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Metaverse Daily|NVIDIA launches service to build and operate industrial Metaverse applications; Quest v44 update provides more options for VR screen recording settings; TSI HOLDINGS, Alibaba Cloud, and JP GAMES launch a joint project to jointly create a f

2022-09-22 16:10:06Heart of the Metaverse


9 月 20 日,Aiming to become a fashion entertainment company TSI Holdings and Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence hub of Alibaba Group、游戏开发工作室 JP GAMES 宣布合作,and start a joint project,Building the Metaverse and Services Together,Provide customers with a new fashion brand experience in the digital world,Joint development of new manufacturing systems that fuse digital and reality.The project is built through Alibaba Cloud's highly scalable and secure global infrastructure network,利用 JP GAMES Developed Metaverse Building Framework ,Provide customers with a new brand experience in the digital world.For more news, go to the following.


【Helium with telecom giants T-Mobile Sign an agreement and plan to launch Helium Mobile】

9 月 21 日消息,去中心化无线通信网络Helium开发商 Nova Labs announced with the telecom giant T-Mobile Sign the Mobile Virtual Network Operator Agreement,并将于 2023 年第一季度推出 Helium Mobile Branded commercial mobile smartphone service. Nova Labs 表示,Subscribers of its mobile virtual network operator agreement will be able to access two networks:一个是 T-Mobile 现有的 5G 网络,The other will be rewarded in cryptocurrency Helium 4G 网络,The network now covers nearly 5,000 data transfer site.


【Styngr Announcing with blockchain developers onXRP 以及 Ripple 达成合作】

Game and virtual world music integration platform Styngr Announcing with blockchain developers onXRP and blockchain partners Ripple 合作,Introducing music integration in upcoming free-to-play games XRP Ledger (XRPL) Battle Royale game on Maladroids.The first level is scheduled to be released this month,The collaboration will see an in-game radio station,with music labels Armada Music 合作,Offers a selection of electronic dance music (EDM) 播放列表,These include an industry-first launch Tom New track moves by Starr and Clyde,The two leading artists of the genre.Maladroidsis the first hosted at XRP Ledger (XRPL) 上的一个开源、public and decentralizedL1区块链游戏.


【Accounting platform Integral 完成 850 万美元首轮融资 Electric Capital 领投】

Real-time accounting platform Integral 完成了由 Electric Capital 领投的 850 美元融资.This round includes some prominent investors from the crypto industry,如前 Coinbase 首席技术官 Balaji Srinivasan、Color Genomics 联合创始人 Elad Gil、Hustle Fund、Mantis、Maple VC、Anchorage 创始人 Diogo Monica 和 Dapper Labs 创始人 Roham Gharegozlou.


【KuCoin 与 Web 3 协作平台 Dmail Network 达成深度战略合作】

Crypto交易平台 KuCoin and its community chain KCC、KuCoin Wallet and ecological investment incubation platform KuCoin Labs will be based on Web 3.0 的协作平台 Dmail 展开深度战略合作. 据介绍,Dmail 自成立以来,就受到了 Hashkey Capital、Amino Capital、OIG VC The attention of many investors.The collaboration between the two industry giants will involve technology、生态、信息服务,为用户提供Web3Advanced information service experience. 通过本次合作,Dmail 将为 KuCoin Ecological users provide decentralized mailbox services based on multi-chain,同时 KuCoin 和 KuCoin Labs 也将为 Dmail 在技术、营销、Provide all-round support in ecological and other aspects.


【Liquid staking 初创公司 Alluvial 已将 Kraken 添加到 Liquid Collective】

Crypto交易所 Kraken has joined an independent industry consortium,以建立、Secure and support enterprise-grade liquid staking 协议. Liquid staking 初创公司Alluvialannounced that the agreement will be named Liquid Collective,Kraken Join a growing list of participants,包括 Coinbase Cloud、BENQI 和 Acala Foundation.


【Web3 social media engine Sagaverse 完成 150 万美元新一轮融资】

Web3 social media engine Sagaverse 宣布完成 150 万美元新一轮融资,Promentum、以及Unity3D 的 David Helgason and Sequoia Capital Partners Bogomil BalkanskyEqual depth technology、Web 3.0、Angel investors in the field of interactive media participated in the investment.Sagaverse 是一个由 DApp Community projects that provide support,Can unite creators and fans,Enables them to co-create content with fans、Co-distribute interactive and enhanced videos and gain incentives through tokenization.Sagaverse Protocols are available for composition、Distribute and reorganize tokenized-enabled social media content,While retaining content attributes and licensing information.


