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NFT, digital, electricity giant covered in sweat into Web3.0

2022-08-05 17:52:35The heart of the universe

Web3Wind for a long time,Almost all Internet giant in rubbing their hands,Want to layout the next time.So does the electricity circuit.

回溯Web2Under the age of the Internet history of electricity,The battle is a capital game,Only the battlefield from early budding traditional electricity business,Gradually to social electricity、Live electrical business paradigm shift and change.时至今日,除了阿里、京东、A lot of spelling outside of the big three,And to trill、快手、得物、Such as the little red book players rapid influx,To the ups and downs、Manipulated with Internet electricity war.

This group of sharp businessman smell a mohican,正是“Web3+电商”.

提到“Web3+电商”,Not to let a person think of today's hottestNFT(Non Fungible Token,非同质化代币).事实上,It also in a giantNFT为切入口,Besides, layoutWeb3In the age of electricity architecture:截至今年5月底,Tao is a digital asset starting first position——The accumulative Tmall collection has with super60A brand cooperation launched more than120款数字藏品;今年“618”,In addition to Tmall several hidden continue to power,The major joint Beijing dongling dilute platformIP,Introduced related to traditional culture、数字艺术、Tide culture, and other topics of digital collection.

以NFT为载体,Ali and jingdong through“Physical goods+数字藏品”的营销方式,Assist each big brand to accelerate product sales、Flow rate and the growth of the young consumers,Improved user loyalty and emotional link.

但在Web3The era of electricity,NFTBut is the tip of the iceberg in the applications of various.归根结底,Also is a kind of marketing.

未来的Web3Electricity will have many sweet?对消费者来说,May choose to wear when shoppingAR/VR设备,Can at home ground of shopping、The choose and buy goods、下单,Take a fancy to the right goods direct payments to businesses,Merchants receive money after shipment,From trading records、Logistics to after-sale products validation、Security services such as whole process traceability,Don't worry about the buyer and the seller defaults and trust issues.

在快速变化的Web3时代,We all ideas about the future is still unknown.But no matter in what form it will exist,Web3Electricity would on the current electricity retail、货、Subversion and reconstruction field.

The huge market imaginary space,People swarmed into the smell of cake,A new generation of revolutionaries, itch to try,Web2Age old electricity players how to defend the city,Or swallowed up new territory?



As the world's biggest electricity dealer market,How big is volumes in China for a year?

据市场研究机构eMarketer数据,2021In global dealer market $4.89万亿美元(约33.03万亿人民币),China electric dealer market alone occupy half,高达2.779万亿美元(约合18.77万亿人民币).

The high concentration of the population、Plenty of cheap Labour、Basic mature logistics industry、Rich electronic payment,To some extent to the domesticWeb3The development of the electricity to match with the overseas market and copy the advantages.

一马当先的,Is ali and jingdong.

作为Web2Worthy era of domestic electricity first echelon,现阶段,Ali and jingdong have to carry outWeb3Related planning and project development in the field of electricity,The play is the,They are based on their respective league chain technology(阿里蚂蚁链、京东智臻链),Or in the cloud、数字人、NFT等方式,将Web3Integration into their business,Carries on the preliminary exploration and attempt to.

阿里:Rich platform and business promotion,Perfect buyers interaction mechanism

If look from the consumption of closed-loop,Ali has a global super13Billions of active consumer users,Mature and pay、Commercial platform and channel,The consumption link is more clear.

According to ali's train of thought for,从Web2Electricity toWeb3电商,The first change is supply mode,Also is the platform can provide users with the goods、下单、评论、Virtual items and event, etc,These capabilities include the underlying technology andTo C、To BAt the ends of the experience,Priority will be ali precipitation toWeb3的能力.

Based on the technology side,Ali, a senior product manager told36氪,基于庞大的用户群体,Ali canWeb3的安全能力、To center the asset allocation ability of integration in the electricity business,通过Web3+Digital cloud(阿里云+电商云)For related business side on the,The original platform more general packaging more perfect.

