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FTX's First Bankruptcy Hearing: "Substantial" Assets Stolen or Missing, Cash Balance $1.24 Billion

2022-11-23 12:06:41Golden Finance

当地时间11月22日周二,FTX 的首次破产听证会In the United States Delaware,The judge described the FTXThe rise and decline of,And the collapse of the company in a short span of two weeks time line.FTX律师强调,In addition to the implementation of the right company control、Transparency and investigate,Asset protection and recovery is a FTX Now one of the most important core goal.


Than pushing the editorial department will take you to review the important clue of the hearing,The following is a key point:

  • 律师透露“大量”FTX Assets are stolen or lost;Cash balance combined 12.4 亿美元;债权人Millions of

  • FTXConsultant has been with the department of justice and liaise for the southern district of New York Internet crime,The department has to FTX 展开刑事调查

  • FTX 前 50 A creditor of identity information a secret;下一次听证会定于 12 月 16 日举行

  • The U.S. house of representatives and the senate has asked the new FTX 首席执行官 John J. Ray III 在 12 Month sometime to testify

“In the history of the United States and global enterprise suddenly、One of the most difficult crash”

FTX New management newly appointed legal counsel、知名律所 Sullivan & Cromwell 合伙人 James Bromley 将 FTX The collapse of described as“American business history、In the history of global corporate entity suddenly and one of the most difficult crash”,并将 FTX The empire as“前CEO Sam Bankman-Fried(SBF)的个人领地”.

今年早些时候,FTX 的估值达到 320 亿美元,而 SBF Once the encryption during a bear market will establish itself become the industry“白衣骑士”.


律师表示:“FTX The situation is the biggest failure of the latest and the field,In terms of its international exchange and the exchange,In fact all bank runs have taken place in.In a run at the same time,The crisis of leadership…FTX The company is controlled by a few,由 Sam-Bankman-Fried 领导,Management of a big problem,Led to his resignation”.

Bromley 评价道:“SBFAt the moment handover control,所有人才第一次意识到,“皇帝没有穿衣服”.

The Bahamas liquidator agree to transfer the case to Delaware

虽然 FTX 已于11 月 11 Delaware in the United States bankruptcy court for the first 11 chapter,The court appointed but the Bahamas FTX Liquidator then in the southern district of New York FTX Digital Markets The lawsuit filed a separate,This leads to two cases“打架”,Tuesday's hearing,Lawyers said the Bahamas liquidator has agreed to transfer related cases filed in New York to Delaware merging processing.

The securities committee of the Bahamas is investigation FTX The collapse of the main local authorities,Last week has ordered will FTX Encrypted wallet in the assets transferred to the government control in the wallet,Did not disclose specific amount.The Bahamas liquidator has said,FTX All business in its local division operation,So who is entitled to control the company's assets、How to distribute assets remain divided.

Bromley表示:“When we deal with any of these foreign entity,And may appoint any监管In terms of agency or liquidator,必须牢记的是,We focus on one word,The reciprocal.”

“大量”FTX Assets are stolen or lost;Cash balance combined 12.4 亿美元;Creditors amounted to millions of

FTX A key aspect of the crisis is Alameda 和 FTT 代币,FTT 代币是 FTX 发行的代币.Lawyers are reviewed FTX And its affiliated companies history,指出了 2019 年 4 月 FTT Tokens created and 2017 年 11 月 Alameda The establishment of the entity.律师表示,除了 FTX Shortly after the entered bankruptcy protection happened 4.77 $hacker attacks outside,There are many attacks:“A large number of assets or stolen,要么丢失".

The latest of the bankruptcy petition shows,FTX拥有36 家银行和200 多个银行账户,FTXGroup total cash balance 12.4 亿美元,其中Alameda Cash balance at most,But the case scope appears to be far more than people forecast,The company's lawyer Glueckstein 表示,FTX Bankruptcy is expected in“There will be millions of creditors”.

尽管FTXThe encryption invested monetary and technical risk investment field,But in the Bahamas on real estate also spent nearly 3 亿美元,Most for executives to purchase homes and vacation homes,The number of the figure is higher than previously reported.

FTX 律师表示,他们将FTXAssets and various entities is divided into four silo( Silos),分别是:

  • WRS(West Realm Shires)筒仓,Control and contain assets in the United States.

  • Alameda 筒仓,Including the now-defunct hedge funds Alameda Research.

  • Risk investment silo,Investing in companies and startups encryption.

  • Dotcom筒仓,Including international business,FTX 的大部分存款.


FTX 客户遍布全球,Lawyers to disclose customer geographic area ratio of:

  • 开曼群岛—— Of the registered customer22%.

  • 美属维尔京群岛——Of the registered customer 11%.

  • 中国——8% The registered customer.

FTX 表示,它希望在 1 Prepare a complete balance sheet month before,Detailing the total assets and liabilities.New management work overtime day and night,因为 FTX Without the proper system to manage its cash and is related to its internal control file.Bromley 表示,Asset recovery and protection work not only includes encryption and monetary assets,还包括“信息”,The first time the company also introduced the independent director.

FTX New leadership is working with the United States department of law enforcement、Regulatory cooperation

Bromley 在听证会上表示,The new company leadership is working with the United States government and regulators investigators cooperation:“We also communicate with the U.S. justice department maintained a continuous,Including the southern district of New York network crime unit,并与 SEC 和 CFTC Keep a constant communication”,此外,FTX 新任首席执行官 John Ray III Other members and the leadership is working with“The U.S. government and all over the world for this kind of situation is very interested in all kinds of regulator”进行协调.

Bromley 还提到,The U.S. house of representatives and the senate have asked John J. Ray III 在 12 Month sometime to testify.比推此前报道,The house financial services committee and the senate agriculture committee are announced in the next month FTX Failure to hold a hearing,The current public evidence forCFTC主席 Rostin Behnam.

FTX 前 50 A creditor of identity information a secret;下一次听证会定于 12 月 16 日举行

Some of the major encryption monetary company,包括 Genesis、Galaxy Digital、Wintermute And encryption hedge funds Galois Capital,Have voluntarily disclose them to FTX 的敞口.FTX Submit documents show last weekend,The company for before 50 Balance of creditors is over 30 亿美元,最大的 10 Companies claim amount than 1 亿美元,Due to many major creditors name is still unknown,Markets are still concerned about risk will continue to spread.

Delaware district court judge John Dorsey A hearing on Tuesday approved a temporary move,允许 FTX Temporarily not to disclose the identity of the creditors information,Hearing in the future will be further discussions on this question.

The United States trustee's office(The justice department to take charge of supervision and bankruptcy)Against some motion,Believe that transparency is an essential part of the process,但FTXLawyers argue that,保护 FTX The customer will not be disclosed involuntarily for investors is very important,FTX The client list is one of the most valuable asset of the company,应该受到保护,From the effects of competition.

Dorsey 还裁定,FTXShould continue to think that is very important to the business of remaining employees and suppliers to pay.FTX The previous leadership,包括SBF、联合创始人 Gary Wang、工程总监 Nishad Singh、 Alameda Research 首席执行官 Caroline EllisonSuch as not allowed to receive any payment.

下一次听证会定于 12 月 16 日举行.

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