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Tang Xianjie meets blockchain: If you want a salary increase, you must also change the world | Dialogue with MVP

2022-08-06 07:40:20FISCO_BCOS

What can blockchain bring?

For Tang Xianjie,是“加薪”real income,也是“改变世界”的精神满足.

Tang Xianjie is the blockchain system architect of Wanglian Technology,拥有10Years of technical experience.exposure to blockchain andFISCO BCOSAfter the open source community,With the help of the community partners,He successfully completed the upgrade the product to the company and get a raise;也因为在FISCO BCOS代码仓库提交PR、Actively answer technical group questions、Contribute to high-quality technical tutorials and other open source contributions,他获得了FISCO BCOS MVP的称号,to become a circle of friends“区块链专家”,Gain more social and promotion opportunities.

但是,compared to these real gains,Tang Xianjie pays more attention to the sense of value and identity brought by the blockchain.

“If with my modest power,Can help companies improve trust relationships through blockchain technology、降低信任成本、提高生产力,Regardless of whether the project,I think it's meaningful.” Tang Xianjie said.

After entering the blockchain field,Tang Xianjie realized that this was a“驱动业务”的技术,His Internet thinking has been greatly impacted,His motto into“Code is law!”.He really saw that the blockchain can give society、The real value brought by the masses,This made him feel comfortable with the work he was doing、价值感更高.

with what he likes《改变自我》a word in the song,就是“your strength,can also change the world.”

The following is the transcript of the interview with Tang Xianjie:

It turns out that technology can also drive business,A greater sense of achievement in technology

1、How do you get involved with blockchain?Why recognize and love blockchain technology?

I am an Internet technology,So after the rise of the blockchain,Will think about why the blockchain is popular,有什么原理.The real love for blockchain is learning from Professor Xiao Zhen of Peking University《区块链技术与应用》公开课,It has a big impact on my original Internet thinking..There is such a technology,Can achieve something that was not possible before,this is very appealing to me.And blockchain technology is a multi-disciplinary technical field,涉及信息技术、经济学、心理学等,under the new infrastructure,Blockchain can act as a good technical glue.

Another important reason to love blockchain,Is it bring me more sense of value.Software or systems used to be business-driven technologies.What kind of product do you want to do?,We will satisfy the corresponding function,Basically, technicians have no right to speak.A popular phrase in our circle,“Talk is cheap,show me the code”,Just talk to us about the plan,Why don't you just show us the code.

After learning about blockchain,I realized that the business can be driven by technology.Smart contracts have a law-like effect,Everyone agrees,然后自动执行.This makes me think that blockchain technology can also disrupt the world、颠覆思维,As with the industrial revolution technology to change the world,So my motto became“code is law!”,A sense of accomplishment is more sufficient to do the technology itself.

2、Developed by your company, Wanglian TechnologyVoneBaaS平台使用FISCO BCOS为底层链 ,从您的角度来看,选择FISCO BCOS的主要原因是什么?

Last year, it was developed by Wanglian TechnologyVoneBaaSProducts to expand bottom chain,In the context of localization of blockchain,We compared many mainstream open source alliance chain platforms,发现FISCO BCOSCommunity documentation is exhaustive,“一体两翼”The architecture and group model fit well with the business,Components are easier to use,The other ecological also very perfect,社区很活跃.

还有很重要的一点,FISCO BCOSThe frequency of updates and the speed of problem resolution are very fast,We need such a platform to support rapid product iteration.The bottom chain of the blockchain used by the company has many limitations,For example, the ecology is not so active、A lot of things are difficult to land etc..So the company finally choseFISCO BCOS作为底层链,I also join the community.

未来,We need everyone to explore the broader application space of blockchain

3、 Which application scenarios do you think blockchain is more suitable for?? 

From the block chain overall development view,I think the blockchain has not yet reached the stage of explosion and maturity,The industry scale of the overall blockchain needs to be improved.除了政府部门、State-owned enterprises outside,There are not many non-blockchain application scenarios,There are still some cognitive gaps between the mass and the market,To block chain technology truly know inadequate solve the problem of what.

I think whether a scene need to use a chain block,requires some objective criteria.For example, is there a need for multi-party collaboration?、Is there a need for mutual trust、Is there an endorsement by a third-party authority?.另外,The alliance chain is also suitable for“限制参与”的场景.未来,Need community members to preach together,Work together to explore the broader application space of blockchain.

Share an experience that I have personally experienced,I think it is very suitable for the application of alliance chain.2020年,My family has a serious illness.After the home city hospital for examination,In the provincial hospital,Doctor asks for another test.This is because the data between hospitals is not connected,Disapproval of each other's inspection results.This leads to the examination of the patient in the hospital、The process of diagnosis is repetitive,For example, it takes a long time to queue up for reservations..So I think the alliance chain can do some experience improvement in the medical field,Addressing data trust and data silos.

4、What are the development directions of blockchain technology you are optimistic about?? 