【VIFF Will launch a digital art“V-Unframed”】

Vancouver International Film Festival(VIFF)Recently published by VIFF 和 DigiBC New programs launched“Signals”,该节目将于 10 月 1 日至 3 日举行,并宣布将于10 月 6 日至 9 日进行 VIFF Amp 演讲.据介绍,Signals is a unique interactive exhibition,Aims to explore the potential of creative technology in storytelling.VIFF Amp Explore the art and business of music in film from all aspects of the production process.All courses will be held offline,Some courses are available online.


【Discord 竞争对手、Metaverse communication platform Spot 完成 550 万美元种子轮融资】

Discord 竞争对手、Metaverse communication platform Spot 宣布完成 550 万美元种子轮融资,Freestyle 领投,Liquid 2 Ventures、Community Access Fund 和 Founder's Co-Op 等参投.Spot Can help organizations communicate more effectively,while enhancing the team experience、建立公司文化、Improve retention and increase productivity.Freestyle 合伙人 David Samuel 指出,Although there has been a large market in the past year“元宇宙相关”科技公司,但 Spot Is the only mission-critical metaverse communication platform currently available for real organization operations,Many organizations have switched to Spot as their primary communication tool, Spot Hybrid communication solution combines the advantages of Metaverse with the ease of use of traditional communication tools,Will fill a key gap in the future of work.


【Web3 Financial management platform Headquarters 完成 500 万美元融资】

9 月 21 日消息,Web3 Financial management platform Headquarters 宣布完成 500 万美元新一轮融资, Capital、Forge Ventures和MassMutual Ventures领投,Saison Capital、500 Startups 和 Longhash Ventures,以及 Nansen 首席执行官 Alex Svanevik、Race Capital 的 Chris McCann 和 Etherscan 创始人 Matthew Tan 等参投. 据悉,Headquarters Designed to help businesses better manage working capital in custodial and non-custodial wallets,Through its financial and operational tools Web3 Human error in bookkeeping.


【Under the banner of Hong Kong real estate tycoon Zheng Zhigang C Capital 计划筹集5billions of dollars invested in blockchain assets】

9 月 21 日消息,Hong Kong real estate tycoon、Chow tai fook family wealth heir to Mr. Cheng's fund C Capital 计划在未来 18 Raised within a month 5 $100 million invested in blockchain assets、Credit and Private Equity,Betting on private companies and digital assets.知情人士称,The company is also run by a former Bank of America Merrill Lynch banker Ben Cheng 共同创立,Cheng 表示,Its hedge fund strategy is primarily focused on crypto trading.


【Nomad:The code has undergone major changes,Bridge users will get access rights representing assets NFT】

9 月 21 日消息,跨链互操作性协议 Nomad Release cross-chain bridge restart update,Called support the restart code for the major changes,Includes fixes for exploits、桥接 GUI 的补丁、Processing recovered funds, etc.,The code will be released after the audit is complete. Nomad Said the money recovery bridge back madAssets 并不是一个简单的过程,The user will follow the process below:1.将 madAssets 桥接回以太坊,可获得一个 NFT,该 NFT Describes the type and quantity of bridge assets.2.使用 NFT(例如:100USDC)该NFTgrant access to a portion of the asset,This portion is equivalent to a percentage of the recovered assets. 此外,Only users who are added to the whitelist can get the recovered funds,The recovered funds will be accounted for in tokens,In different forms returned tokens will be released,Nomad Will work with blockchain forensics firm,to determine which coins are affected.


【时尚 NFT 平台 BNV 将推出自己的 元宇宙“BNV World ”】

时尚 NFT 平台 BNV Announced that it will launch its own metaverse“BNV World ”,In addition to creating digital fashion pieces,Also acts as a conduit between traditional fashion brands and virtual world design tools,The company plans to launch a beta version within the next month,BNV World 将使用 Unreal Engine 构建,allows visitors to 3D Formal display of fashion works from countless designers,并将提供 BNV Platform-exclusive market for products. 此前报道,Brand New Vision 完成 400 万美元 A 轮融资,Animoca Brands 领投.


