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Live Q&A | GameFi Ponzi Thinking of Web 3.0

2022-08-06 08:53:34Blockchain Research Club

直播问答 | Web 3.0 之 GameFi Ponzi thinking


问题 1 


Q:关于 GameFi 的周期短、涨的快、Fall fast,Hai what do you think of the ?


A:To have a friend just said GameFi ,It is fast,Plunging faster,Cycle is too short.This all, actually cycle is short,并不完全对,Everybody feel cycle short, that is because a lot of people into the GameFi Right in the bull market in the late.

有些 GameFi Economic models like playing chicken blood,Can quickly attracted a wave flow,Once in the fall spiral,死的也很快,What's more, we come into contact with a few GameFi Are appeared in the bull market the tail,所以很多人觉得 GameFi 周期非常短.实际上,The pure money disc GameFi 先抛开,For the most classic Axie Infinity 这个 GameFi 而言,You will find it's duration is very long.Axie Infinity From the bull market in early DeFi Summer Until after the bull market in the late,Probably lasted for more than a year of time.Including now many people playing this shoes StepN ,Now there are a lot of people in the play,There are a lot of people playing the two most classic GameFi ,Although less profits than before,But the user group is very big.

所以,Can you say that all GameFi Its life cycle is very short?Some of the game short life cycle,Its essence is that it is a problem with the economic model design,Its economic model is a model play chicken blood or ponzi model,And that's.The benefits of this model is the project start very fast,But in the end becomes a latecomer to the in front of the person buying a game.This kind of situation if started falling spiral,特别是熊市的时候,Fell very fast.So all the feelings,其实并不是 GameFi 的全部.

Everyone, no matter what you play,GameFi 也好,DeFi 也罢,Everybody wants to know what they are involved in a thing.Encryption monetary market is essentially a speculative market,Is a money driven market.So in this market,It must be have a rise and fall of,Not to the top,Everyone says it is very good,Rushed up to the top,Everyone will say is very good,Results after one crumb bounced back,Many people say it doesn't matter,The fundamentals still in,The result is behind front becomes lower than.All the assets in the capital to promote,In fact is always the same.Because everyone is in a process of game,Some people come in and out,Some people want to earn,Some people want to lose.The only thing you can do is to control your lust,Have their own an expected,Not to say when it's time to the top,But what you have planned in advance check surplus plan.

问题 2 


Q:为什么 GameFi 会火?GameFi 和 DeFi 的区别?


A:Many of us experience before DeFi Summer ,DeFi Summer Bring one of the most direct feeling,Is that we can go to the punch mine,Very high returns a gain.DeFi Dig through participating in the nature of DeFi Some ecological contribution,拿到项目 token 奖励,Sell it to liquidate,This is our profit.This process is very well put market education make up,Like early subsidies in order to develop the market and do a project,The users and transaction scale well done.So at that time in the bull market,围绕 DeFi The innovation of exist,而且在 DeFi Early and have a lot of project token Subsidy bonus,At the same time to participate in the DeFi 是非常香的.But we need to understand that in DeFi What is earning money,Is to take our funds to participate in the ecological contribution,Whether to participate in lending,Is involved in trading,搞 LP 流动性挖矿,We are all made contribution to the ecological,Provide at least a capital contribution,And then won the project of ecological tokens.

GameFi 其实也是一样,正是因为看到 DeFi 通过 token Early subsidies to keep sustainable development of ecology,所以很多 GameFi Also learned the essence here,Subsidies before token ,这个 token Any value it doesn't really matter,再加上有 DeFi Infrastructure to do ground,Don't have to go to a centralized exchange on,只需要在 Uniswap 类似的 DEX 里做一个 LP Can achieve liquidity.With trading places,Subsidies a lot token ,At the same time to put up a small part of the money market,The ecosystem can work.

GameFi 和 DeFi Actually not much different from the nature of,DeFi Is to use a financial scene,GameFi Is to use the game scene,但 GameFi And some more different style,比如 NFT.GameFi The game different from the past Internet,There are two main differences:One is that it is block chain game,It is combined with the scrip economy model running game;The second is it inside all of the data assets are valuable,Is also owned by investors,比如装备、角色、This land NFT .

GameFi 能火起来,It is a good reference for the DeFi 的精髓,At the same time use the past the traditional Internet gaming classic play,比如 PVP 或者 MMORPG Wait for all sorts of game mode,Combined with block chain some idea,代币经济模型、和 NFT Elements such as together,The blind box、IGO、土地拍卖、游戏打金、公会、Equipment borrowing and so on the many kinds of novel style,So the operation ability of GameFi 能够爆火.

 问题 3 


Q:GameFi What is not a ponzi scheme?


A:See you in the comment area answered,对,Some is some not,I don't think everyone the understanding is accurate.

现在的 GameFi 都有一个共同点,They are ponzi model,Don't know you understand not understand.

The so-called ponzi model is a ring set of a ring to grow.比如说 Axie 这个游戏,You need to go to the admission buy fantasy creatures,While these creatures from the front reproduction of man,Buy biological target is escalating in the process of the game,To continue,并且获得 SLP 积分奖励,But when reproduction need to consume SLP,So it is for continued to buy SLP 或者 AXS 的需求,Thus a ring set of a ring,When a user pouring into,会持续增长,So it is actually a ponzi characteristics.

Now it's like to DeFi You can buy the ecological token ,token 可以质押,After the pledge award again token ,这个 token Who is the demand for support?And he built a 2 池,By providing this token Add a stable currency,比如说 usdc ,Reward more again token ,So they give you to provide liquidity.所以,This is obviously a ponzi,A ring set of a ring.So that is why participate in GameFi Many of the players,他们不 care 游戏的可玩性,Their purpose is very clear,Is what time back to this,Because it is a ring set of a ring,Don't know when this ring to may set up,So the most concerned about is able to quickly back to the time.

Because it is a ponzi characteristics,So the smartest strategy when play is the principal must first.但我们要知道,Ponzi model is not equal to a ponzi scheme,Ponzi model also is not derogatory sense,It is the general situation of the financial industry.GameFi Use ponzi model is still the incentives to the nature of token,Ecological development game,Find the real user,Eventually form positive capital circulation,For the user to create the game+Dual value assets.

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直播问答 | Web 3.0 之 GameFi Ponzi thinking





直播问答 | Web 3.0 之 GameFi Ponzi thinking
























直播问答 | Web 3.0 之 GameFi Ponzi thinking






直播问答 | Web 3.0 之 GameFi Ponzi thinking






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