In the aspect of brand planning,Ali, ali mother internal platform is established marketing planning department,The department is mainly around the brands and related user consumption experience,Provide similar digitalWeb3的虚拟空间,Also known as digital interactive media,To carry brandsNFTAnd resource replacement.

In the user interaction side,Is further perfect interactive mechanism between buyers and vendors.Such as buyers in purchasing a commodity or participate in some activities after,Can create the related content and obtain some virtual items or material reward,Through the accumulation of these incentives improve their credit standards,Equivalent to a platform of endorsement,With the steady accumulation of credit,Buyers can have more rights.

In the commodity display level,Merchants in the past was mainly done by graphic or video broadcast to all-round display goods,This part of the future can beAR/VRVirtual technology to do live、虚拟展会,Even the virtual digital people fashion runway.At the same time based on digital technology man,NFTDisplay and circulation forms can also be more rich.

现阶段,阿里在Web3The exploration of electricity more focused on the marketing level,通过NFT、Digital people to enhance the user's perception of brand physical products and desire,Especially digital people fall to the ground relatively mature,Has gradually formed a closed-loop trickle down.

例如,Ali, in addition to the use of digital people on the platform side byIPXuan and activity,This part will also ability to business link,Merchants to use Numbers to service their products.归根结底,These are promotions update.

If according to this model to see,阿里在Web3The profit pattern of electricity doesn't happen too big change,Still mainly comes from two aspects:,It is a brand or product take commission,Second, the exposure or pit a fee.Because no matter the futureWeb3Electricity how to change,Its core still make trade link between buyers and businesses more diverse,But for ali platform,Its core is still the traffic advantages of making money.

Now in aliWeb3Each module in the field of electricity technology and ability construction are based on the ant block chain,But the overall is still fragmented,Give priority to with single point iteration layout,Has not yet formed integration trend.

京东:First to focus on merchandise anti-counterfeiting back,“供应链+金融”双布局

Unlike in the marketing level their ali more,京东在Web3Electrical business direction of goods is the first attempt to security/验证/追溯,以及供应链、Logistics transportation back.

整体来看,京东的Web3Electricity layout mainly ZhiZhen chain on this line,Around the main business is based on the business scene into the block chain related technologies.

Jingdong told a senior product specialist36氪,The current domestic electric dealer market the biggest problem is that shanzhai products in,Decentralized trust mechanism based on block chain,As well as the open and transparent data、可追溯、不可篡改等特性,Can electricity for commodity brands combined certification,Including anti-counterfeiting technology and product traceability,Direct make fake goods loss of living space.This also with jingdong consistently prop、Authentic image match.

“A crackdown on fake goods and the protection of intellectual property rights,我认为是Web3Electricity is the most core value.”他提到,Web3与电商的结合,The fairness and regularization can promote the whole market.例如,Users need not worry too much about when shopping store credit evaluation,Verify various well received bad review、Whether brush list,Because trust issues in“上链”The moment has been solved.

In the commodity anti-counterfeiting and trace,Jingdong commodities for warehouse system can carry on the lock to the warehouse material,And in digital form block in the chain,Can real-time monitor the commodity circulation situation.同时,Trace ability of goods but also from the original goods back to pharmaceutical products back,Better support jingdong health services.

In the commodity itself,In the aspect of electronic contract,Jingdong ZhiZhen chain can provide identity authentication for the cloud electronic contract、合同模板、电子印章、文件签署、Contract archive management, etc,And through the chain block access card,Provide contract data with double insurance,With many witness、防篡改、The traceability features.除此之外,Jingdong also expand the digital electronic property services.

Jingdong according to a senior product experts,截至2021年年底,Jingdong ZhiZhen chain cooperation brand has super2000家,Anti-counterfeit query service accumulated up to being the size,覆盖母婴、美妆、二手、奢侈品等多种品类.

