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The next encryption monetary bull's narrative is likely to be?

2022-09-22 15:56:28Blockchain technology researcher

When we have started a little adapt to the rhythm of a bear market,I noticed that some people have to succumb to quickly jump to the next stage of market.But here I need to remind your brother is,小心点,As shown by the historical period that,A bear market always has its own specific rules.

Everyone experiences with the encryption monetary cycle and actually《英雄之旅》The characters in the prototype are very much.想要从“回归”towards new“Adventure Call Tour”Always need to wait for a long time.While facing the encryption monetary bear,You'd better to wait patiently for a period of time.

 There may be some brother already ready for the next adventure,They tried to put the eyes every possible narrative as a lifeline in the bear market.但一些“超自然”The opportunity is not often appear in the market.就在当前,We live in a real world faces a rate rise、Inflation and a series of economic war,在这样的大背景下,I feel the chance to take you to speed up to the bull market is never in front of you.

Before we can see some of the new narrative appear,We may feel market will ZouXiong forever,and no more light.“市场底部“The word will disappear forever from our vocabulary,Because the market trend will become abnormal smooth,That people in the market up and down 5% When the volatility of the what happened will feel like a big deal.

On the journey to the next bull market,We will also encounter some padding prophet,Some people are even talking about something called“基本面”的奇怪东西,And they avoided in the bull market is for these content.


Encryption monetary community in the search for new narrative

具有讽刺意味的是,We are usually in good times laugh at fundamentals,When the situation is not good beg for market acknowledge their existence.Recently there is a familiar narrative,那就是“以太坊的合并”.

Collection of Dragon Balls,开始召唤神龙

Although is fundamentally an important event,But those who hope to through the etheric lane merged to get rich quick people will feel endless pain and disappointment.Because of the development of a thing is often need time,And such an important event needs time to widely recognized by the market.

When people find themselves to predict or poker at the bottom of the bottom is not really a,Most people will lose all hope.When fear turns to disappointment,And down further into lay equal to death,At that time we may feel have no way to go.

But when most people begin to lose interest in encryption money,他们其实并不知道,Have so a small number of people studying innovation tools are day and night,These tools later through the magic of liquidity into the real motive force of power the next bull market.For the upcoming depressing period in the future(After the volatility health)Don't let our feelings become so dull,I will discuss in the next content could be the next round of the bull market of the tipping point potential account.

Real bull market driving force comes from the macro level

For encryption currency this risky asset classes,So real bull market impetus from the fed's printing presses.当然,This applies to almost all asset classes.If the builder in the next year or two time don't continue to deep,Then new hype narrative may be hard to push the arrival of the great bull market.those that are innovative、It is very important to attract eyeball narrative,It is an important part of the vision to reset.

We need to embrace a new vision.Landmark opportunity is not all starts from the market of high.

Before we wait until the new innovation of narrative,Encryption currency movements mainly depends on macroeconomic face.因此,When the market lacks innovation,Technical fundamentals have no what happens,We need to think out of the circle to see,See if the world will change for the new asset class position.

This on COINS appeared again and again,It every once in a while will be reliable narrative perspectives of change outside of it.自 2018 since the market crashed,Encryption monetary circle once with one voice cried“Institutions are entering the market”.Institutions do come,But they were all the timing of the collapse is not a market need urgent blood transfusion,But everyone in bullish encryption money.

 @hasufl An old article thoroughly discusses the change of currency account.
The currency seems to be a macro reactivity.Recently about Bitcoin“通货膨胀对冲”是一个更新的“数字黄金”+“非相关资产”的说法.
The currency in terms of narrative and the market fit, very good at promoting.

The currency as a kind of technology won't change.Currency held the door like a preacher,They cleverly manipulate global macroeconomic events to promote the story about the only real money,And in this process for decoration.从支付系统,Through digital gold and inflation hedge,Until the Swiss bank of cloud account/Credible neutral bond.

Another trusted neutral assets is the etheric fang,It is gaining new update.The etheric lane is now mature enough,Its narrative is also becoming is closely related to macroeconomic.The etheric lane is now strong enough,It can compete with the currency on the macro scale of narrative.此外,It also provides a good yield.

