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Ningbo, Zhejiang: "Ningbo Chain", a new blockchain information infrastructure, was officially released

2022-09-22 16:10:34Heart of the Metaverse

会议现场.Photo courtesy of Chen Wenyan

China News Service Zhejiang News9月3日电(林波 Chen Wenyan)2022年,It was officially issued in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province《宁波市区块链产业先导区建设实施方案》.

按照计划,The city will generate new momentum with digital reform and future technological breakthroughs,Seize the development opportunities of the blockchain industry,构建“源头创新—成果转化—产品开发—场景应用”industrial cultivation chain,Promote the blockchain to become an emerging growth point of Ningbo's digital economy.

9月2日,2022One of the high-level forum activities of the World Digital Economy Conference——“Yongcheng on the chain links the future”Ningbo Blockchain Application Technology Innovation Summit and Blockchain“Baiye application on the chain”The launching ceremony of the joint operation was held in Ningbo,Officially released the new information infrastructure of Ningbo blockchain“甬链”.

“甬链”On-line site.Photo courtesy of Chen Wenyan

据悉,“甬链”It is in the office of the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee Network Security and Informatization Committee、Ningbo Development and Reform Commission、宁波市经济和信息化局、Ningbo Big Data Development Administration、Under the guidance of China Mobile Zhejiang Company and other units,By the director unit of Ningbo Blockchain Special Committee——中国移动宁波分公司(以下简称“宁波移动”),联合BSNThe Development Alliance takes the lead in implementing the construction,以完全开放、兼容、共享、安全、可监管的模式,Do a good job in infrastructure empowerment for the development of the blockchain industry in Ningbo.


其中第一个“1”指的是1A unified portal for blockchain public services,Ningbo Mobile is under the guidance of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology,The joint blockchain industry ecology has created a unified portal for blockchain public services,Provide one-stop industrial public services for local enterprises and institutions in Ningbo,Local enterprises and institutions in Ningbo can obtain solutions through this platform、产业政策、Activity training and other industrial services,Promote the opening and sharing of industrial public resources.

第二个“1”指的是1Zhang service node network,Ningbo Mobile is basedBSN能力优势,在今年6month to complete the whole city of Ningbo10Deployment of business nodes in districts, counties and government affairs,It has formed the blockchain node resource capacity covering the whole city of Ningbo,Empowering the blockchain to provide fine-grained urban governance.

“3”指的是3大业务管理平台,They are the blockchain cloud management platform、Open alliance chain and cross-border data channel services,For different application needs,Based on the completed blockchain public resource environment,It will provide refined and localized blockchain application resource deployment services for the industrial ecology and demand units in Ningbo.


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