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A Brief History of the Metaverse: The Future World Opened in 40 Years

2022-09-22 15:56:00Heart of the Metaverse


In the face of pavement of yuan universe concept,Many people are still confused about.If we view the high,以近40In the timeline of the way,May be able to read the yuan universe more clearly.

“元宇宙”Translated from English“Metaverse”,在这里“元”字“Meta”除了“本源”的意思,还有“超越”和“更高”的含义.广义地说,Yuan of the universe is like building a real world and virtual space channel,把物理世界和数字世界连在了一起,People with true identity and digital identity switch、穿梭其中.

Can be seen from the yuan the universe development time line several clue.首先,科幻小说、Science fiction movie is a collection of creation and imagination,RMB has become the universe development indispensable reference.Whether it's the first time appeared in the《雪崩》的“元宇宙”一词,Most of the concept of RMB has often been used to explain the universe《头号玩家》.Human imagination of the future,Often starts in science fiction.

图 | 电影《头号玩家》

其次,The key technology of the universe is through cumulative existing yuan to spurt.从1984In the first commercialVR设备到Meta旗下的Oculus,From the universe of the underlying technology is regarded as yuan block chain,到比特币、以太坊、NFT与gameFi,All proved it well.

最后,Is the giant of science and technology input.MetaFor the yuan into the most positive of the universe,苹果、谷歌、英伟达、字节跳动、Tencent and other technology giants at home and abroad have also joined the yuan in the cosmic wave to.

When all the world's best talents into it,We distance with yuan universe will only day by day to shorten,And all this is the result of this long journey:


1984年:杰伦·Lanier put forward“Virtual Reality——虚拟现实”概念

“Virtual Reality——虚拟现实”这个词儿,是1984In the United States science and technology talent jay·拉尼尔(JaronLanier)最早提出来的,That same year he founded the firstVR创业公司——VPL研究公司.

图 | 杰伦·拉尼尔

Before he put forward the concept of,与VRSome related technology has been the scientists study explored for many years.Lanier withVRThe word summarized the technology,Equipment and wearing a、Eye machine、A set of equipment such as gloves to apply into its success,因此被认为是“虚拟现实之父”.


1989年:万维网(WWW)诞生,The Internet began to ordinary people

万维网(World Wide Web, 简称WWW或Web)是英国计算机科学家,蒂姆·伯纳斯·李(Tim Berners-Lee)于1989年3月12The invention.When ideas and developmentWebThe purpose is to provide scientists around the world with an automated information sharing platform.

图 | 蒂姆·伯纳斯·李

The world wide web is the prototype of the Internet,The site allows users to access the Internet from any node in the content.Microsoft at the time the development of the Internet has attracted the attention of,Microsoft later released the first generation browser——IE浏览器.从此,The Internet has become access to information、Knowledge of the new way 径,The Internet began to ordinary people.



1992年,科幻作家尼尔·斯蒂芬森(Neal Stephenson)发表了其科幻巨作《雪崩》.在《雪崩》中,尼尔·斯蒂芬森创造了“元宇宙”(Metaverse)一词,The book depicts a vast virtual world,而这被认为是元宇宙的开端.

图 | 尼尔·斯蒂芬森



Artificial intelligence in the movie、脑机接口、万物互联、The concept of virtual human,拉开了“赛博”Style of the curtain,Enlightenment to some extent and lead the pvi, the broader universe concept coming.

图 | 《黑客帝国》


2003年:The first virtual game《第二人生》发布

美国LindenLaboratory to launch the game《第二人生》(Second Life),This is one of the earliest prototype yuan universe,Players can do many things in real life in the game,如社交、学习、工作、吃饭、睡觉、购物,开车、旅游等等.

图 | 《第二人生》



Roblox公司发布同时兼容了虚拟世界、休闲游戏和用户自建内容的游戏《Roblox》,该公司于2021年在纽约证券交易所上市,Stock is known as the yuan universe first.

图 | 《Roblox》


2009年:The starting point of block chain

2009 年 1 月,Mystery of the chung issued COINS of open source software.2009 年 1 月 3 日,Among the astute dug the first block of the chain,The currency network was born,Then the block is known as“创世区块”,Since then also opens a virtual currency first.

图 | 2009年1月3日《泰晤士报》

In the hearing on the COINS creation block left a word——“The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”(2009年1月3日,财政大臣正处于实施第二轮银行紧急援助的边缘).这句话,是2009年1月3日《泰晤士报》On the front page of the article title.The creation on the block,Later also is described by supporters of the COINS into“A liberal,Save the bank's story”.



诞生于2009年的“沙盒类游戏”《我的世界》The universe is a very famous yuan project.《我的世界》The game is simple but rich,The player can freely collection、交易物品,Also can according to their own ideas to create everything.

图 | 《我的世界》

截至2019年,The adapter console《我的世界》Game software accumulative total sales of more than1.76亿套,As sales of the largest in the history of electronic games.


2011年:《头号玩家》Original fiction published

《头号玩家》Original fiction to2011年出版,曾在《纽约时报》On the best-seller list for100Topped more weeks,被翻译成37种语言,在58Countries and regions is available.

图 | 电影《头号玩家》

The author klein in《头号玩家》For the future of the world has carried on the bold speculation and describe,讲述了2044Disruptive in human society.小说在2018Year by spielberg remake for the movie,Be back explain yuan universe concept,One of the most often mentioned works.