 The etheric fang large-scale merger in the product is strong and narrative ways.
“生产性资产”和“蓝筹加密货币”的 meme Refers to the past ten years FANG(脸书、苹果、Netflix 和谷歌)The success of the stock market run.
Misunderstood early on,Excellent long-term performance.
这将在未来 12-24 Months of dominant encryption monetary new narrative

As for the current macro events,One idea is that we are going through a caused by geopolitical events with the great transformation of macroeconomic,This is to the east and the west a new form of civilization conflict deduce.

显然,In the geopolitical adjustment happens,The plot to a central bank to "bottom-up" groundless speculation is pointless.This is not a time of peace,But in the period of war economy,This means that liquidity is injected into the construction of the real thing,And less will flow into the online casino(This is bad for cryptocurrencies).


We are probably in the future 10 Years to bit investment boom,And see more atoms investment in the future.

The premise of this idea is,Inflation is not demand driven,rather structural(Supply driven),And will not ease soon,Because in the economic cold place(经济、网络空间等)Will produce a fierce economic war.Globalization is over,Global trade will become fragmented.

We heard that because of Russia's central bank foreign exchange assets were frozen,Countries are considering scattered from the dollar in international trade settlement.Because the dollar is not credible neutral money,This trade dollars for those who are limited in time of war and sovereignty is a big problem.

I encryption currency is expected to try to revolve around these geopolitical events are a series of narrative.Some narrative may even over a period of time become a reality,因为从根本上说,Trusted neutral currency is a strong advocate of.The etheric fang and the currency of the cloud can kingdom like Switzerland during the second world war to defend its sovereignty and benefit from the war?


在过去,The macro narration usually with the passage of time and accumulate ability,Only in the trigger them with the new innovation technology after mixing will accelerate the development of.We shouldn't rely on macro narration,And should focus on exploring the potential of microscopic narrative.

2021 The big bull market of the year is from 2020 年的 DeFi Summer begins.Loan of speculative feedback loop(Also known as revenue mining)Is one of the main catalyst.在这之后,We are in the same period there is a NFT 和 GameFi 的新叙事.But what is the promising technology can become a catalyst for the next bull market?

真正的 DeFi 2.0

虽然我们听说过 DeFi 2.0,But I don't believe we really come there.如果有 DeFi 2.0 的话,It will come out after a year or two at the earliest.The following includes some me about DeFi 2.0 What kind of idea is likely to be:

  • more sustainable yields

  • More sophisticated on-chain tools,Including the ability to build complex structured products

  • 更多的 KYC(听起来很糟糕,But if we can use some knowledge of zero mana to maintain privacy would be even better).

  • Linked to the real economy products(当然,I don't mean it meme)

  • New stablecoin experiment(This may not be the algorithm stability c).

  • I'm still watching carefully OlympusDAO,Because I believe that a is independent of the mission of fiat's encryption reserve currency.

在 2020 年 3 In the new crown virus crisis started,我一直在寻找 DeFi 在现实世界中的应用,Because I believe that with the collapse of the global travel and trade,The world will to localized mode,And we can imagine decentralization of local loan applications into the real economy of encryption extension.Maybe this time someone will come up with a WIR Franc encryption monetary model.

今天,I am on how we will be DeFi Associated with the actual business curious.And make up for the gap will make DeFi Grow up to be a more sustainable products and Web3 原生解决方案,Rather than purely based on speculative tools.

Web3 商业

The answer here seems to be GameFi.Due to the enormous success of early,像 StepN Such decentralization application in such a place:They actually caught the user,But they challenge now is how to convert ponzi tokens economics into a sustainable business relationship with the customers.

In-game purchases,推荐费,实用 NFT 和其他项目,Can actually be turned to decentralized business.当然,I limit have yet to see any successful prototype,But let people to spend money on block chain,rather than spending money gas fee or speculation,是我们迫切需要的.

