空间规划建设元宇宙技术展厅,鼓励元宇宙应用产品在长隆汇聚、展示、融合、迭代.10月,Henan launched“行走河南·读懂中国”品牌推广暨元宇宙创造者大赛,Visitors can through“元豫宙”Walk the shaolin temple and laojun mountain.

此外,Beijing a light,Brigade wen yuan universe project including acting Taiwan lake town in tongzhou district、张家湾古镇、宋庄艺术区、Canal business district, etc.西南地区,There are creative park and game industrial park in chongqing、成都交子大道.

Digital culture shows the industry's firstAShares of main board listed companies built wind language, deputy general manager of Sheldon is also said in an interview,In terms of recent contact with yuan business related customer universe,主要是地方政府、Large enterprises such public,Its requirements focus on display and experience,Such as the government's urban living room,Propaganda city tour and experience.

据他介绍,Now many of the districts and counties of melting media center is based onXRWith yuan to the function of the building industry highlands of the universe.通过XRCenter put all related businesses of local industry issued in there,Create globally oriented publishing center,Which can do academic BBS and industry exchange here,You can also gather more industrial resources.


In essence securities research report said,元宇宙尚处于早期发展阶段,City planners and technology firm action is both to its industry status,同时也是在共同塑造着元宇宙的最终形态. 

元宇宙“第一股”Roblox的表现,Or for the development of China's yuan universe provide some pioneer experience.

RobloxDon't engage in making games business,But provide tools and platforms for developers to create immersive3D游戏.在Roblox中,Everyone with a digital identity social,Platform forRobux货币可以与真实货币转换.同时,Roblox还支持VR设备,增强用户的沉浸感.

2021年3月,Roblox在纽交所上市.不过,After losses continued to expand.根据公司年报,2021年,2020年和2019年RobloxNet losses, respectively4.92亿美元,2.53亿美元和7097万美元.主要原因是公司2021Annual sales revenue doubled compared to the same at the same time,销售成本、Developers transaction cost、Trust and security infrastructure costs、Research and development costs are almost equal percentage doubled,And this several projects in the income of all super20%.

Roblox总结,Its future growth depends on whether the platform can be continuously developed to attract developers、The function of the creators and users.具体而言,当RobloxDevelop new function,Usually will produce certain development and marketing costs,And if the new feature for developers or users of attractive enough to achieve enough sales to fill and level up spending,RobloxWill bear the loss.此外,Because have introduced new features is difficult to withdraw,For failing to achieve the function of the expected income,Companies also have to spending a certain amount of maintenance cost. 

In addition to the function of innovation,RobloxDaily operations also need high cost.年报指出,由于RobloxProvided by the experience and technology belong to product of complex software,Platform stability and delivery reliability maintenance work is very complicated,And require a high price.此外,Platform network、相关基础设施、Partners or the failure of either party and interrupt will be detrimental to the business.据悉,自Roblox成立以来,Some will meet once a year down,Lead to some or all of the developers、Creators and users can't use the platform.

China computer industry association of the universe of executive director Luo Jun to21世纪经济报道记者分析,RobloxThe problems on behalf of the current industry universal in the early stage.We haven't yuan space form,Industrial ecology is not perfect,Supporting cooperation ability also lack,Although RMB game universe have varying degrees of progress has been made,But on the whole not mature enough.

“Many such as yuan universe is the concept of game products are actually not really yuan universe,Or yuan universe features is not enough.”他进一步解释,Yuan is the universe pluses and,而不是决定项,Yuan universe products want to profit,Need real content and means.具体而言,Aside from the content of the appeal,还需要具备3D渲染、Digital twin and other technical professionals and can achieve a complete industry in the upstream and downstream collaboration, ecological.


技术、The development of RMB business and the content of pressure is not the only challenge.毕马威报告称,Yuan universe development risks and challenges come mainly from technological breakthrough、生活方式、社会伦理、Privacy and data security and legislative regulation five aspects.

中信证券认为,The current yuan universe concept and marketing is still in the early stage.This leaves criminals can take advantage of.其中,In the ponzi scheme of yuan in the name of the universe andNFTInvestment risk are the two most interesting topic.

Since the concept exchange-based,There are Internet users into“元宇宙区块链游戏”骗局.These games will need to RMB for the virtual currency trading,Industry players can get high returns in a short time,Has finally been confirmed entrants after just rely on money to fill the hole in a ponzi scheme.

今年2月,中国银保监会发布《关于防范以“元宇宙”名义进行非法集资的风险提示》,Which mentioned in yuan universe concept fire in the game today,Some criminals big ceng heat bound“元宇宙”概念,宣称“边玩游戏边赚钱”“投资周期短、收益高”,Has the strong rhetoric.But also by tricking the participants through the virtual currency exchange、购买游戏装备等方式投资,存在卷款跑路等风险.Remind silver circ,这些活动打着“元宇宙”旗号,具有较大诱惑力、较强欺骗性,参与者易遭受财产损失.

NFTAs the use of block chain technology of digital art,Also sought after by investors,There is no lack of among them speculators.

今年4月,中国互联网金融协会、中国银行业协会、中国证券业协会联合发布《关于防范NFT相关金融风险的倡议》.其中提到,坚决遏制NFT金融化证券化倾向,从严防范非法金融活动风险.此外,Three association called for the general consumers to set up the correct consumption concept,增强自我保护意识,自觉抵制NFT投机炒作行为,警惕和远离NFT相关非法金融活动.

Lawyers, director of zhejiang kenting Zhang Yanlai in21世纪经济报道记者采访时指出,Shall ensure that the block chain、Smart contracts and platform rules, to ensure that users enjoy virtual property rights of assets such as game.

他进一步解释,Yuan game universe as rooted in the block chain,可以借助NFTReal game assets equaling to the user,This is a subversive progress,User participation in the yuan game universe is due to the property rights incentive to greatly improve,So the concern is how to from the compliance level,创新运用《民法典》Establishing the system of virtual property of,确认NFT、New technologies such as smart contract legal attribute,From two aspects: legal rules and platform to build up perfect user game property right mechanism.

不过,上海市政协常委、Independent constituency vice convener、Office of public policy research center under the State Council, a researcher at swim fujian key also in21Century business herald reporter to interview remind,We don't have to think of regulation of yuan in the universe is too high,At this stage of yuan ideas of the universe or the things in real life and information into virtual space.

“So in addition to some object changes brought by the entity objects into a data problem,Yuan most of the legal events in the universe,Has yet to break through the existing legal regulation range.”游闽键认为,同时也需要注意,With the network game、UGCCommunity and similar,Yuan universe is usually based on specific enterprise service,So you need to yuan universe enterprises play a leading regulatory and dispute resolution function,Yuan universe more efficiently running.

下一期,We will delve into yuan fall to the ground in the field of game universe status.After yuan game universe“第一股”Roblox估值暴涨、NFTConcept in overseas andFacebook正式更名为MetaAfter this wave of tricycle industry,Now the domestic yuan how game industry development the present situation of the universe?What problem still exists and controversy?What is the focus of future development?

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