【NFT 市场 Magic Eden 推出 ETH 聚合器 Magic Ethen,支持用 ETH Buy Ethereum NFT 系列】

9 月 21 日消息,Solana 生态 NFT 市场 Magic Eden 宣布推出 ETH 聚合器 Magic Ethen,用户现在可以使用 ETH、SOL 或法币购买 NFT.首批支持 10 个以太坊 NFT 系列,包括 Psychedelics Anonymous、Probably Nothing、Pudgy Penguins 等. 此前消息,Solana 上 NFT 交易市场 Magic Eden 于 8 Yue said shift to multi-chain development,将扩展到以太坊.


【英伟达推出 Omniverse Cloud 服务,For building and operating industrial metaverse applications】

日前,Nvidia announces its first software and infrastructure-as-a-service offerings NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud,This is a comprehensive set of cloud services,for artists、Developer and Enterprise Team Design、发布、Operate and experience Metaverse applications anytime, anywhere.英伟达表示,使用 Omniverse Cloud,Individuals and teams can experience design and collaboration with one click 3D Workflow capabilities,without any local computing power.据英伟达称,Omniverse Cloud Early supporters include RIMAC 集团、WPP 和西门子.据了解,Omniverse Cloud 在 Omniverse run on a cloud computer,The computing system consists of a NVIDIA OVX、用于高级 AI 工作负载的 NVIDIA HGX 和 NVIDIA Graphics Delivery Network (GDN) 组成,It is a distributed network of data centers on a global scale,for delivering high performance at the edge、Low Latency Metaverse Graphics.


【Quest v44 Update provides more VR Screen recording options】

近日,Meta 更新了 Quest 头显,为 VR Video game provides a much-anticipated recording options.据了解,Quest v44 Update adds a bunch of recording options,Better game video recording.正如 Meta As pointed out in a blog post detailing the update,用户可以通过 Quest toggle in the Experimental Settings menu to activate these options,which includes image stabilization、horizontal or vertical 1920×1080 (16:9) 分辨率、Video compression bit rate setting,and options to change the frame rate.


【Open financial public chain Halo Network Same Metaverse Land Agreement MetaPoint 达成战略合作关系】

据官方消息,Open financial public chain Halo Network Recent agreement with Metaverse Land MetaPoint 正式达成战略合作伙伴关系,双方将就 MetaPoint infrastructure for the operation of the underlying economic activities、A series of in-depth cooperation in the direction of Metaverse business scenario experience optimization and asset security assurance,通过这次合作,MetaPoint will provide users with fast、价格低廉、Metaverse experience with diverse scenarios. 据悉,MetaPoint is a metaverse protocol based on decentralized land,in a sandbox world,Simulate the origin and development of modern human civilization,Develop richer and more diverse scenarios around decentralized land.此前,MetaPoint 已获得 Aquaria、Blocklofty、Synix Capital、Tricer Fundamental investment of other institutions,为 MetaPoint 生态发展提供全方位支持.


【MoonPay Created for Universal Studios based on NFT scavenger hunt】

Cryptocurrency Payment Platform MoonPay has helped its partner Universal Studios create a NFT scavenger hunt.据悉,MoonPay through its minting service Hypermint Create up to 700 万个 NFT,这些 NFT Available at Universal theme parks in Orlando, FL or Hollywood, CA.


【Xianjian developer Softstar purchased The Sandbox 虚拟土地,will be built in the metaverse Softstar MetaPark】

9 月 21 日消息,The Sandbox With Fairy Sword developer Softstar(Softstar)达成合作,Softstar will buy a piece of virtual land to build on Softstar MetaPark,在元宇宙中展示《仙剑奇侠传》​​Series of classic stories and popular character Li Xiaoyao、Zhao Linger, etc.此外,Softstar also collaborates with Metaverse Studios Lululand and the Taiwanese creator community TWCC 合作,在 A Love is Forever held its first Web3 展览.


【运动品牌 Vans Release of limited digital collections】

9 月 21 日消息,运动品牌 Vans Will be approved in the near future App Digital Collection Platform Issues Limited Digital Collection.During the event, the user purchased the brand exclusive Vans Products or participating in community topics have the opportunity to receive free airdrops of digital collections.


