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Metaverse Daily|The Yangtze River Delta Digital Creative Industry Alliance focuses on the Metaverse; INS introduces digital collections to many countries or regions; the Philippines plans to launch a digital identity system

2022-08-05 12:29:17Heart of the Metaverse


Meta 创始人 Mark Zuckerberg 宣布 Instagram going to Africa、亚太地区、Middle East and America 100 Many countries or regions in the introduction of digital collections(以在 Instagram 上展示 NFT),Also started with Coinbase Wallet、Dapper 的集成以及对 Flow 区块链的支持. Instagram Currently support the wallet with a third party connection,包括 Rainbow、MetaMask、TrustWallet、CoinbaseWallet 和 DapperWallet,支持的区块链包括以太坊、Polygon 和 Flow.INSAs a booming global social media platforms,Its influence and power to be reckoned with,Rapid development in the era of yuan universe today,数字藏品(NFT)Will is closely related to every one of us.更多新闻详情参见下文.


【AR piano app《 PianoVision 》已登陆 Quest 平台】

《PianoVision》In the experience before version available in the,现在可在 App Lab fully used.The new exciting new features,Designed to help users learn the art of playing the piano.Powerful music learning application used in amazing ways Quest 的 Passthrough AR And the hand tracking technology,Let users immersed in a charming XR 体验中.


【Meta Release the hand tracking demo《 First Hand 》】

Meta Has officially released its hand tracking demo《First Hand》,旨在向 Quest Buyer is introduced around the hand tracking to build advanced interactive.


【Keppel O&M 、IMDA 使用 AR Smart glasses for remote check】

新加坡信息通信媒体发展局(IMDA)、Singapore's keppel group Marine division(Keppel O&M)宣布将使用 AR/VR Smart glasses for remote check.


【Apple gets Digital Crown 授权专利,Or for the future of Apple MR Headset components】

据 patentlyapple 报道,美国专利商标局(USPTO)Recently released a authorized patents apple,This patent is related to Digital Crown 相关,May is the apple in the future AR/VR 头显的一部分,Also may eventually expand into intelligent glasses.


【第 79 The Venice international film festival include 43 个 VR Project exhibition】

第79届威尼斯国际电影节将于 8 月 30 日 -9 月 10 日期间举办.目前 XR Immersion unit project exhibition registration ends,包括来自 39 个国家的 43 An immersion program participation,包括 VR 电影、VR Games and other immersive experience.


【In Milwaukee county zoo to launch new VR 体验“Gorilla Trek”】

最近,In Milwaukee county zoo has launched a new VR 体验“Gorilla Trek”


【NBA 将与 Rezzil 合作将 VR Applied to referee training】

Athletes use VR Training and so on have been.足球、棒球、篮球、Winter sports, such as all kinds of sports VR Professional team in training.And this trend is also expand to the referee's training,近日 NBA Is working with the UK startup Rezzil 合作将 VR Applied to referee training.


【Meta 软件工程师 Jian Zhang 跳槽至 Pico】

外媒报道,Meta One of the best software engineer Jian Zhang 跳槽至 Pico,并正在为 Pico 建立一个新 XR 团队.


【域名 以 1500 万美元的价格售出】

据 Watcher.Guru 发布推文称,域名 以 1500 万美元的价格售出.


【以太坊链上 NFT 销售额突破 290 亿美元,创历史新高】

据最新数据显示,以太坊链上 NFT 销售总额已突破 290 亿美元,创下历史新高,本文撰写时为 29,043,669,221 美元,链上交易数量为 13,165,488 笔. 据历史数据显示,以太坊链上 NFT 销售总额在 2022 年 1 月 7 日突破 130 亿美元,This means that in the seven months time,以太坊链上 NFT 总销售额增长超过 160 亿美元,涨幅超过 123%.


【数据:已有 93 Pieces of Tiffany NFT“NFTiff”被铸造】

据 Dune Analytics 数据显示,截至目前 93 Pieces of Tiffany NFT“NFTiff” 已被 70 An independent foundry casting,其中 66 have not been redeemed.此前消息称,This time Tiffany NFT“NFTiff” 仅发售 250 枚,And will be in the United States eastern standard time 2022 年 8 月 3 日上午 10:00 Start the pre-sale,据悉,蒂芙尼 NFT“NFTiff” There will be no airdrops.