I am more interested in the fusion of blockchain and private computing,Companies are also trying toFISCO BCOSDo a full encryption contract.比如,在联盟链的应用中,If you are in a chain with your competitors,Also involves some private data,Then everyone will be concerned.Teacher Xiao Zhen also shared relevant cases before,When Peking University Research Institute uploads data to a hospital,That hospital was willing to provide data at first,But then I was worried about being seen by my peers,no more data.

The combination of blockchain and private computing can solve this problem well.区块链+Privacy can guarantee data calculation“可用不可见”,Now some customers have put forward this demand,比如国企,The future application space should be very wide.

In addition, the blockchain isDIDI am also very optimistic about the application in the field.Leakage of personal information is a problem that bothers me more,After registering on some platforms,Personal information is not in my hands,But to circulate on the market,Increase in the risk of information leakage,I often received harassing phone calls are the result.If personal data into his own hands,use with authorization,better protect personal privacy.目前,Blockchain has given birth to some solutions in this space,For example, the new distributed data transmission protocol proposed by WeBank——DDTP模式.

5、Becoming an architect is the goal of many developers,在这方面,Can you share your growth experience??What hard skills and soft skills should a good architect have??

在我看来,Becoming an excellent architect requires a process of continuous accumulation and summarization,Self-driven learning and reading habits must be developed.Also, be careful to share,The best way to learn to master a technology is not to apply it,but to teach.教会别人,It means that we need more effort and deeper understanding,This is also the best practice of Feynman learning method.

From the skills that a good architect needs to have,技术能力、设计能力、Communication and global control ability is necessary.对个人来说,Technical ability is very important,and must have both technical depth and breadth.A good architect must be able to lead everyone to progress in technology,找到解决问题的办法.对于团队来说,Global control ability is also very important,要根据业务、资源配置、工期、and the ability of the team to adapt to the situation,may even sometimes violate design principles.Architects can't stick to the rules,So that you can work better in the team collaboration process.

有了MVP这个TitleEveryone recognizes my professionalism

6、How joining the community has changed your life and work,Is there a impressed by the people and things to share with us?

加入社区后,The most immediate change that brought me was the adoption ofFISCO BCOSThe bottom chain solves the platform's need for bottom chain expansion,got a raise.Integrate the new bottom chain for many application scenarios、Case publicity and own technical improvement are helpful.So last year's performance was good,Thanks to the community for this.另一方面,By engaging the community in a series of webinars,开阔了眼界,Have a deeper understanding and cognition of blockchain and industrial integration.

The most impressive thing is our companyVoneBaaS平台升级FISCO BCOS v2.9过程中,Community techs helped us a lot,It makes us feel very warm,热心,有问必答.比如,Dragon Boat Festival is our team work overtime work schedule,跟FISCO BCOSWhen the core developer Wang Zhang communicated,Just added WeChat2Call him directly in minutes.虽然在假期,He's still very patient、enthusiastically explain,而且很专业.还有FISCO BCOSThe core developers Chen Yujie and Wang Yue also helped us a lot,I am very grateful.

所以我觉得,Since the community supports us so much,We also want to give back to the community,希望把VoneBaaS平台升级FISCO BCOS v2.9's guide to share with you,我们踩的坑,Other friends can avoid.

Stepping on the pit article link:点击查看

7、You preach in publicFISCO BCOS,Can you elaborate on the original intention and perception of doing this?,Did any interesting little stories happen??

获得社区MVP身份认证后,Attracts a lot of individuals or companies in the circle of friends who are interested in blockchain and consortium chains.Some friends who want to do chain modification will send me WeChat privately,call for dinner,Or please drink milk tea.They want some advice from me,Including how to change the chain,What is the cost and duration,And what can be done to make the blockchain more compatible with business.有了MVP这个Title,Everyone recognizes my professionalism,It will also bring some business opportunities for the company.

从我自身来说,If my meager strength,Can help companies improve trust relationships through blockchain technology、降低信任成本、提高生产力,Regardless of whether the project,I think it's meaningful.

8、您如何理解MVP这个角色,Do you have any further plans and plans for participating in open source construction in the future??

对个人而言,Very honoured to have received the recognition from the community,Very happy to be able to learn from each other in the community、交流、分享经验.接下来,我们VoneBaaSThe platform plans for the second half of the year FISCO BCOS go sdk、WeidentityDigital identity adaptation and upgrade.After overcoming some technical difficulties,Hope to share experience and contribute to the community.

开源社区成立以来,吸引汇聚了许多热爱分享、交流的技术爱好者.为感谢大家一路以来对FISCO BCOS的支持与贡献,社区开放FISCO BCOS MVP认定,以鼓励为开源社区贡献高质量技术内容的FISCO BCOS意见先锋与意见领袖.

自启动以来,社区已认定26名MVP,涵盖文化版权、智能建造、供应链管理、物联网等多个领域专家.社区的发展离不开每一位开发者,我们期待更多领域的伙伴一起交融思想、碰撞观点、互通技术,共同推进产业区块链蓬勃发展.2022年下半年FISCO BCOS MVP认定通道已开放,欢迎大家点击【阅读原文】踊跃申请.同时,为了让大家更好地了解、认识MVP,社区推出了《对话MVP》栏目,从问答中带大家领略MVP在区块链领域的所感所知所悟.

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