In addition to the supply chain innovation,Financial is jingdongWeb3Another important field electric business layout.Jingdong mainly two credit payment product will be white and gold bars,Through financial innovation and supply chain combine,At the same time do capital regulation.

Jingdong on member service system also explores,Including integral to the user、红包、虚拟货币等,In order to better improve customer loyalty.

当然,目前京东的Web3Electricity layout is more focused on anti-counterfeiting goods、Trace, etc,对当下Web2Electricity is belong to the category of service,并没有达到Web3Electricity stage a disruptive innovation or business model change.


Touch stone across the river more than ali and jingdong,Another giant spell never missed a lot.

业内相关人士透露,The spell, many internal is trying to exploreWeb3相关业务,But not as a focus.在他看来,拼多多实现Web3The core of the electricity is difficult,How to let individual users can create value,Benefit themselves.Although now spell out a lot“Invite friends to spell list”Tasks such as system also can help the user to create value,But the true nature of this model is to allow users to consume time for corresponding compensation.

值得注意的是,拼多多在NFTHas has not moved.究其原因,Maybe related to platform tonality.

整体来看,General users interested in larger、Feel strong,Are some relatively high quality and tonal brandNFT.但长期以来,Many emphasises the sinking market,This part of the user to participate inWeb3New things such as the enthusiasm is not high,For the company to carry outWebBusiness layout for,It may be a potential risk.

相比之下,像小红书、To such user portraits more vertical platform,The user may be more easily for beauty makeup、母婴、Brand in the field of tide play these specific pay.

例如今年6月,Content online digital collection platform and released the first roundNFT头像Sneakercube,The user can be obtained through the lotteryNFTHead blind box,Avatars have a traceable serial number,Objects can be obtained in the community to show,But of short duration does not support the secondary trading.

And has been in the pursuit of“电商梦”的小红书.去年起,小红书开启“潮流数字时代”计划,Successively invited super realistic virtual peopleLil Miquela、AYAYI、Reddi,Virtual idol and huai yiLingSuch as virtual human in the little red book,Virtual human ecology to further expand.今年上半年,The little red book, launched the digital art platformR-SPACE,Allows users to directly in the little red book purchaseNFT,And show their collections on your home page.

但现阶段,小红书在Web3The layout of the area are more likely toWeb3社交,Did not play good cooperate actively and their own electrical business.

Although more and more electricity players begin to pay close attention to“Web3电商”Mode of new business opportunities,But how can I get to?And which?Is still an unsolved key problem,Especially for the business cooperation in the future to liquidate mode has not been clear.

Even if is the domestic electricity three giant,The present but also to proceed inWeb3The entrance to the electricity,In the fog to find the right answer.


Mature technology is the key to the business closed loop form

实际上,The present domestic and foreign companies inWeb3In the field of technology differentiation is not big,除了区块链技术外,去中心化服务、底层协议、安全性、Privacy protection is still people continue to advance the technology path.

Specific to the electric circuit,现在的Web2时代,Electric business platform mainly is one way to the user to enter the relevant commodity information、活动信息.但对用户来说,Shopping after Posting comments and only the platform,It is difficult to realize commercial or content to liquidate,At the same time, the ownership of the information is still owned by platform.

从技术角度看,In the future to better achieveWeb3电商,Core cannot leave two technologies,一是区块链,2 it is encrypted money.

First of all for platform,Web3The pattern of electricity can greatly improve the user viscosity.例如,Users will be able to participate in the platform of information、数字化建设,Can take the initiative to through various forms to do relevant contents of the output.This means that the platform and the content of the boundary between users will be more and more blur,Users are able to reap the benefits of the platform,There are start-up companies from this Angle electric business platform track.