【a16z: NFT Best for walking cc0 路线 ,To create more dynamic community】

a16z 近日发文称,NFT Project in the development and construction of intellectual property rights can adopt many strategies,但cc0 (Creative Commons Zero)Currently the most suitable NFT 项目,It as open source software,为丰富、Extension of the ecosystem to create the potential. 文章称, cc0 Permission for the creator to more easily“To catch the production of cultural gene”,No matter what the original founder of continuous participation,cc0 Licensing can make a strong community thought all the way members provide value co-creation,To promote the expansion of the original project,To create a more dynamic and participation of the community.This Shared with encryption culture open and consistent to build the concept of community. As more and more developers in this field,有抱负的 NFT Project may find a way to be more creative and infrastructure to build“乐高”,用于 cc0 项目和其他项目.


【Aptos 生态 NFT 市场 Topaz Will be airdropped for users NFT,The snapshot in the space of an hour to】

Aptos 生态 NFT 市场 Topaz 表示,Is the script and Token Inbox to test,For had to purchase or stores user dropped devnet NFT,Will be in one hour snapshot.


【CryptoPunks 系列 NFT 近 24 小时交易额涨幅超 500%】

据 OpenSea 数据显示,CryptoPunks 系列 NFT 近 24 小时交易额为 993.79 ETH,24 Hours turnover growth rate of 537.25%,Volume ranks a OpenSea 第一.


【K-pop 经纪公司 Fantagio 与 签署谅解备忘录,将共同开发 NFT 项目】

Korean entertainment agency Fantagio Announced on Wednesday with digital assets platform 签署谅解备忘录(MOU),will be carried out jointly NFT 项目.Listed in nasdaq Fantagio 管理着 ASTRO 和 WekiMeki 等 K-pop 偶像团体.


【X2Y2 NFT 市场交易额突破 150 万枚 ETH】

据 Dune Analytics 数据显示,X2Y2 NFT Market turnover has exceeded 150 万枚 ETH,截至目前达到 1,512,660 枚(According to the current market prices more than 25 亿美元),总交易量为 767,696 笔.


【STEPN Total Numbers of shoes casting has super 70 万双】

据 Dune Analytics 数据显示,STEPN Total Numbers of shoes casting has super 70 万双,截至目前为 735,342 双,Full life cycle users achieve 943,531 个.STEPN 过去 7 Day active users achieve 34,309,New cast digital shoe 6,462 双.


【GameStop 正在招聘 NFT Content audit director】

GameStop 正在招聘 NFT Content audit director,The position will be responsible for GameStop NFT Market to create content standards and promote content approval process.


【报告:GameFi 项目将“Profit above safety”,Pose huge risks to the user】

Block chain network security audit institutions Hacken 警告称,P2E 加密游戏中“unsatisfactory”Cybersecurity measures are right GameFi Project and its players are a huge risk. Hacken indicated in the report,数据表明,P2E The category the game belongs to GameFi 项目通常“将Profit above safety”,Released when the product did not take appropriate measures to prevent the hacker.Based on encryption security service 收集的数据,GameFi Network security is serious defect.它发现,在研究的 31 个 GameFi 代币中,No one get the highest safety rating AAA,而 16 For worst rating D.


【Hungry it will to be a partner with wanda NFT 数字藏品】

According to the official public investment promotion service center in Shanghai“Invest in Shanghai Invest Shanghai”,in the third Shanghai“五五购物节”in various activities,Hungry yao announced to be a partner with wandaNFT数字藏品.此外,Bailian group with a wear VR Helmet yuan universe conference opening;Tmall will jointly wuling、飞凡汽车、小鹏、Audi introduced such as yuan environmental protection show the universe.


【The national hockey league executives hired lead NFT 业务】

The national hockey league(NHL)Are looking for a senior staff to assist the alliance NFT and blockchain initiatives.NHL 表示,This position will need to be combined with the project management、Partner development、Revenue creation and execution skills.两个月前,Top hockey league and digital collections market Sweet 签署了一项协议. 根据 LinkedIn 的招聘信息,Betting Fans will use NFTs, NHL 正试图“增强”fan experience,At the same time as the alliance and its creation club“增量收入”.


