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Blockchain - What is Soulbound Token SBT?Opportunity or trap of web3.0?

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Soulbound Token As the latest concept in the blockchain industry,是 V 神于 2022 年初提出的,Soulbound The term originally comes from World of Warcraft,be in the game Soulbound(灵魂绑定)of items are unavailable for sale、Mail or pass on to others,完全只能由玩家自己使用.As an experienced World of Warcraft player V God apparently took inspiration from the game,thus created Soulbound Token(SBT)的概念.

简单来说 SBT 是一种可编程的、non-transferable but revocable and recoverable,A token with verifiable information,Similar to an ever-expanding resume(Includes educational certificate、就业经历、Proof of attendance, etc),Verified by wallet associated with their social affiliation,SBT 可以帮助用户在 web3.0 Build a complete identity that mirrors the real society in the world,Overcoming long-standing obstacles web3.0 The development of the world user identity system problem.也因此 SBT 被认为是实现 web3.0 的重要推动力.But there are different points of view,一些人认为 SBT It's still in the early stages of research,Some ideas are not perfect,There are various disadvantages,SBT 对于 web3.0 more like a tempting trap,Randomly launched SBT Will cause disastrous consequences.那么 SBT 究竟是 web3.0 opportunity or trap,我们今天就来讨论一下.

01 什么是灵魂绑定代币 SBT?

SBT 是一种不可转让的代币,用来构成 web3.0 The Commitment to Representing Social Relationships on the Web、Certificate or Affiliation,It can combine the myriad characteristics and achievements of a person or entity,Tokenized in the form of a blockchain,例如:教育证书、就业历史、出席证明,Even their artwork proves.

SBT 是 web3.0 世界中 DID(去中心化身份)一个解决方案,Yes to us web3.0 In the virtual world about personal virtual assets(如社会关系、社会价值)的确权.通过 SBT Regardless of the social relationships you generate on-chain、Both social identity and social reputation can be uploaded to the chain,并且 SBT With the address your wallet is binding and may not trade.You as well as in the real world web3.0 Participation in social activities in the world、Study or work experience can be obtained corresponding SBT,For example, the graduation certificate given to you by the school you graduated from、Work certificate from the company you work for、and participating non-profit organizations、贷款或参与流动性挖矿的 DeFi 平台、参与过的 DAO 组织等等,Over time these SBT will build you in web3.0 The world is real DID.

02 SBT 有哪些应用案例

Soulbound Token Although it has just been launched,still in its infancy,However, its huge potential in the future and a wide range of application scenarios have attracted many companies to enter the market.,In recent months the platform have high-profile announced their exclusive soul bound scrip,如 与 OpenSea 合作推出针对 NFT 的灵魂绑定代币「Minter Token」,Allow users to base their current or past holdings on any NFT 来免费铸造 Minter Token,It's also a new way for creators to interact with the community.还有 Binance The first release based on BNB The Soul Binding Token of Smart Chain—Binance Account Bound (BAB).BAB will be displayed on the user wallet,to emphasize that they have successfully completed KYC.目前 SBT Applications in the industry can be classified from the following perspectives.

Application in the field of art

SBT can help artists in web3.0 Build your reputation in the world target community,and make those reputations verifiable by buyers.艺术家可以使用有自己 SBT 的身份钱包来发布 NFT,这个身份钱包里面的众多 SBT 是艺术家线上线下真实活动的证明,因此,艺术家通过直接的、链上的方式将他们的真实身份与作品绑定在一起,让买家能更好地来验证身份、艺术作品的出处等.拥有 SBT 的艺术家钱包以及该钱包所在的线上社交网络可以帮助抵御艺术品抄袭、深度伪造等问题.

Soul to avoid drop witch attacks

以社区治理为中心的 DAO,When convening a new community,Is often adopt the drop,However, the accuracy and effectiveness of this method are not high,Airdrops may not necessarily be sent to real participants,And easy to be vulnerable to the witch,The so-called witch attack refers to the,有单个用户可以拥有多个钱包并囤积 Token 以达到 51% 的投票权,然后操纵决策.利用 SBT could provide a way to defend against such attacks,因为它们可以更容易地识别出真实的个人和没有灵魂的机器人,通过 SBT The screening can do soul airdrop,Match real engaged users,And in the voting session, you can cancel the voting right to be identified as a witch attacker.


对加密投资参与者来说,Losing your wallet is a very tricky problem,Once the wallet is lost, the probability that it can be recovered normally is very low.Although some wallets set up a social recovery mechanism,即设定几个受信任的钱包守护人,但这些守护人依然需要日常的维系,This undoubtedly increases the economic cost,And once you have a bad relationship with the wallet guardian, you may not be able to retrieve the wallet through this method..相对来说 SBT The provided community recovery wallet account mode is more advantageous,Only need a few SBT 社区的大多数人通过即可恢复,在尽量保障安全的前提下,让钱包资产恢复变得更加容易.

