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Why burn paintings again, is there no new trick to sell NFTs?

2022-08-05 17:53:16Heart of the Metaverse

当时,A purported art lover of men in front of the cameras lit the British street artist of the west painting《Idiots》,Then the sale of the paintingNFT版本,成交价格38万美元,Is four times the size of the original work.

The controversial behavior art,后来被视为NFTA sign of ones——In the various articles aboutNFTWhen the development of the events that it has become a round but.而在最近,And another artist to burn physical work to publicize their intoNFT的决心.


Burn painting,Just a choice

日前,One of the most expensive contemporary artists in the UK Damien Hirst 宣布将在他的伦敦画廊焚烧其数千幅画作,As his one-yearNFT项目的一部分.这个名为 The Currency 的NFT项目是 10,000 个 NFT 的集合,对应着 Damien Hirst 的 10,000 A unique physical art.

这 10,000 A physical version of the artwork originally by the Damien Hirst 2016 In manual paper used enamel paint by hand writing.

The characteristics of these colourful works has an interesting:Is on each piece of art,No color repeat twice.On some work,The color of some color may look similar,But in fact they are different shades of the.As for the title of the painting,By applying machine learning after the artist's favorite lyrics generated.

虽然这 10,000 件 NFT Works of art in the primary market price equal,均为2,000美元,But when painting into the secondary market,Their value began to change is influenced by many factors and.

The value of some influencing factors are alsoThe CurrencyProject be quantified:Project developers using machine learning algorithms,On each work all of the different recognition characteristics are analyzed,由此对 10,000 个NFT进行了排名.

The ranking is also affected by many evaluation dimensions,From the number of drip and splash paint,To the quality of a material of paint、作品的质量.Every piece of art has a unique ranking features combination,Collectors can use algorithms library throughout the The CurrencySeries and filter the comparatively rare works——例如,This series of only 122 Works with dirty words in the title.

Of course entity version works also through technical means to distinguish different,On the back of each piece of art have artist number、标题、Stamp and signature.In addition to including the watermark、Micro point and the artist portrait of hologram, the uniqueness of other measures to ensure that the entity paintings.

These entities are now still be stored in the UK in a security vault,但在 Palm People can enjoy these works on.Palm Is a new environmental connected to the etheric fang NFT 生态系统,Its energy efficiency is higher than the etheric lane or COINS99%.

Introduction after these interesting background,When the burn painting the ha ha ha(Why I am so happy).与传统 NFT Art is,Damien Hirst For this project also add an interesting link——All apply to buy a successful collectors are initially received a NFT 艺术品,收到 NFT Work two months after the collector will have the opportunity to use NFT Art exchange physical paper art.

但在2022年7月27日前,Collectors have to decide whether, or not to retain the traditional paper art NFT 艺术品.Whether collectors choose which kind of form of art retention,Another form of art will be publicly destroyed.Collectors can't keep both at the same time,And this process is a one-way process,结果不可逆.

目前已有4751People put theirNFTReplaced by real painting,而另外5249Of the buyers choose to keep theirNFT——Fortunately, these works of art are eventually destroyed before also will be a collection exhibition.展览期间,Every day this series of works of the entity be destroyed,并在10月的Frieze WeekDuring the closing activities to achieve orgasm——When all the rest of the painting will be burned.

For this than small blue mentioned at the beginning of burn more wild to actionNFT项目,Damien Hirst表示:This project explores the art and the boundary of the currency.The government is using art on COINS and paper money to help we believe money can do,But there is no art,It's hard to believe anything.


艺术?Digital collection is not

Although the project sounds a bit out of line and some powerful and unconstrained style,但在了解Damien HirstAfter the previous works,Probably won't feel too surprised.Believe that everyone should be on social media before seen these animal specimens were soaked in formalin:

The creator of these works isDamien Hirst,The shark's work was namedThe Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living(The living to the dead indifferent).

在这个作品中, Hirst To capture the Australian tiger sharks in formaldehyde——This still looks ferocious tiger sharks are a body,Still be time to freeze in the middle of the glass,By going back and forth visitors watching.This pair of traditional concept of life and death challenge work,Eventually become the second auction sold work.

而 Hirst Similar discussions and a lot of,在1993年 Hirst To participate in the Venice biennale for the first time,Exhibited calledMother and Child Divided(母子分离)的作品.

A pair of cow and calf are cut placed in different containers of formalin,With this work,Hirst 获得了1995Turner prize in.

Turner prize is considered to be Europe's most important and most prestigious visual arts awards,然而,After the winHirstBut regrets way:The idea of a distorted,A chain saw,But with such a high honor.当然 Hirst The abnormality is not over:2007 年,Hirst also created works For the Love of God《The love of god》,On a platinum casting human skull,镶嵌了 8,601 Diamond.

嗯,确实很炫酷——Hirst Seems to be in the artistic creation of natural they have a kind of want to break through the conventional,Break the rules of impulse.So when we look back again Damien Hirst 此次发行NFTBack and forth to various operations of the,In fact it is not too surprised.But this is not the focus of the little blue for you this time,Small blue really want to talk,Is actually a platform at home and abroad on saleNFT时的差异.I believe you should have found,Small blue didn't write for some time been abroadNFTThe related topics.

Whether it's aboutNFT系列的介绍,Or about the creator behind,All haven't appeared in small blue,原因其实很简单——Not too many people focus on foreignNFT的发展.The don't care,In addition to the messaging lag due to information block,In fact the main reason of more is internal and overseas digital collectionNFTMuch of a difference on the operation mode.

This difference leads to abroadNFT的很多设计、Marketing experience and cannot be directly applied in the development of domestic digital collection.Read the feeling is strange torque,Actually use plain words,Is the domestic digital collection platform of money or very well made.

This is what little blue the choice to shareThe Currency项目的原因:In addition to many diligently in the process of planning to build outside the small details,在购买 NFT After the consumer also won a selectivity has the right to physical.

This way of operation in the context of domestic digital collection can actually very close to the real fu,Just between the two there is a key difference.Is that tens of thousands of copies of the same kind with tens of thousands of different physical difference between:At present domestic even can have physical fu,Is usually just a replica of homogeneity product——Like quick release10000Copies of the same digital collection.

Although the physical can provide certain value for illusory digital collection support,But the same low price material can offer how much value for collection support,Actually still is a questionable subject.Of course, you can make fun The Currency 项目中 Damien Hirst In-kind paintings also very much the same,And in the technology required for the creation without too much difficulty.

But even in this kind of comparison,Still can see the current domestic market of digital collection in the creation of the impetuous——So that whoever has physical assignment that can become a worthy.This is a reflection of market pathological,Digital collection market illness, of course, it is far more than that,Just some has become a cliche.

Although there are a lot of artists involved in the sale of digital collection,But in most cases is still choose to part of the representative works of replica——Willing to pay for each collection of physical works of artists have Hispanic alone.

But little blue is not to compare a sino-foreignNFTThe others,Only in the current domestic market of digital collection has been stalled due to a competitive situation,If still not start to learn advanced experience in broken,The digital collection market not far from the play dead may indeed himself.Maybe once in a while to sell NFT Really need to improve the volume by burn the original,但需要注意的是,Burn is the premise of that is a pair of work,Rather than industrial assembly line production of garbage.


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