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The "Origin of Species" of the Metaverse

2022-11-23 12:07:04Heart of the Metaverse

2021年是元宇宙元年,Yuan at the moment the universe as the flames lit the global venture capital industry quickly,FacebookTechnology giants such as shouted out“all in Metaverse”的口号,上海也发布了《上海市培育“元宇宙”新赛道行动方案(2022—2025年)》,Proposed to play a role of the government investment fund,设立“元宇宙”新赛道产业基金,Build yuan of the universe.

同时,在日前召开的“2022世界5G大会-Tech Talk2022-前瞻论坛”上,中国工程院院士谭建荣表示,Yuan universe has made great progress in industrial application,And the ground energy yuan universe、农业元宇宙、Financial and investment universe、Real estate yuan universe、Vocational education yuan applications such as the universe.

Seems everything is thriving scene,但元宇宙究竟是什么?This problem is published in Darwin《物种起源》之前一样,Is the lack of theoretical discussion,So this we will change the Angle,To explore the yuan from the theoretical level of the universe“物种起源”.


Yuan universe origin of the universe

什么是元宇宙?Now most people define it as human use digital technology to construct a new social system of digital living space.But it is not enough to check,We believe that the yuan is the universe the social phenomenon of human social development,Technology is simply the means,Application scene is just,Although the yuan technology based on digital technology of the universe,But the essence is the human development.就像抖音,Technology is based on the algorithm,Nature is a social space.We can't always say trill essence is mobile terminal、是云服务器、Is all sorts of android programming、Are all kinds of copyright music clips、Is people's personal creative products show、Is the algorithm of information?These are the physical phenomena described,不是本质.Trill essence is a social platform.所以,Yuan is the universe of human sociology.

Yuan is the essence of the cosmos swarm intelligence,RMB and the birth of the universe concept is the result of the development of individual intelligence era to the era of swarm intelligence.因为在元宇宙时代,Demand relationship between people、供给关系、社会关系、Refining and problems solving relationship,The nature of the changes have taken place in the.Human intelligence excitation is need conditions,Only in the era of yuan universe,Is possible through different scenarios,Effectively stimulates the production of problem,Effective stimulus problem,And it is not only effective,And more frequent,The effectiveness of intellectual ferment to qualitative leap.

We are apart from computer simulation of nuclear weapons,Said just now the discretization of the production,Digital industrial cooperation,Industrial explosive development of the Internet,Is yuan game engine related technologies drive the results of the universe.Because we need to calculate force、需要联合、Need zero lag,The both the game,And industry needs to.By building out of the space of the laws of physics,Solved the problem of the zero delay,To improve the efficiency of collaborative.同时,We human interpersonal relationships and interact more closely,Life efficiency improved significantly.

元宇宙的诞生,Is the first time that human intelligence through digital society huge fusion.Can science and technology as a solution to promote human fusion,Push forward the further socialization of human beings.


Yuan value orientation of the universe

Yuan the universe is a collection of desire,本身是个“肮脏”的词汇,《三体》The author liu worried,他说,“人类的未来,要么是走向星际文明,要么就是常年沉迷在VR的虚拟世界中.如果人类在走向太空文明以前就实现了高度逼真的VR世界,这将是一场灾难.”元宇宙是极具诱惑、高度致幻的“精神鸦片”,担忧人类沉浸在虚拟世界固步自封.在IT所营造的越来越舒适的安乐窝中,Some people lose interest in space gradually.相对于充满艰险的真实的太空探索,他们更愿意在VR中体验虚拟的太空.

But everything was two sides,Who is afraid of a but.The value orientation of yuan universe,Is pointing in the direction of social development trend of,Rather than pointing at the application of science and technology.Ordinary tangle said la,人是万物的尺度.在元宇宙时代,依然如此.Yuan universe because humans and produce,Will eventually in the service of mankind.比如,通过社交平台,Complete social value the opinions of the construction and implementation of.


Yuan universe business logic kernel

Yuan the value orientation of the universe is pointing in the direction of social development trend of,And create the value of yuan universe must also follow the rules of economic system,包括价值取向、Trading rules and trading order.But how to determine“元宇宙”价值取向、Trading rules and trading order?

当前,People in the yuan to the pursuit of value in the universe,In the virtual world seems to have a lot of digital wealth,Is not material wealth,It can roam far away,Even has its own real estate company,But that's not the actual space,And in essence is the human social value of virtual performance,Humans need other personal identity,Humans have language is for communication.所以,Only human beings finally have the spiritual needs and spiritual value of,FacebookAnd twitter appears to be the social software,Is actually the social value of the most direct manifestation of human individual,The realization of which is the most direct form.

In fact all value,Both the labor theory of value and utility theory of value,Must be first based on system theory of value,Only given the value of the measurement,计算方法,交易方法,And these methods must be determined by system down,Value is the measure.在元宇宙中,We need a value rules,The value of the core is the social value of absolute scarcity(The characteristics of the social value has a special significant——Can't replicate).

Yuan economy is essentially a platform of the universe.In the yuan universe platform,双方(或多方)On a platform interactive,This kind of interaction is affected by the specific network externalities.而且,Both sides of the price distribution will affect the market participation and total demand.This model features outstanding performance in:The more yuan universe platform on the seller,The greater the appeal of the buyer,The seller in considering whether to use the same yuan universe platform,The more yuan universe platform on the buyer,That sellers are also more attractive.元宇宙,In fact is the integration of various platforms economic status.元宇宙,Will inevitably have unimaginable monopoly effect on the world economy.


Yuan social governance of the universe

站在“后人类时代”的十字路口,Humans fell into confusion about the future,So a lot of cyber punk works should emerge background,让人类对“后人类时代”Had a profound reflection,Humans have never like this,The yuan the universe have a significant ideological split.但是无论如何,The arrival of this day and age,不可避免.We want to know him,He also construction.

Yuan social governance of the universe can from three key direction.其一,The value of the discrete socialist associated,这是方法论.Think time is different from the modern economics is continuous,可以微分,Yuan highlight the universe is a discrete,需要积分,Value comes from the discrete value of connection between individual;其二,Quantitative rational rational control.Quantitative rational,也就是说,The rationality of modern economics thinks people are absolutely,又是有限的.Bounded rationality based on Simon mentioned,At the same time based on Plato is the origin of absolute rational;System value of order.具体来说,Is set to the provisions of the digital economy scarcity,The provisions of the trading method,The provisions of the basic fee,The provisions of the trade possibilities.

其实,Yuan the core essence of the universe is conform to the characteristics of digital era new economic paradigm and business models,Yuan social governance of the universe is the new economic model of governance.


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