Secondly for users,Now deals mainly in between the user and platform,But in the future as the encryption of monetary andNFT的成熟,To be able to better support user transactions between,Equivalent to the current Tmall、淘宝、Idle fish each platform such as the ability to integrated into a platform,然后再与AR/VR、NFTSuch as technology combined with,Let users on the platform more freedom to create value.

例如在NFT方面,Tmall several hidden is accelerating development ecology,To strengthen the cooperation with brand enterprise between,The team mainly platform building personnel,Specific technical capabilities depend on ali middle or ants blocks in chains, and other related departments.但关于NFT如何与Web3Electricity better combine,At present we haven't see clear direction,At present moreNFT+Physical way,也就是说,Apart from individualNFT交易平台,NFTOnly electricity marketing.

NFT想要在Web3Electricity traders go through,The mature technology and ecological condition is not to be ignored.Once you open trading,Need to digital collections of scarcity and buy、Resale process through the link,这是未来Web3One of the keys to towards maturity.

Upgrading of payment will beWeb3Is worth to pay close attention to time change,But the process will be easy,Both shall be calculated based on the privacy or block chain technology pay ability to improve the safety of the,Also think about how to build a issue standards to maintainNFT的生态,Involving technology behind、生态、政策法规、Industry standards, and many other difficulties.

In an interactive technology,The future electricity more people is through digital virtual、AR/VRTechnology allows users to realize the interaction of virtual and reality,People or interaction between people and goods will radically change,Even affect the reshaping of the business model,The need to continue to push the virtual digital technology to meet the virtual and real seamless.

Web3Electricity mature or not,Always rely on the technology of mature.On the basis of mature technology,Users are more willing to interact with platform,Actively create value、产生内容,To form a commercial closed-loop.This is the wholeWeb3An important symbol of mature.

目前来看,We is not hard to find these electricity players layoutWeb3Electricity in common,All is not open aroundNFT.Why they have become obsessed with this?This will have to mention another concept——NFR(Non-Fungible Rights,非同质化权益),这是“NFT中国化”A kind of helpful attempt to.

With outstanding“代币”属性的NFT不同,NFR更强调“权益”功能,And based on the same block chain technology,具有非同质化特性,独一无二、不可篡改、不可替代,Is a new multidisciplinary digital trading mode.


《白皮书》中提到,NFRDigital certificates model,Chain products through third party assessment on、测试和认证之后,Will be in the form of a digital certificate to publicly traded,交易时必须回归实体资产,Digital certificates forever,Can effectively safeguard the rights and interests of users.

更重要的是,NFR具备完善的法律监管框架和认证机制,In nature have solved the problem of domestic technical and legal aspects,This means that it can in film、音乐、游戏、农业、体育、Play a role in wider fields such as education,其“虚实相生”Features are also better able to assign to the real economy and the digital economy.


行业洗牌Yes or No?巨头“去中心化”的阵痛

本质上来讲,Web1Are sold in traditional physical goods,无论是吃喝玩乐,These are we can get in line.在Web2时代,The birth of electricity through the channel between offline and online,Users need to meet with sellers,Through mobile phones and the Internet could buy goods.

但在Web3时代,Customers buy products(如NFT)Is made out of thin air,If the player is to be made completely afterWeb2Electricity play,“换壳”来卖,并不是长久之计,It is also now a lot of people do not look goodWeb3The important reason for the electricity.

因此对Web3电商来说,How to find a new style,Through the content to attract everyone,Or to get through by means of mixWeb3Electricity、货、场,这是非常关键的一步.Players are going to thinkWeb3The electricity demand is what,Rather than a replicaWeb2To create false needs.

那么未来Web3Electricity will form the potential of the industry reshuffle?Key to the answer may depend onWeb2电商的“原住民”.

目前来说,Web3Electricity is mainly as a supplement of the supply chain system,And not to the whole electricityBThe supply chain upstream and downstream change,From the mass idealized matureWeb3Electricity form also has a distance.