【AKB48 Producers with encryption Overs 达成合作,Plan to launch a metaverse idol band】

Yasushi Akimoto is working with local crypto companies Overs 一起参与 J-pop 虚拟世界项目.Yasushi Akimoto is a Japanese music producer,promoting girl groups AKB48 和 Nogizaka46 has a successful track record, 据悉,Akimoto will serve as the chief producer of the project,该项目将于 2023 New idol band launched on virtual platform.


【Web3 游戏公司 Immortal Games 完成 1220 万美元 A 轮融资】

9 月 21 日消息,Web3 游戏初创公司 Immortal Games 已于 7 月完成 1220 万美元 A 轮融资,此轮融资由 TCG Crypto 领投,Cassius、Greenfield One、Sparkle Ventures、Kraken Ventures 和 Spice Capital 等机构和投资人参投.此轮融资后,Its total financing amount has been reached 1550 万美元.


【Singapore Blockchain Startups Dltledgers 完成 600 万美元 B 轮融资】

9 月 21 日消息,Singapore Blockchain Startups Dltledgers 完成 600 万美元 B 轮融资,Tata Group Family Office and Centrum 参投. Dltledgers is a blockchain startup that facilitates cross-border trade.The company is headquartered in Singapore.


【NEAR 联合创始人:NEAR of users has grown to nearly 2000 万】

9 月 21 日消息,At the 8th Blockchain Global Summit hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs,NEAR 联合创始人 Illia Polosukhin 发表主题演讲《Create without limits》. Illia Polosukhin 在演讲中表示,过去一年 NEAR of users has never been less than 100 万增长到近 2000 万,近 1500 active developers are building on NEAR 开发,NEAR、Aurora、Ecological projects such as the Octopus Network exceed 800 个,and the number of transactions TVL 增长近 10 倍. NEAR Prepared rich ecological funds for developers、Perfect infrastructure and friendly development community,to allow developers to create without restrictions.Developers can try different programming languages、开发环境,Unencumbered by blockchain cost and speed.


【Weibo Campus officially launched its first set of digital collections】

The first digital collection of Weibo campus#My opening character#The series has officially launched,It is reported that the total number of digital collections in this series has been issued 9 款,That is, nine new characters,每款限量发行 200 份,共计 1800 份.


【Micro-LED 创企 Raysolve 完成 1000 万美元新一轮融资】

Micro-LED 初创公司 Raysolve 日前宣布完成 1000 万美元 Pre-A+ 轮及 Pre-A++ 轮融资.本轮融资由 Inno-chip and AAC Technology led the investment,Existing investor Gaorong Capital continues to increase investment.这笔资金将用于加速 Raysolve 全彩 Micro-LED Microdisplay R&D and team expansion,Preparing for the upcoming small-scale production.据了解,Raysolve 已于 2021 Year to complete the Angel Wheel and pre-A 轮融资,And cast as source of capital、Gaorong Capital and Glory Ventures.此次公告,Raysolve Successfully introduced the industrial resources of Will Semiconductor and AAC Technology.In the future, the three parties will give full play to the advantages of industrial synergy,Provide disruptive solutions to the global market Micro-LED 解决方案,为 AR Products provide a new dimension of support.


【英国政府宣布 ARuVR 成为其 XR 解决方案供应商】

近日,British government Crown Commercial Services (CCS) 宣布选择 ARuVR as its first supplier to qualify VR/AR 培训解决方案提供商,以帮助 HM Government's Digital Outcomes and Expert Framework.CCS 将利用 ARuVR solutions to complete immersive content production、交互体验、软件开发、培训计划、设计、用户体验 (UX) 等任务.ARuVR The framework that will govern the platform,In order to make the UK public sector workers can simplify its service,and provide greater value for money through its procurement process.


【Meta 将为 Horizon Worlds Launch new personal space】

Horizon Worlds 是 Meta 为 Quest User-created social VR 平台,它的“Personal Space(个人空间)”area has been around for a while,But now the company is rolling out a more social version to more users,Allows users to better enrich the home area.据了解,Personal Space It used to be a floating island,where users can customize their avatars and view Horizon Worlds Updates and events in ,Make it a user in social media VR Room and provide on-site activities places before.