Decentralized business of another kind of deduction may be associated with content production and monetization.我可以想象 DAO Owns Tolkien、哈利波特、Star Wars and other concessions of intellectual property rights.Considering the encryption currency has the natural tendency of promoting capital formation,这其中,Community owned and media companies operating is an interesting proposal.

虽然人们对 DAO 越来越持怀疑态度,But we need to pay attention to is to accept that their failure will with general start-up or company makes no difference.They can still be content production and monetization of effective management organization.To enter this stage need a Discord 和 Kickstarter 类型的应用程序,Because we need a flexible user experience.

Web3 Business is the most simple implementation is actually block chain game,Items really owned by people,Maybe they become more important than the game.This is conducive to the development of the game,Because the game is built around the different items.

Web3 社交

This is a very popular topic,We have had long thinking about this problem the article.Most of the critics will think,在区块链上做“社交”是多余的.Web3 Social networking will attempt to separate the social graph and platform,The user sovereignty in the digital realm,Their contact could carry in various social place.

如果 Web3 Social only for encryption monetary community,Then it is likely to fail.It is not enough to provide ideological motivation,The key here is to introduce new monetization form,这与前面提到的“Web3 商业”associated with the narrative.These new tools must be straightforward,易于使用的.

Let us focus to return to the encrypted currencies of the major advantages of,The frictionless capital formation,I think the next social era may raise and community governance around the.Social media is a big content monetization platform.Web3 The possibility of the solution can broaden the creator and the audience.

That's why if NFT Has the inherent relation with the future of social media,So the next major social applications will be encrypted monetary-driven.We need to ask the question is:The future of social media really with NFT 有内在联系,Or is it just a gimmick?


按照 的说法,Decentralized science and the trend is located at the confluence of two broader trends:

 简而言之,In addition to the described in the introduction of systemic failure,Scientific or academic problems can be described as:

  1. Institutionalization of the academia of professional bureaucracy,They optimize internal reputation(期刊发表),rather than taking an adventure,This led to the innovation in history.

  2. The scientific community funding for innovation is a centralized、腐败的、无益的,Is not the original repair as scientific discovery/The nature of entrepreneurship.

  3. Knowledge is closed source,Locked behind a paywall.这样一来,数据(和权力)Is concentrated in the hands of a few major publishers.

Help to ease their specific problems funded through the online community is an interesting prospect.Necessity is the mother of invention.I see a lot of people on the Internet to share tips about health problems,Especially under the condition of the modern medicine there is no real answer.

Let them have the ability to fund research,And may have developed a method to cure their diseases,This is an exciting prospect.但是把 Reddit into a crowdfunding platform,for scientific discussions、The research and development power,It seems outrageous(Perhaps this is why it is so cool).

原子世界(World of Atoms)

For those who haven't carried out of parents said,This is a crazy offer.I for it to become a content across all of the above narrative hope.我所说的“原子世界”Refers to the connection between the encryption monetary and economic production,This is a real thing.

让我们先回顾一下 2018 年,We realized that at the time of strawberry on the block chain traceability is not so revolutionary,But maybe now is the time to re-examine our some of those ideas,When we master the technology is not so mature.

 像 Energy Web Such things are still there,Even though I think it is a long chance,But it is still an effort,Trying to achieve something even ordinary people could benefit from.When we talk about the problem of energy crisis,Decentralized optimization of power grid and the energy market is an interesting idea(First we may need more cheap energy,Especially in the EU).

Due to the potential synergies,We can focus on to provide encryption loans to local businesses,and may form DAO To build physical products or goods produced in(核聚变 DAO).

在熊市中,Not really easy to do,meme The coin hardly rebounds,Builders must further mining inspiration.But on the plus side,Necessity is the mother of invention,Maybe now is the time to look outwards encryption currency,And attempts to address the real problem of ordinary consumers and producers.


There may be other narrative will bring us into the future of the bull market,Because many founders are studying decentralized computing(是的,再次)And I can't think of any other niche solution.This does not mean that if it failed in the past,They will not be able to play a role in the future.

总之,We hope we can let us see the builders of the clamoring imagination.We will focus on new ideas and new narration,It can make us better to imagine the future.

同时,Also can let us not too pessimistic.

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