Mature technical and commercial floor,With each module of the integration of business ability,And then to meet a wider range of user demands.同时,随着Web3Electrical business development to a certain size,Countries can better to anticipation and specification.

但实际上,哪怕Web3技术已非常成熟,其拥有的“去中心化”特点,对阿里、Jingdong this big company,仍是从Web2到Web3之间难以逾越的鸿沟.因为“去中心化”,Will dilute large companies inWeb2In the era of centralized privilege.而这所谓的“中心化”,Reflected in the business system and the flow distribution of logic centralized.

Especially focus on distribution of jingdong sink,Most network-centric electricity system,其家电、3C、日常百货、Supermarket drinks, such as the core category all use proprietary mode,Buy goods from suppliers in jingdong self-conducting logistics in large storehouse after,To ensure the logistics efficiency.目前,京东自营GMVOverall sales of jingdong mall70%以上,Is undoubtedly the biggest jingdong card and foundation.

相比之下,Ali's electrical business system itself is a decentralized,Because taobao doesn't touch the goods,Mainly by tenants,In logistics link has a rookie in.

But both ali and jingdong,They present centralized traffic distribution logic,Flow distribution depends on the platform and the platform rule.因此我们不难发现,目前阿里、京东在Web3The layout of the direction of electricity is still mainly platform ideas,The underlying business and content areas to upgrade,Did not touch the core of the business system and the flow distribution logic.

那么问题来了,未来的Web3Whether the electricity must be big“自断手脚”,Give up the business system and the flow distribution of centralized advantage?对巨头来说,Thinking about the problem of them,Thinking is like sitting on the edge of the cliff“To be or not to be”Hamlet.

The future is still unknown,The answer may be more than one solution.

比如海外Web3电商SaaS平台NFTICALLY,The recently launched the world's first yuan electric business ecosystem universe“COMEARTH”,基于Web3Electricity engine running,以及PolygonBlock chain decentralized support.在这个3DImmersive virtual business environment,品牌、企业、Content creators and celebrities have to“公民”The identity of the purchase of virtual space/虚拟房地产,And for its customers、Consumers and fans to launch electric business experience.

And this year set upWeb3Electricity company yuan yu light,Will also be on theCOMEARTH,Mainly provide brandWeb3策划、Digital token on sale、数字藏品发售、Physical sales and so on the many kinds of products and services.

A senior product specialist in jingdong opinion,未来Web3Electricity electric business platform master control will not happen again,Relatively weak situation of business,But more weak platform concept,The party will be provided by brand and product dominated,Electric business platform mainly provide service for the brand.

In this open environment,Web3Electricity pattern of players will take on the situation of flowers.For example, the user account is no longer confined to a single platform,The user can go to the platform to any shopping,Or a key will share to all platforms things,Don't worry about goods trust issues.届时,Merchants sell goods may not be confined to a few home appliance business platform to live,May there will be other formats or sell goods way.

至于Web3Electricity on the industry reshuffle,Ali, a senior product manager think this possibility is not big,“Because each there is difference of message between the platform and the size difference advantage.”他说.

Each current electric business platform and brand has a separate user groups,Such as the little red book to maternal and child、Cosmetics such as vertical users,Content is given priority to with tide play user,Vertical class user loyalty of platform ecological and dependence is very high,想要通过Web3Will these users break up、迁移、整合,难度很大.

Also from the current playersWeb3Technology reserves,In addition to landing scene there's a difference,The overall technology is not much difference,同质化明显,玩家与玩家、Platform platform between fast-tracking iterative high ability of new product and new scene、反应快,It's hard to be the same or a new product to overturn industry by information difference.

不可否认,Web3Tuyere stimulation with numerous players into the blue ocean market,鱼龙混杂.

Nodes in the draught is,With ali was born in the same year, China's firstC2CE-commerce site ebay,But recently officer xuan will this year8月关停.This 23 years,But also is the Chinese electricity business and aroused a wave.