【TSI HOLDINGS、阿里云、JP GAMES Start joint projects,Create a fashion metaverse together】

9 月 20 日,Aiming to become a fashion entertainment company TSI Holdings and Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence hub of Alibaba Group、游戏开发工作室 JP GAMES 宣布合作,and start a joint project,Building the Metaverse and Services Together,Provide customers with a new fashion brand experience in the digital world,Joint development of new manufacturing systems that fuse digital and reality.


【University of Chinese Academy of Sciences releases digital collection】

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences2022Autumn freshmen presented digital collections with technology as elements,A total of two are involved,分别是“一眼万年·Watch the sky and explore the universe”和“一眼万年·筑梦星辰”.


【MAYC 系列 NFT 和 BAYC 系列 NFT 近 24 Hourly transaction volume increased by more than 200%和超 50%】

OpenSea 数据显示,Mutant Ape Yacht Club(MAYC)系列 NFT 近 24 小时交易额为 788 ETH,24 小时交易额增幅达 235%,24 小时交易额排名位列 OpenSea 第一. Bored Ape Yacht Club(BAYC)系列 NFT 近 24 小时交易额为 614 ETH,24 小时交易额增幅达 52%,24 小时交易额排名位列 OpenSea 第二.


【PwC begins using the Metaverse for“Internal event consultation”】

日前,PwC launches Metaverse consulting service for internal communications.据了解,New yuan universe consulting services specifically used for internal communication.The service is offered from curation、内容创作、运营、One-stop service for post-mortem verification,It takes about five months from preparation to implementation.此外,The purpose of internal communication includes“Business strategy penetration”和“Increased employee engagement”.


【虚幻引擎 5 的 Nanite 和 Lumen 现可用于 VR】

近日,Heavenue 首席执行官 Alex Coulombe The post is called Unreal Engine 5 的 Nanite 和 Lumen Available now VR.据了解,虚幻引擎 5 This year after launching in Early Access last year 4 月正式推出.虚幻引擎 5 The two most powerful features of Lumen 和 Nanite 技术,But they were previously with VR 项目不兼容,At that time, the team promised to provide relevant support in the future.


【Web3 Investco AG Announcing the acquisition of digital asset markets Blocktrade】

Web3 Investco AG is a private equity firm based in the Crypto Valley of Zug, Switzerland,宣布签署最终协议,购买 100% 的投票权 Blocktrade SA 的股份,This is a company limited by shares with its registered office in Luxembourg. 通过此次交易,Blocktrade The Seller Elite Club Foundation will continue to implement its strategic goals,So as to completely withdraw from the field of financial technology.


【ClubNFT 与 NFT 市场 KnownOrigin 达成合作】

ClubNFT 与 NFT 市场 KnownOrigin Announcing an integration partnership,使 KnownOrigin of all users can quickly、Take it easilyNFTDownload the backup to your computer,to ensure the safety and durability of its collections. 在 上,用户可以找到 ClubNFT 的按钮,One-click access,Get backups quickly and easily.


【FastAF 与基于 Solana 的 NFT 项目 Degen Apes 达成合作】

FastAF 和 Degenerate Ape Academy Collaborate to promote mobile NFT Gated Commerce. Degenerate Ape Academy The holder can be found in the Quick Commerce application FastAF Get exclusive merchandise on .The partnership is the first based on Solana of projects provide a use case for token gates,The net sales of more than 100 万美元.


【潮玩制造商 Funko On sale at Walmart DC 漫画 NFT】

9 月 21 日消息,美国潮玩上市公司 Funko with Warner Bros(Warner Brothers)达成合作,Physical distribution through Walmart DC 漫画书“The Brave and the Bold”cover and accordinglyNFT,NFT 基于 WAX 区块链.从 10 月 7 日开始,FunkoWill start selling at Walmart 30,000 件的“Brave and the Bold”系列.


【Vulcan Forged 获得 SkyBridge Capital 领投的 800 万美元 A 轮融资】

区块链游戏工作室 Vulcan Forged 今天宣布,It has been obtained by SkyBridge Capital 牵头的 A 轮融资.SkyBridge 领投 800 万美元的融资,including additional investment 3300 million dollar option.The funding aims to further accelerate Vulcan Forged 获得专利的 Metaverse The service engine MetaScapes 的发展,and enable the company to expand its presence in North America and existing key markets.


