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Ether Seven Days • 2022/9/20

2022-09-21 10:28:12ETH Chinese Network



  • The etheric fang provids combined promotion
  • 注册 Flashbots 的 Boost Relay The verifier of total 23%
  • 目前的 Relay 使用情况
  • Optimism The next generation of update Bedrock Alpha Test network release
  • Arbitrum 发布 Nitro Nodes in the new version v2.0.5、v2.0.6
  • Gitcoin GR15 倒计时
  • Etherscan In the merged page updated main blocks
  • ENS 的域名 重新上线


The etheric fang provids combined promotion

北京时间 9 月 15 日 14:42:42,The etheric fang provids merge TTD 区块高度 15537393 触达,The etheric fang upgrade success PoS .The etheric fang formally enter PoS 时代!


注册 Flashbots 的 Boost Relay The verifier of total 23%

15 日,Hasu 发推称,目前大约 42.8 Thousands of validation of 2.3 万名(约占 5% )注册了 Flashbots 的 Boost Relay.



而截止 20 日 11:00 am,Total to be checked 431,063,注册 Boost Relay The verifier is achieved 100,226,约占总数的 23%.也就是说,在 5 天的时间里,注册 Boost Relay The verifier of growth 7 万多名.


9 月 9 日至 16 日的 PoS Blocks are presented.according to

16 日, Prysm 客户端开发者 Terence 发布9 月 9 日至 16 日的 PoS Block presented.according to data.

  • Sep 9: 1.15%
  • Sep 10: 1.17%
  • Sep 11: 0.82%
  • Sep 12: 1.62%
  • Sep 13: 1.18%
  • Sep 14: 0.94%
  • Sep 15: 1.28%
  • Sep 16: 1.73% (合并后)

According to the above data,Welcomed the week on the first day of the highest combined blocks are presented.according to,Terence Say this is because the client set and hole problems.


目前的 Relay 使用情况

@_anishagnihotri Build a used to track the head relay And block builders behavior dashboard( ).

据他 17 号统计,通过 Flashbots 中继的 MEV-Boost Block accounts for about 84% 左右,约 3 Name builders proposal with most of the proposed block.验证者从 MEV 中共获得 250 多个 ETH.

而截止 20 号 11:25 左右, 显示,通过 Flashbots 中继的 MEV-Boost Block proportion fell,约为 81%.目前,活跃的 Relay(Transmit at least one block Relay)包括:Flashbots、BloXroute Max Profit、BloXroute Ethical、BloXroute Regulated、Blocknative、Eden 和 Manifold.

如下,Builder shall, in accordance with the proposed the block from high to low the number of sorts,One of the most active builders have proposed 3498 个区块,总计价值 677 个 ETH 左右.



以太坊质押 APY 数据网站

Create multiple block chain data tracking website @dmihal Introduced a new track the etheric fang pledge pool and the pledge of APY 数据的网站:


Ethermine 现已停止 PoW Mining services

14 日,CoinDesk 发布文章,Said the etheric lane mineral pool Ethermine In the etheric fang PoW -> PoS After the completion of the migration to stop PoW Mining services,并且不会支持任何 PoW 分叉.

目前,Ethermine 的官网 显示,Have stopped the etheric fang PoW 挖矿.



PoS 以太坊的设计

15 日,Patrick McCorry The combined PoS Energy consumption of the etheric fang、可扩展性、epoch 和 slot And the commission、同步和投票、Skipped block processing、最新区块和分叉处理、分叉选择规则的重要性、区块变坏、弱主观性、Eventually deterministic design such as that.

阅读详情:《The first day of the combined:快速回顾 PoS The etheric lane design》



MEV-Boost 简介

19 日,Hasu 推送了 MEV- Boost 简介,里面主要有:

  • 介绍
  • MEV-Boost 快速入门
  • It and consensus layer client compatibility
  • 版本的更新
  • Builder quick start
  • Relay list

除此之外,The introduction is also for the node of the builder and blocks or are interested in becoming the role of the two people prepared some simple FAQ,比如“Why do I have to run mev-boost?”


Lido Review the combined the first day of the MEV 奖励

16 日,Lido 回顾自己在 UTC 时间 15 日 12:00 至 16 日 12:00(合并后)的 MEV 奖励.Lido 在这 24 小时中的 MEV ****奖励(Including preferential fee)高达 244.44 个 ETH,其升级后的 ETH The pledge at 5.5%.




