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The digital renminbi pilot is expanded to the whole of Beijing

2022-09-22 07:56:09Sina Finance-Blockchain

From this newspaper (Reporter Ma Jing) Beijing's digital financial advantages are accelerating.Yesterday, the reporter learned from the special press conference in the field of construction and finance of the "two districts" that in the two years since the construction of the "two districts", the digital RMB pilot has been expanded to the whole area of ​​Beijing, with a total of more than 400,000 scenarios.

People's livelihood consumption, transportation, hotel catering, digital government affairs... Today, citizens can feel the new payment experience of digital RMB in the process of eating, drinking and playing.Liu Yuling, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Business Management Department of the People's Bank of China, introduced that Beijing has taken the lead in launching a pilot program of financial technology innovation supervision in the country, maintaining a leading edge in terms of the number of innovative applications, technology application scenarios and the diversification of applicants.

Over the past two years, the opening of Beijing's financial market has continued to expand.Deutsche (China), the first foreign-funded corporate bank in Beijing, has obtained the qualification of primary dealer in the open market and the qualification of lead underwriter in the inter-bank bond market.Foreign credit rating agencies S&P and Fitch, the country's first foreign payment agency PayPal, and the country's second personal credit reporting agency Park Dao Credit have successively landed in Beijing, and the RMB International Investment and Loan Fund has been approved to be established in Beijing.Two securities companies, China Securities and China International Capital Corporation, have obtained the qualifications for foreign exchange settlement and sales.

In addition, a number of pioneering financial service achievements were first implemented.It took the lead in the country to carry out the pilot project of the bank settlement account system integrating domestic and foreign currencies, effectively reducing the operating costs of enterprises and banks.It is the first in the country to create a "public service platform for foreign exchange derivatives between banks and enterprises" to effectively serve small and medium-sized enterprises to avoid exchange rate risks.Beijing Equity Exchange has become the first exchange in China to realize on-site foreign exchange settlement and foreign exchange original currency transfer for cross-border transactions of physical assets, and the efficiency of fund settlement has been significantly improved.

Facilitation of cross-border capital flow is an important part of the construction of the "two districts". In the past two years, Beijing has actively benchmarked international and domestic advanced standards, closely followed the facilitation demands of market players, and continued to enhance the supply quality and efficiency of innovative policies in the cross-border financial field., providing efficient and diversified cross-border financial services for the real economy.

After taking the lead in launching the pilot program of integrated domestic and foreign currency capital pools for multinational companies in the country in 2021, the pilot policy was further upgraded in July this year. 10 new pilot enterprises were added in Beijing, covering manufacturing, service, energy and other industries., injecting new momentum into the economic development of Beijing headquarters.Up to now, the accumulated business scale of the pilot enterprises has exceeded 30 billion US dollars, saving enterprises more than 100 million yuan in costs, effectively improving the overall use efficiency of cross-border funds in local and foreign currencies of multinational companies.

Liu Yuling said that since the construction of the "two districts", the business management department of the People's Bank of China has taken the service of the real economy as the starting point and destination, and has promoted all 33 tasks leading the "two districts" to be implemented.Among them, "the pilot project of cross-border RMB facilitation for foreign contracted projects" and "the pilot of integration of domestic and foreign currencies" were rated as the top ten most influential policies in the "two districts", and more than 20 tasks such as "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Credit Information Chain" were listed as "two regions".The reform experience such as "Zhongguancun" breakthrough policies and landmark projects, "Zhongguancun Foreign Debt Facilitation Pilot" and other reform experiences have been replicated and promoted across the country, contributing financial strength to the high-quality economic development of the capital.

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