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Blockchain Technology Basic Concepts

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1. Blockchain

Blockchain was first proposed in 2008 and is essentially a decentralized distributed ledger (Distributed Ledger) technology.

Basic Concepts of Blockchain Technology_Data

Transaction: An operation that changes the state of the blockchain distributed ledger, such as adding a record or a transaction between two accountstransfer operations between.

Block: used to record transactions and status results that occurred over a period of time.Blocks are usually identified by the hash value of the block header and the block height.

Chain (Chain): It is formed by concatenating blocks in the order of occurrence, which is a log record of the entire state change.

2. Architecture levels

Basic Concepts of Blockchain Technology_Smart Contract_02

Data layer: It includes data storage structure, storage method, etc. The blockchain is used as a data ledger shared by nodes, and any distributed node canTransaction data received over a period of time is recorded in a block, and the block is added to the blockchain to form a new blockchain.

Network layer: It includes the system's P2P distributed networking method, message dissemination protocol, data verification mechanism, and node permission access mechanism.It can be specially designed according to different needs of application scenarios;

Consensus layer: The main function is to use the consensus mechanism, so that each node can quickly reach an agreement in the decentralized blockchain network, maintain the sharedLedger;

Incentive layer: The main function is to use digital currency to complete block packaging rewards, transaction fees, etc.;

Contract layer: The main function is to implement, compile and deploy the business logic of the blockchain system in the form of code, and complete the conditional triggering of the established rulesand automatic execution, minimizing manual intervention;

Application layer: The main function is to call the smart contract interface, adapt to various application scenarios of the blockchain, and provide users with various services and applications.

3. Blockchain Classification

Basic Concepts of Blockchain Technology_Data_03

Source: Beijing Financial Technology Industry Alliance "Research Report on Privacy Protection Financial Application Based on Alliance Chain Technology"

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