2012年~2013年:NFT的概念源—彩色币Colored Coins

NFT From the concept of the so-called“彩色硬币”,最初于 2012-2013 年在比特币区块链上发行.

图 | 彩色币Colored Coins

彩色硬币是代表区块链上现实世界资产的代币,可用于证明任何资产的所有权,从贵金属到汽车再到房地产,甚至是股票和债券.这个最初的想法是将比特币区块链用于数字收藏品、优惠券、财产、公司股票等资产.They are described as new technology,And providing the original potential usage scenarios for the future.



以太坊诞生于2013年末,创始人Vitalik Buterin发表了以太坊白皮书,并于2014年1In north American COINS conference officially released the etheric fang,This is the etheric fang made its debut in the world.

图 | 《福布斯》

目前,The etheric fang is the second name of digital currency circulation market value,仅次于比特币,同时也是NFTMain encryption monetary transactions denominated in.



脸书在2014年7月宣布以20亿美元的价格收购Oculus,Is considered the face book pay for future initiatives.It seems to face book,Oculus的技术开辟了全新的体验和可能性,不仅仅在游戏领域,还在生活、教育、医疗等诸多领域拥有广阔的想象空间.

图 | Oculus


2015年:Google released cheap versionVR产品

谷歌VR眼镜盒子Cardboard于2015年在谷歌I/O(Web developers conference)发布,售价低至20美元,Low price makesVRThe technical implementation of universal change.

图 | 谷歌VR眼镜盒子Cardboard

谷歌VRGlasses box shape andVRHead show similar,Device is simple,Generally consists of a piece of cardboard and two pieces of special plastic lenses.2021年,谷歌VR眼镜盒子Cardboard已从Google商店下架,商品页面显示“We no longer sellGoogle Cardboard”.


2015年:Microsoft launched head-mountedMR—HoloLens

微软在CES2015上首次展示了MR(混合现实)设备HoloLens眼镜,Can provide users with visual experience of science,广泛运用在游戏、科研、医疗、教育、商业等各个领域.Once the device is appearance,The global attention widely by.

图 | HoloLens

据《财富》报道,市场调研公司SimilarWeb称HoloLens在2015Searches for years5000多万次,超过所有VR设备.



DecentralandIs constructed on the etheric fang3D虚拟世界,It is testified by workload algorithm allocated to a virtual land to the players participating in the development of.

图 | Singer jj Lin in his purchase of land to build house

在这个虚拟世界中,Every day there are a lot of activity,包括艺术展、音乐节、游戏竞赛、企业发布会等,Users can also buy and sell land、Construction of facilities, etc,并从中获利,The virtual land with more than a piece of 240 万美元的价格售出.



2016年,“DAO(decentralized autonomous organization,去中心化自治组织)”问世,The DAO公司在2016年5Month by the raise tokens sales launch,This is a the etheric fang block chain to create the risk of investment fund,In decentralized financing mode,Without any intermediary units for the project financing.



2017年,由Epic GamesResearch and development of the shooting game《堡垒之夜》Has been hailed as a“初代元宇宙”.The game will social media、Streaming media platform and game together,Create a virtual world beyond the game.With only different traditional social media of web page,《堡垒之夜》With players in real life can get social experience more similar.

2020年5月,《堡垒之夜》已拥有3.5亿注册玩家.2020年4月,American singer Travis·斯科特在《堡垒之夜》The virtual concert,有超过1200Thousands of spectators to watch the interaction.


2018年:First official release stable currency

2018年9⽉10⽇,The exchangeGemini和另外⼀A block chain startupPaxosAt the same time won the New York⾦Integrating services approved,Can be affected by the situation of the government regulation issued⾏Digital encryption monetary anchor $GUSD和PAX.这是⾸次官⽅Announced the hair⾏的稳定币,引起了⾏Industry buzz.

Into the stable currency turmoil encryption money world add a new element,稳定币与美元挂钩,And other encryption currencies than their less volatile.


2020年:Outbreak accelerate yuan universe development

从2020Years since new crown worldwide epidemic,Force people to accept“远程办公”的生活模式,A sharp rise in the global digital degree,Also be yuan cosmic explosion catalyst.

20 2021年:元宇宙元年

2021年被称为“元宇宙元年”,Movement of the capital market at home and abroad is enough to confirm:2021年3月,元宇宙第一股Roblox在美国纽交所上市,首日市值超过 380 亿美金;7月,FacebookAnnounced it was transformed into yuan universe company in five years and to10月正式更名为Meta;8月,Chip giant nvidia spend hundreds of millions of dollars,Introduced the simulation platform for yuan universe Omniverse;11月,Microsoft has announced that it would create a more entrepreneurial“元宇宙”,Users can share office file in a virtual world.

图 | Meta

与此同时,国内阿里、腾讯、字节跳动、网易、百度、Jingdong and Internet giants are joining in yuan universe track,争相布局.



Yuan for mankind to explore the universe in the virtual world of vision,The outbreak of high-speed development of science and technology and human imagination integration product.There are many international well-known institutions openly RMB bullish on the future of the universe the size of the market.普华永道预计,2030年元宇宙市场规模将达到1.5万亿美元;Bloomberg estimated the yuan universe, the size of the market can achieve2.5万亿美元;摩根士丹利预计,未来元宇宙潜在市场空间将超8万亿美元.

At the same time the industry anticipation,未来超过90%The work and life,Such as scientific research、教育、娱乐、会议等,Will be in yuan in the universe,Social and economic development is also the great change.

而我们,Lucky enough to witness it all.


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