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The Fed raises interest rates by 75 basis points, and Bitcoin falls below $19,000

2022-09-22 12:32:26Sina Finance-Blockchain

  The U.S. federal funds rate rose2007年以来的最高值.

  北京时间922日凌晨,美联储FOMCThe meeting announced the latest interest rate decision、Policy Statements and Economic Expectations.随后,Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell holds a monetary policy press conference,结果“毫无意外”——联邦基金利率加息75个基点,target range from2.25%至2.50%上调到3.00%至3.25%.

  This is the fifth consecutive rate hike by the Fed this year,并且从6The three meetings that started this month each decided to raise interest rates75个基点,保持着1994年11The strongest single rate hike in months.

  目前,The federal funds rate is reached2007年以来的最高值,And the Fed will be more obvious in the future“鹰派”.The updated bitmap display after the meeting,Most Fed policymakers expected,Rate hikes will still be aggregated through the end of the year125个基点,于11Rate hikes are also likely to continue at the next meeting in May75个基点.Fed officials' median rate expectations are shown,Interest rates will peak next year4.6%,than the market had expected4.5%还高,It means that the rate hike will eventually be larger than the market expected.

  As the vane of the global financial market,The Fed's actions directly exposed many risky assets“哀嚎一片”.

  922,has fallen below20000after the dollar mark,比特币Failed to stop the decline,在The decline continued in the hours following the Fed's announcement.截至发稿,Bitcoin changed hands at a slightly lower price18500美元,创下今年6月以来的最低价格.就在上周,比特币价格超过22000美元.Wind数据显示,Bitcoin’s year-to-date yield has been -61.35%,It ranks last among all major asset classes in the world.

  U.S. stocks have not been spared either.决议公布后,U.S. stocks plummeted across the board,and fell about1%,道指跌300点,Erase a little earlier230point increase.among the three major U.S. stock indexes道指跌1.7%,标普500指数跌1.71%,纳斯达克跌1.79%.

  Asia-Pacific currency markets were also hit hard,韩元continue to depreciate,The Korean won against the US dollar since2009fell for the first time in years1400韩元关口.中国香港金融管理局It is also closely followed by the FedThe benchmark interest rate was raised75个基点至3.5%,It was the fifth consecutive rate hike.

  If the actions of the Federal Reserve affect the pattern of global financial markets,Then the problem of high inflation in the United States is about the trend of the Fed.美国劳工部13日公布的数据显示,今年8月美国消费者价格指数(CPI)环比增长0.1%,同比增长8.3%,The year-on-year increase remained at a historically high level.And after this meeting,美联储重申FOMCSeek to achieve full employment and long-term inflation2%的双重目标,High inflation and unemployment have become an unavoidable dilemma for the Fed.

  眼下正值The war situation in the Russia-Ukraine region is becoming more tense,The Fed continues to raise interest rates again,无疑It casts a heavy shadow over the cryptocurrency market.Most cryptocurrency analysts think so,Until the Fed does not ease monetary policy,Cryptocurrencies that are highly resonant with U.S. stocks and the Federal Reserve will not be able to get out of the shadow of a bear market,And this time point may have to look forward to2023年甚至更远.

  但加密货币交易所BitMEX前CEOArthur HayesBut think that Bitcoin will have a different possibility.98,他在written in the blog post“If the economic war escalates……The fiat price of Bitcoin is no longer the same thing.When you are prohibited from exchanging fiat currency for anything other than domestic government bonds,The exchange rate will be meaningless.那时,I expect Bitcoin price to shift from fiat to oil.”He believes that oil is the energy that drives modern civilization,The ownership goal of Bitcoin is to maintain continued purchasing power over oil.


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