【Sintra 完成 200 万美元种子轮融资 Lemniscap 领投】

社交 NFT 应用程序 Sintra 已完成 200 万美元的种子轮融资,由 Lemniscap 领投,FTX Ventures、Chorus One Ventures、CMCC Global、Big Brain Holdings、Two Ape VC 和 天使投资者 Shanna Tellerman、Felix Lutsch 和 Anthony Beaumont 参投.The funding will be used to accelerate product testing and development of new in-app features,and drive comprehensive recruiting and marketing efforts.


【FTX.US 宣布与 GameStop 建立独家合作关系】

FTX.US 宣布已与 GameStop 建立独家合作关系.通过此次合作,FTX US 将与 GameStop Partnership to introduce its client base into the digital asset ecosystem.由于这种合作关系,FTX US 将成为 GameStop Exclusive crypto exchange partner in the US,GameStop 将成为 FTX US Preferred Retail Gaming Partner.


【Coinbase Cloud 推出 Web3 开发者平台 Node】

9 月 21 日消息,区块链基础设施平台 Coinbase Cloud Xuan has officially launched it Web3 开发者平台 Node,Allows users to build new decentralized applications for free.Node Allows the user to access Ethernet block chain and indexer also create and monitoring Web3 应用程序,Offers a tiered subscription charging model,for developers of different levels. Coinbase Cloud 表示,Node Can be created faster Web3 应用程序,while reducing complexity and cost.This provide a wider range of services provides support for the platform,These include pair payments、身份、One-stop access to transaction and data infrastructure.


【Totality CEO:印度的NFTThe market is largely untapped】

Totality Corp 创始人兼首席执行官 Anshul Rustaggi 在接受采访时透露,India still is NFT untapped market.According to the CEO,Social and cultural barriers and anti-cryptocurrency regulations areNFTPart of the reason why it's not widely available in India.Rutaggi 解释说,加密货币和 NFT Considered as a speculative investment in India,This concept does not suit many Indians,Because some of them see them the same way as gambling,India's love-hate relationship with speculation.


【Web3 教育科技初创公司 Outscal 完成 150 万美元种子轮融资】

Web3 教育科技初创公司 Outscal 宣布完成 150 万美元种子轮融资,早期风险投资公司 Kalaari Capital 参投.Outscal is a startup providing game development education,Now is expanding its product range,to get hope in Web 3.0 The user who built the project in,To improve the talent level of the game industry,help them in game development and Web 3 Outstanding performance in career.


【数据:Issued on the Ethereum network NFT 资产数量突破 1 亿枚】

9 月 21 日消息,据 NFTScan 浏览器数据显示,截止今日,Cumulatively issued on the Ethereum network NFT The number of assets has exceeded 1 亿枚,有 13.6 万个 NFT The project is deployed to the Ethereum network,其中有 673 10,000 Ethereum wallet addresses hold NFT 资产.


【mber Group 上半年收入为 2.5 亿美元,同比增长 25%】

9 月 21 日消息,数字资产公司 Amber Group 公布了其 2022 Financial results for the first half of the year,收入为 2.5 亿美元,同比增长 25%.Driven by institutional business and transactional business,Growth in all core business areas.随着 Amber Group New product portfolio specifically for high net worth individuals WhaleFin Club 的推出,the company's consumer business WhaleFin revenue also increased significantly.今年早些时候,Amber Group以30亿美元估值完成2亿美元融资,淡马锡(Temasek)、红杉中国(Sequoia China)、Pantera Capital和Tiger Global Management等参投. It was reported earlier this month that,Amber GroupLayoffs started recently,Some teams have had more than layoffs50%.


【American pop singer Christina Aguilera 申请 NFT 和元宇宙商标】

American pop singer Christina·阿奎莱拉(Christina Aguilera)filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with MFT Metaverse-related trademarks. The pop diva plans to offer a range of metaverse merchandise,例如艺术品、服装、头饰、鞋类、眼镜、Beauty products and others NFT 商品. Aguilera Also want to provide entertainment services,such as musical performances and metaverse performances.


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