Unsecured on-chain lending

目前,web3.0 It is difficult for the ecosystem to replicate the unsecured loan or credit of traditional finance,Because we have not yet established a trust-based on-chain credit mechanism.但在 SBT in the built ecosystem,Unsecured loans or credit will be realized.We can create a censorship-resistant、bottom-up alternative,To replace the top-down and centralized commercial social credit system.代表教育证书、work history and rental records SBT Can be used as a personal credit history,允许「灵魂」Get a loan with a good reputation as collateral.


SBT Non-transferable properties with verifiable information,making it perfect for attending special occasions、Proof of participation in community organizations, web conferences, etc..There is currently a close SBT 的项目就是「POAP」.POAP The full text is Proof of Attendance Protocol( 出席证明协议 ),Aiming to provide a badge service that records life experience with blockchain.Event sponsors can customize the design of the badge and send it to event attendees.但是 POAP Is one of the biggest disadvantages is that it belongs to can trade NFT,easily quantified by money,This also reduces its trustworthiness to a certain extent.,with non-transferable properties SBT Possibly the best proof-of-presentation protocol in the future.

03 SBT 给 web3.0 what opportunities

SBT The real value is that through it people can web3.0 The world establishes a bottom-up personal credit scoring system,It connects souls and communities from the bottom up,Enhanced sociality,跨越社交距离,to build real and virtual web3.0 提供了更多的机会.

1、SBT 为 web3.0 The world builds real DID 提供了机会

在没有 SBT 的 web3.0 虚拟世界中,The user's identity is defined by a string starting with 0x A wallet address consisting of initial letters and numbers to indicate.Wallet addresses become the only way to identify users,Facing the same messy and complex digital account identities,We simply can't identify from the many identities which one is the real person or which one is the one we need to find,缺乏真实的 DID became an influence web3.0 An important factor for long-term future development.

On the one hand, because it is impossible to determine the true identity of the other party or whether it is a real person,我们没有办法在 web3.0 Build truly effective social relationships and social networks.On the other hand, due to the lack of identification means,在 web3.0 The probability of the world being caught for committing a crime will be extremely low,This is tantamount to condoning crime in disguise.这给 web3.0 Brings uncertainty and security risks.

SBT 的出现为 web3.0 Addressing the above issues provides an opportunity,It maps real-life value systems to web3.0 世界中,for the virtual world DID The identity establishes the corresponding real identity label.我们可以通过 SBT To determine each other's professional and social prestige,并且一旦 DID 获得 SBT It will be bound to your wallet address,Become the only bound soul token,且 SBT Addition and withdrawal are not allowed,Can only be revoked by the issuer,这也保证了 SBT 的可信度.

2、SBT 为打破 web2.0 Period Data Monopoly Offers Opportunity

SBT exists not only in web3.0 Rebuild the world like web2.0 Times Personal Credit Evaluation System,More importantly, it solves the problems that have long existed in web2.0 The era of personal data ownership issues,The Internet we are currently exposed to V and some internet celebrities with millions or even tens of millions of fans,In fact, the ownership of these fans and accounts is not really in the hands of the person who created or operated the account,It is in the hands of the company that provides the platform.大 V And net red is more like managing accounts for the platform,The platform holds the power of account life and death.

SBT The emergence of the offered opportunities to solve this problem,It can solve the problem of personal social data migration,All your social data in the future,Include people you follow、关注你的人、And your private domain traffic will become your personal reputation asset,These credit assets will be SBT With your wallet to the form of binding,and cannot be added or replaced.有了 SBT We don't have to worry about your account being banned because of a certain platform,lost all social relationships.When we can ban your account on the platform,Carry your own reputation assets to other platforms,可以说 SBT 让 web3.0 The creator of the world's real data belongs to the creator himself,This is also for later web3.0 Ecosystem builders and content operators provide more power.

3、SBT 促进了 web3.0 Users follow industry rules

web3.0 The world has long lacked effective DID,lead to frequent occurrence of various fraud and illegal crimes,At the same time, the lack of effective means of punishment also makes some people with weak willpower,Under the lure of money, went the road of crime.在 web2.0 世界中,We can trace the user himself through the user's real-name authentication information,那么在 web3.0 世界里 SBT Can also play the same role,SBT Not only does it help users web3.0 The world builds personal credibility,The same is true for some people with bad deeds,Some corresponding institutions will also issue users with low reputation SBT And bound to the user wallet address,through the user SBT We can identify if this user is trustworthy.This will not only serve as a great warning,It can also reduce the probability of fraud incidents.

SBT The appearance of also for building web3.0 order provides opportunity,When a person commits a crime on the chain,You have to consider whether this behavior will have an impact on yourself in reality.When evildoers can be identified and punished accordingly,Then the rules and regulations will be followed.