But the future is not a destination,无论Web3Electricity will go,可以肯定的是,Web2与Web3Electricity is not adversarial relationship,In the future for a long time,Will both get along——Whether it's technical or cognitive,Or is the enterprise level.就像是5G正式商用后,诞生于20世纪末-21世纪初的2G和3GOnly gradually retreat network,淡出历史舞台.

In the long industry transition,How to keep a rational thinking、丢掉幻想、准备战斗,Is the key to each player to get the final tickets.


Entrepreneurs to think aboutWeb3电商:

Yuan yu light founder zhi-yu Lin:

Web2时代,是“Lease the Internet”,Mass purchasing data platform and copyright assets,In the form of the membership fee“出租”给用户.In terms of electricity industry,Web2Tmall era is the most representative platform,Brands and businesses pay“入驻费、技术服务费、广告费”给天猫,Centralized Tmall earned most interests.

而Web3,Refactoring is more of interest.区块链和NFT的出现,The development of20For many years, the Internet is one of the most important data for approval and asset-like process.与Web2相比,是 “The Internet to buy assets”.Data assets can be very convenient toNFTForm of casting and circulation.目前,There have been likeComearth这种平台,Sell early“NFT商业地产”,用户成为NFTAfter the property owner,In future brand all expenses will be paid andNFTProperty owners to proportional distribution.

The operation mode,The user from buyers identity can span to“资产所有者”身份.而“NFT商业地产”Can obtain not only the interests of“Merchant's house and advertisement cost”,“Electricity buyers”Buy goods profits will be according to certain“Conventional scale”分配给“NFTCommercial real estate owners”.

在Web3电商时代,May be born more mature electric business ecology and community,人人都可能是“买家”也可以是“资产所有者”.The electricity of the underlying ecological will produce more interesting electric business platform and model and user.

当Web3At the bottom of the economic model under the condition of mature and solid,基于Web3时代的xrExperiential and touch the hardware equipment of form a complete set of mature,Yuan will be born out of the universe in the era of new electric dealer market.

Outland创始人&CEO Jason Li:

我认为在未来Web3的世界里,NFTWill be all brand market marketing one of the most important tool in the:

对于传统品牌来说,Can be soldNFTAs one of the important ways to enhance the user viscosity,Such as users to buy brandNFTCan get special offer,线下活动,Entity to exchange, etc.And to have boughtNFTUsers of the purse,Also can undertake coupons activities such as content dropped.与此同时,Based on the analysis of user specific attributes,Web3The characteristics of the world,Also has a decisive advantage.例如TiffanyIn beforeCryptopunk推出的30EThe entity necklace for,Is a luxury brand for high valueNFTHold the purse/Holders as brand potential customers a successful experiment.

在这个基础上,Different brand chain analysis can through a variety of tools according to the ideal user portrait lock to promote their wallets.For any brand,Core consumer groups to establish community are very important work.在Web3的时代,Through the maintenance and operationNFT持有者社区,To obtain the most direct user feedback,Than the traditional sampling survey in the market through a third party company is more direct and convenient.而以CC0 NFT(Creative Commons 0 NFT)的方式,则通过对NFT2 a and set up some little activity around to makeNFTHolding group to become the most powerful voice strength,With the power of the user to help expand brand influence.这些都是OutlandAre or want to complete the mission and work.

OutlandAmerican artists will go on sale at the end of this monthIan Cheng的NFT新作3Face,Is a combination of cutting-edge technology and digital art work experience,Of personality model framework will be developed by artist works owners in the public trading of electronic wallet based data collection,By collecting a series of data points,At the beginning of the collection of the selected model of personality would be to parse the data,By analyzing collectors' individual psychological,Exclusive to collectors and generate uniqueNFT图像.我们希望在Web3The world constantly iteration,Can have personalized product,Let the user experience more rich and real,At the same time of enhancing experience,让NFTThe world incarnation present a greater dimension.