Optimism The next generation of update Bedrock Alpha Test network release

Optimism 开发者 @protolambda 在 DappCon Berlin 中做了 Optimism Bedrock Speech and announced that Bedrock Alpha 测试网的发布,dApp Developers can now be tested to join.

Want to know how to participate in Optimism Bedrock Alpha 版本的 Goerli 测试网,请查看:


StarkWare The upcoming build game GoL2

16 日,StarkWare Announced the upcoming build in L2 On the experimental game project GoL2,这是一个 StarkNet 版本的 “Game of Life”.


Arbitrum 发布 Nitro Nodes in the new version v2.0.5、v2.0.6

Arbitrum 发布了新的 Nitro 节点版本 v2.0.5.This version of sequencer and validator system is improved,And increases the consensus v7 的支持.It is to repair a few small holes,Includes a hot configuration reloading mechanism of extension.

最新的版本 v2.0.6 修复了 Prometheus 参数和 docker 网络中的 JIT 验证器.



Gitcoin GR15 倒计时

GR15 将在 9 月 22 日结束.Now there is still time to apply for GR15 以太坊生态系统的 Greater China Community 轮捐赠,Scroll 和 PlanckerDAO Has promised to provide donations for this round 5 万美元的匹配资金.

The specific application can see notion 文件:

在过去的一周时间里,ECN Received the support of many contributors,非常感谢!Interested contributors can click the link,支持 ECN 社区的工作: | ECN以太坊社区网络 | Grants | Gitcoin


StarkNet Chinese communities will be 21 Day workshops

@Dapp_Learning 和 @StarkNet_ZH 将会于 21 日至 22 Day, jointly organized by StarkNet 开发者分享会,包括 《Cairo 1.0》和《递归》两个主题.

Have a problem readers can click the link to fill out:



POAP Company anniversary celebration:Now casting 560 万个 POAP

9 月 9 日 是 Poap Company anniversary of establishment of,在一年里,It has been casting 560 万个 POAP.


Etherscan In the merged page updated main blocks

合并后,以太坊浏览器 Etherscan The main block interface updates PoS The details show:

  • 敲定状态
  • 提议的 Slot 和 Epoch
  • 费用接收者
  • Consensus information bar


RocketPool 已完成所有 Minipool Matching application

17 日,RocketPool 的浏览器 Rocketscan 已完成了所有 Minipool A pledge is matching 的数据显示,17 Successful match Minipool(32个 ETH)有 404 个;18 日有 46 A match;19 日有 108 A match.

Minipool Verify the contract contains 32 个 ETH;其中 16 个 ETH From retail deposits of the pledge,另外 16 个 ETH From the node operators.更多关于 RocketPool 的信息,可以阅读:《以太坊 2.0 质押池 Rocket Pool FAQ (上) 》和《以太坊 2.0 质押池 Rocket Pool FAQ (下) 》.


加密货币交易所 FTX By European investment company license

15 日,加密货币交易所 FTX From the European investment company, said its European arm license,And the identity of the corporation to invest in Europe.FTX 表示,It is the only access to the full MiFID II (Market in financial instruments directive second edition)The permit to provide full service exchange encryption currency exchange.


Infura 下一步计划:Launch decentralized infrastructure agreement

17 日,区块链基础设施提供商 Infura In the latest blog posts.其联合创始人 E.G. Galano 在文中透露,It next plan is to launch a decentralized infrastructure agreement.

他还提到,They hope to decentralized network infrastructure providers can achieve the following goals:

  • Publicly verified.Provide a can allow the user to verify the integrity of the network and its ability to independently of the technology stack.
  • 开放源代码.Participate in and benefit from the innovation of the ecological system, and share the key service components of the iteration.
  • Become a standard contract.Continue to provide all of our customers and partners and set a high standard of、Union of high quality with developers to experience.来源:

ENS 的域名 重新上线

8 月 26 日,ENS Tweet according to their own domain name 到期,因为 ENS Unable to log in to register the domain account,So I can't renew the domain name service.具体请看:《以太七日谈 • 2022/8/30》.

19 日,ENS Announced its domain name Now back online,The user can restore the use of the domain name service,Or continue to use the community run alternative


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