4、SBT 为 web3.0 The world offers an opportunity to build a creditable financial system

在目前的 DeFi 领域,因为没有统一的线上的身份系统,Credit or unsecured lending is largely unattainable.SBT 的出现为 web3.0 The world offers an opportunity to build a creditable financial system,利用 SBT 可以创建一个抵制审查、自下而上的替代方案,以取代传统社会中自上而下的商业和社会信用体系(如央行征信系统或蚂蚁芝麻信用分等),有了 SBT,就像「芝麻信用分」一样,人们可以凭借钱包里面的 SBT 去实现无抵押借款.并且用户在 web3.0 Actively participate in various social activities in the world,also help to improve its SBT reputation score,而 SBT The higher the score, the higher the unsecured loan amount a user can get,This to a certain extent, improve the enthusiasm of the user to participate in community activities.

SBT The established personal reputation system is web3.0 The world expands and enriches financial application scenarios, providing more opportunities.未来的 web3.0 The world's financial business will not be just a highly leveraged financial lending business,更丰富、More inclusive financial services will also be web3.0 上得以实现.

5、SBT 可以让 DAO more equitable community governance

目前 web3.0 和 DAO Rely on tokens voting system exists serious abuses,Sybil attacks and whale rigging of votes are frequent and growing problems.DAO Lack of equity and inclusion in community governance is also a serious impediment web3.0 生态系统的构建.而 SBT Provides opportunities for the solution of these problems.First through each community member's SBT We can filter out fake bot accounts and non-target members of this community.其次通过 SBT Give each community member governance rights,This permission is not fixed,It engages in discussions with users、Attending events and regular voting,The higher the user participation, the higher the governance rights obtained,The higher the corresponding voting rights.This can greatly avoid whale manipulation and bot attack problems.

SBT Another use of voting is to avoid DAO Emergence of centralization and ensuring that there are different voices in the community,SBT Ability to track the opinions of different community members before voting,Break up some overly centralized votes or groups,To ensure that the minority representative voice always exist.

04 SBT What are the traps?

SBT The future seems to have unlimited potential,In most people are elated and ready to meet SBT 的到来时,Some people express a negative attitude,they think the current SBT Still in the early stages of development,Some imagination and the application prospect of the future most also only stay in the theory discussion stage,And some of these ideas don't seem to be perfect at the moment.,rashly implemented SBT 对于当下的 web3.0 Development is not a good thing,more like a trap.


隐私问题是 SBT The biggest resistance to implementation,Also against SBT The most controversial issue among users,How to do it without compromising personal privacy,It can also ensure the acquisition of real user data to build web3.0 DID social circle and social reputation,这对 SBT 是一个艰难的挑战.If you expose too much information about the user,people will think SBT The system is not complete enough,And those exposed are also vulnerable to malicious actors;If you get too little user information,那么 SBT credibility will be questioned.The issue of privacy protection has always been taken seriously,Especially in the blockchain industry that lacks privacy protection,People's need for privacy is more urgent,为了实现 SBT Just giving up privacy protections is unacceptable to most people,So how is the future SBT Balance and privacy issues will be affected SBT 发展的最重要因素.


Security issues have always been a top priority in the blockchain industry,SBT 避免了 DAO Sybil attack keeps community safe,But it also brings new risks.SBT Has a non-transferable binding to the wallet,But users often need to replace their wallets for many reasons,For example, to be on the safe side to shift assets to sign in the wallet,This will inevitably lead to loss,compared to losing an ID card in the real world,SBT The consequences of the loss of.Some hackers may take advantage of users SBT Apply for various loans,engage in various illegal and criminal acts,And these corresponding consequences may be borne by users themselves.On the other hand, if the ID card is lost in real life, we can still apply for a replacement.,但 SBT Lost and may not be able to be retrieved,Because some activities and experiences are not replicable,这意味着,The experience and honor you have gained on the chain before may all be zero.

bribery issue

SBT 的出现让 DAO Community governance is more fair,But not without loopholes,Who might be in order to get the agreement of governance and voting power,to have a specific SBT bribes of the soul.People with higher voting power among members of the community are more likely to be bribed,And the briber can use the user's SBT Easier to find people who disagree,甚至可以通过 SBT find real people,Both parties trade off-chain,Even if found, there is no conclusive evidence..所以在一定程度上 SBT The emergence of bribe-payers facilitates.

05 总结

SBT As a new concept of identity protocol,And it is based on the introduction of market demand web3.0 An Attempt to Solve the Identity System Problem,无论从哪方面看,Identity protocol is bound to be a new trend in the future development of the blockchain industry,虽然当前的 SBT Still looks incomplete or even buggy,但是 SBT The passed the concept of user's identity evaluation system for chain block industry pointed out the development direction and provides more narrative,Also for the encryption of deep bear market asset industry has brought new hope.

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