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Is the Zuckerberg era coming to an end?

2022-11-23 12:06:44Heart of the Metaverse

U.S. stocks were sharply higher on Tuesday,Because Wall Street ignored the recurrence of the epidemic,Focus instead on a string of strong earnings reports,and the possibility of a small rate hike ahead during the holiday-shortened trading week.

截至收盘,标普500Indexes and the tech-heavy Nasdaq rose separately1.36%,The Dow rose nearly400点,涨幅约为1.2%.标普500指数自去年9closed for the first time in months4,000点上方,The Dow recorded its highest closing level in three months.

Tesla has been very weak in the past two days of trading,Investors can blame the market、Twitter or whatever.

今年以来,Shares of the company, led by Musk, fell by as much as 52%,As of today's closing price of 169.91美元,given by the analyst12The median target price for the month is 302美元.That represents a far cry from analyst price targets.

In addition, today we are in the US stock big data quantitative trading terminalStockWeIt is found that there are an abnormal number of Tesla put options on the Internet

从细节上看,Institutions have bought a lot of deep in-the-money put options worth hundreds of millionsPut.

A number of investment banks have warned of a slowdown in economic growth progress next year

Many investment banks warned,2023Global economic growth will further slow down in 2019,美国经济可能陷入衰退.The Fed's aggressive rate-hiking policy stance further stoked fears of a U.S. recession.

摩根士丹利、A number of large investment banks such as BNP Paribas and UBS are expected,next year globallyGDP同比增速超过2%,Goldman Sachs and Barclays respectively expect the growth rate to be 1.80%、1.70%.

Barclays and BNP Paribas are pessimistic about the U.S. economy next year,Estimated actualGDP将收缩0.1%,Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan were more optimistic,Respectively projected US actual next yearGDP增长1.1%、1%.

The major investment banks are right2023Annual currency exchange rate、美国10年期国债收益率、标普500The forecast of the index is as follows:

Quantitative funds increased their holdings of US stocks for the first time this year 

Deutsche Bank analysis data show,Due to the large size「通胀交易」Showing signs of breakdown,Traders are forced to buy stocks,Now they are adding to their stock holdings for the first time this year,Momentum signals they may have to buy more shares quickly.

由于美国CPIA data-fueled rally,Holding long and short positions in the futures marketCTA(商品交易顾问)Had to buy approx in the past month1460亿美元的股票.

According to senior analysts in Goldman Sachs sales and trading departmentScott Rubner估计,这是自2020年3Biggest buying frenzy in months.高盛表示,If the market stalls this week,CTAAdditional value may also have to be purchased130亿美元的股票.This is likely to be a positive signal for US stocks.

Data from Société Générale show,Quant traders lost money in the past two weeks5%,But year-to-date earnings are up21%,Still on track for its best year on record.

在2022年的大部分时间里,Rising prices come as the Fed turns to aggressive tightening,Bearish bets on stocks and bonds by trend followers are timeless.然而,Slower inflation growth could mean a cut to those historic gains,And a return to the turbulent market trends of the pre-pandemic era.


The Zuckerberg era is coming to an end?

在过去十年中,Meta风波不断,其CEOZuckerberg is under increasing pressure,Silicon Valley and Wall Street have been rife with rumors and speculation about the company's future.

周二,Some media quoted people familiar with the matter as saying,“Zuckerberg will step down next year”.该媒体称,Zuckerberg has decided to resign on his own initiative.After he resigned,将不会影响MetaCosting more than ten billion U.S. dollars“元宇宙”项目.The project draggedMeta的业绩表现,The company's profits fell sharply earlier.

今年以来,Despite shareholder skepticism and concern,Zuckerberg remains determined to aggressively pursue his ventures in the Metaverse——He claims that in the long run,VRTechnology can reap rich rewards for the metaverse.

有媒体分析称,Zuckerberg plans to resign next year,It's likely he's holding himself accountable for the Metaverse's underwhelming performance.上个月,Senior reporter for the American Business Insider websiteLinette Lopez撰文称,It's time for Zuckerberg to resign,This is salvationMeta的唯一方法.

MetaThe stock price has fallen from the highest point70%以上.After the news came out today,Meta一度上涨1%.

不过今天Meta公司发言人安迪·Stone tweeted,The news that Zuckerberg will step down next year is“假的”.


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