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Metaverse content creation company "Visual Persistence" completed tens of millions of pre-A round of financing, using exclusive originality and visual effects to promote the upgrading of the content industry chain

2022-09-22 15:56:09Heart of the Metaverse

36氪获悉,Metaverse Content Creation Company“视觉暂留(上海)影业有限公司”(下称「视觉暂留」)已于近日完成千万级Pre-A轮融资,This financing was exclusively invested by Qirong Venture Capital.Financing funds will be used for system technology upgrades,Team building and upstream supply chain optimization.

「视觉暂留」The main business covers animation films、High-quality videoCG、Original drama、Construction of virtual assets and their application scenarios.在游戏、Animation production industry chain,Upstream is content production、The midstream is content dissemination,Downstream is derivative realization,位于产业链上游的IPIt is the main source of subject matter for Chinese animation creation enterprises,This directly determines the monetization ability of animation works.

此外,Benefit from virtualIPThe potential is huge and the virtual second avatar is starting to develop,Identity-based virtual digital people,That is virtual idol、Derivative business such as endorsement advertising,It will occupy a more important dominant position in the future development.

《这就是街舞 第三季》Real-life stars interact with digital virtual teams

事实上,Chinese animation worksIPDivide into self-created、网络文学、Four sources of games and comics.Except for the company's own creationIP外,其它种类IPAll need to be upstream from the industrial chainIPPurchased by the owner.There are many good originals in the Chinese marketIP,However, they rarely have the ability to realize the commercial value of branding and systematization,而这正是「视觉暂留」advantages and opportunities.

「视觉暂留」The core team has worked on animated films《精灵王座》、《哪吒之魔童降世》、《西游记之大圣归来》、《深海》等;动画剧集《还击45秒》、《City of Two Moons》、《纳米核心》、《修罗武神》等;头部综艺《这就是街舞》Wait for the first virtual realityCG;还有游戏《王者荣耀》、《英雄联盟》、《火炬之光》、《明日方舟》and other top-level project promotional filmsCG制作,这为「视觉暂留」Accumulated a lot of original ability and content aesthetic experience.


另外,「视觉暂留」There are also advantages in technology research and development,A set of industrialized standards will be introduced in the future,Allow non-senior technical personnel to standardize production,Increase efficiency and productivity,It can empower and lead the implementation of technical standardization in the entire content industry.

自成立以来,「视觉暂留」Already with Tencent、哔哩哔哩、优酷、爱奇艺、网易游戏、鹰角网络、心动网络、In-depth cooperation with leading labels and platforms such as Bamboo Games.面向未来,「视觉暂留」will accelerate inwardACGThe production industry system is upgraded and optimized,The application of virtual reality in the actual industry and the virtual digital human as the foundation are laid out in depthIP矩阵,The blessing of originality and technical advantages,可以让「视觉暂留」It has more say in the upstream,For example, for customers in addition to the content production business in the early stage,还有优质IP的输出,分成游戏、直播、Revenue from advertising, etc.这也使得「视觉暂留」compared to other animationsCGFor the production company,Have a more diverse and substantial income.

「视觉暂留」向36氪表示,国内IPReally good commercialization has not yet been achieved,It's all about short-term profit,Now is a culture with long-term brand valueIPand good opportunities for content.

Original trendy rap drama stylized character setting

团队方面,Liu Chang, the founder of Visual Persistence, once worked for a leading new media company in Japan——Takenaka Co., Ltd(TAKENAKA)Film and Television Department,for Tokyo Disney、Universal Studios Osaka has created a number of video art works,He has cooperated with Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio for a long time to produce a number of artistic creations.2012Since 2000, Liu Chang has entered the animation industry and founded Xuansu Culture(The predecessor of persistence of vision),Long term with Tencent、哔哩哔哩、优酷、爱奇艺、Top-tier platforms such as NetEase Games maintain close cooperation,While being recognized by the industry, it is also favored by capital,Xuansu Culture subsequently received two rounds of institutional financing.

CTOWu Jianhua worked in an international online game companyGarena负责CGVisual effects development、总监制,参与了《复仇者联盟》、《帝国》Awaiting first-line projects.It can form a Hollywood aesthetic while cultivating technology,Use the world's top rendering software(Not yet widespread in the country,There are very few users),Through optical full-body motion capture technology,Real-time efficient rendering engine and sound engine combined,Achieve top-notch visual effects with a unique art style,Push content and products to form absolute barriers;