Star nuclear futureCEOXu Cai nest:

无论是Web3电商、Web3Social orWeb3In combination with other products in the field of,I think can eventually achieve,The lighthouse just stands there,You touch the figure stone across the river problem,如果Web3Is a jigsaw puzzle,So there are many pieces of puzzle still missing,比如基础设施、周边工具、Application scenarios and habits,Web2还是很好的,So thinking about overnight to replaceWeb2的方式去做,At this stage I think it's difficult.

对于Web3So it is with the electricity,我们一直提倡Web3Revolves around the creator economy as the kernel architecture of the system,Web3Electricity can be a lot of good try,可以围绕“电商+Web3”,Optimizing industry electrical goods brand and the relationship between the user,重新审视“人货场”,也可以“Web3+电商”,Through the new model、新的IP、New creation will create newWeb3Electricity economic model,To better realize the value of the creator to liquidate、Will be distributed to match the freight yard resources,Do create a pratt & Whitney,This will leaveWeb3更进一步.

超块链HyperchainFounder Shi Xingguo:

Web3In the age of electricity,Still, as the essence,But form and now is totally different.因为Web3Technology can provide more independent contractual relationship,More convenient cross-organizational collaboration,The value of the longer tail resonance,所以:

1、Merchants and users are no longer limited to specific platform,The merchants don't use in a particular platform,Users also do not need to register is a platform of.

  • Web1In the age of electricity is a platform service oriented;(即:支付、物流、优惠活动、Shopping experience is the core competitiveness of)

  • Web2In the age of electricity is a push and focus on orientation;(即:社交、互动、KOL主导)

  • Web3In the age of electricity is the convergence of the value orientation by the user to guide.(即:Personalized and value identification is more obvious,Driven by market segment global sales),Some brands have obvious trend of cross-platform,只待Web3技术成熟.

2、More common across the category cooperation,Similar to the platform across the store now full reduction,But form more flexible and more popular.Quality consumption spirit consumption proportion increase.Scene into consumption is provided by many businessmen implicit,Users in the whole process of consumption will be more spiritual resonance.

3、The private domain flow play a bigger role,The private domain flow precipitation for shops or the brand assets.Future more business practices around their own private domain flow assets custom,The existing private domain flow between operators and merchants will be realized by simple traffic further developed into flow mutually beneficial relations between us.Today's live part has evolved into the private domain buy a hand or private domain butler.

爱化身CEO Mark:

Web3电商的发展,In the first stage should be the first breakthrough in the field of digital assets and content production,We will be more and more based onWeb3Build can assign content,Is content creators ecological infrastructure,The means of production will be better with content trading platform together,Create a better digital assets and content sales model.

在这一阶段,Web3Electricity is the core content in the development of production,Or digital asset production,The circulation equaling to on the chain,Rather than in the past a lot of outside the chain of assets after offline complete create,To line up the registration of this form.

那么Web3When electric chamber of commerce in the rise of real?Most of our daily life consumer goods today,And everyday wealth creation or in reality.When we are in a virtual or online environment becomes more and more popular forms of content and wealth,Virtual content or virtual assets proportion in the whole national economy more and more high、Increasing weight,那Web3The rise of electricity can form a trend.

现阶段,决定Web3Electricity will be able to the rapid growth of a key factor,Is the content production or digital assets trade will be booming online,That's why we are looking forward to see a thing.

乐享艺术J-ART创始人兼CEO 郭旭:

在Web3的时代,The relationship between users and the brand has been reconstructed,The boundary of the organization gradually blur,Users can participate in the construction of the new brand;与此同时,User data belongs only to the user's own,Digital assets and equity become the consensus of the divided user,Brand service contracts will be based on chain.Digital assets will become the independent brand product line,At the same time also and combination of physical goods,共同构成Web3Electricity yuan universe.


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