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Investors are impatient!False news of Zuckerberg's resignation came out in the market, but Meta's stock price soared in a short-term

2022-11-23 13:54:21See Metaverse

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Tuesday Eastern Time, according to media reports, Meta Platforms CEO Zuckerberg has decided to resign himself.After the news came out, Meta's stock price rose in the short term.

But then, a Meta company spokesman denied the news that Zuckerberg would resign next year on social media, which caused its stock price to fall.The stock price trend in a short period of time also reflects investors' true views on Meta.

Zuckerberg's (resignation) decision "will not affect the multibillion-dollar Metaverse project," according to the report, which has dragged down Meta, a massive expense that led to the company's collapse earlier this year.Significant profit decline.

For more than a year, despite skepticism from investors and shareholders, Zuckerberg is determined to aggressively pursue his venture in the metaverse, which he claims will pay off handsomely in the long run.

Zuckerberg's bets have cost the company nearly $10 billion so far, and the company expects the losses to "expand dramatically year after year."And Zuckerberg expects that the metaverse investment will take about 10 years to bear fruit, which makes investors lose patience.

At the end of last month, Brad Gerstner, chairman and CEO of the investment company AltimeterCapital, sent an open letter to the Meta board of directors and Zuckerberg, urging Zuckerberg to correct his mistakes.

Gestner, who owns Meta stock worth hundreds of millions of dollars, said the amount invested in Metaverse projects should be kept below $5 billion a year.Gerstner believes that the share price drop was not only affected by the depressed market sentiment, but also because the market lost confidence in Meta.

However, Goldman Sachs believes that if Meta wants to control its own future, it has no choice but to continue to spend tens of billions of dollars to invest and build the Metaverse.

At the beginning of this month, Meta announced a large-scale layoff plan, with a total of 11,000 layoffs, accounting for about 13% of the total team, and extending the recruitment freeze to the first quarter of next year.That spooked investors, sending its shares down nearly 20% on the day.Since the beginning of 2022, Meta's stock price has fallen by more than 67%. Among technology companies, Meta's market value has fallen out of the top company camp.

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