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Bitcoin btc August 05 market analysis

2022-08-06 07:07:30taigonglaojiucai

Today's market analysis is as follows

Bitcoin btc yesterday's market analysis Bitcoin btc price operation method, Bitcoin btc has gone out of an overall shock and callback trend is obvious, the current market price of Bitcoin btc22600 is around.

Data: The number of addresses holding more than 32 ETH reached a 17-month high. According to Glassnode data, the number of addresses holding more than 32 ETH reached 117,380, reaching a 17-month high.

As shown in the figure, the 4-hour line chart of btc today shows that there has been a short-term obvious trend of stepping back on the third line of kdj. At present, the bulls of MACD have gradually reduced their volume, and the fast and slow lines also have signs of ready-made dead forks. Recently, the market has always beenRepeated callbacks, the current operation is recommended to wait for the callback to do more, and operate wet storage.

Action strategy:

Going long around bitcoin btc22200-22400,

Take profit and exit near target 23200

More real-time market information, etc., are always there.

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