【研究:2020 Years has been worth more than 8660 万美元的 NFT 被盗】

Comparitech 最近的研究表明,NFT Theft is becoming more frequent than ever before,而且更有利可图.自 NFT Standards for the first time since the introduction of,The company keeps track NFT 盗窃事件,并早在 2020 He recorded the first theft in NFT.自那时起,已有超过 8660 万美元的 NFT 被盗.以今天的价格计算,这些 NFT 的价值超过 8.965 亿美元.2022 年,NFT Theft of the total number of also has a significant increase in the.在 166 起 NFT in the theft,有 14 起发生在 2021 年,而 2020 年只有 2 起.剩下的 150 起发生在 2022 年,其中 3 月就发生了 31 theft incident.


【Magic Eden Connection is supported MetaMask、WalletConnect 和 Coinbase Wallet】

NFT 交易市场 Magic Eden Already support connection etheric fang purse MetaMask、WalletConnect 和 Coinbase Wallet 插件.此前,Magic Eden Said chain are turning to more development,Will be expanded to the etheric fang.The market will also be the etheric fang NFT Makers with COINS kit、White list tools and marketing support.


【7 In game occupies total active block chain 60%,创下历史新高】

根据 DappRadar 的数据,7 月份游戏 dapp Take up of the total activity of the block chain 60%,创下历史新高.DappRadar 研究主管佩德罗·埃雷拉 (Pedro Herrera) 表示,Although the game tokens also affected by the challenging market environment,The proportion block chain game players continue to grow.As the game activities such as《Sandbox Alpha Season 3》、《Illuvium》的 Beta 玩法、Gala Live game or《Axie Infinity》The emergence of land to bet,Web3 The game will become the driving force in the next few months industry.


【奢侈品牌 Prada Announced the launch of the first 32 个 Timecapsule NFT】

奢侈品牌 Prada Announced the launch of the first 32 个 Timecapsule  ,This shirt is made up of Prada All kinds of recycled fabrics made of,Included by the artist Jeanne Detallante The frankenstein inspiration of creation of printing,As well as the shirt itself NFT.一位 Timecapsule NFT Holders will get a chance to attend activities,Included in the milan prada experience and to participate in the 9 month fashion show invitation.只有在 Prada Crypted Discord On the server also proven NFT Owners are eligible to be selected. 自 2019 年 12 月以来,Prada 每月都会举行 Timecapsule 倡议,The limited edition commodity in some market 24 小时.通常只有 50 个版本,Based on first come first serve basis for the principle.自 2022 年 6 月起,Physical commodity has a limited edition NFT.


【Algorand The foundation announced it 5000 Research and education programs for dollars block chain's winners】

Algorand Fund today announced that its Algorand 卓越中心(ACE)计划的 10 名获奖者,Total rewards for five years 5000 万美元.The plan received 77 份提案,有来自 46 个国家的 550 多名参与者;Winners are from different disciplines 27 Expert international team composed of elect. These grants will be funding research and education center of the university campus all over the world for many years,以实现: Chain block, and encryption monetary multidisciplinary research in the field of; 大学课程、黑客马拉松、Accelerator and student leadership organization and activities; Development of the real world solutions、applications and use cases; Based on the technology of block chain social impact and sustainability projects.


【Housing rental platform sharing DTravel To complete the first intelligent vacation rental reservation】

Decentralized rental platform sharing DTravel 周四表示,Has completed the intelligence of the first successful reservation contract.Dtravel The first booking based on intelligent contract after months of trying to make the website more friendly to users,while still holding on Web3 的原则.Travel booking sites supported by the currency Ann 于 2021 年 6 Released for the first time this month Dtravel 平台,并于 2021 年 11 The initial version is released in May.


【Famous singer jj Lin announced hold tiffany NFT“NFTiff”】

Famous singer jj Lin announced personal social media holdings tiffany NFT“NFTiff”.OpenSea 数据显示,Jj Lin in the casting yesterday NFTiff 014.


【PraSaga 和 Metahug is cooperating Roblox 提供 Web3 教育产品】

PraSaga With the global charity Metahug 建立合作伙伴关系,Help teenagers to understand and use limited resources Web3.Metahug Will through the popular youth game platform Roblox Show the children how to use and create Web3 工具,PraSaga Provides free access to it SagaChain to support the program. This cooperation will pass Metahug 返校 Roblox The hacker marathon to celebrate,Encourage the young students on the platform for creation and collaboration.The program will provide education game:各种 Web3 主题,包括区块链、DAO 和所有权.


【Starbucks will next month launch based on web3 loyalty program】

星巴克创始人 Howard Schultz On the earnings call with investors this week predicted a starbucks coming soon web3 计划,Starbucks will be announced next month investors day activity which is based on web3 loyalty program,Including the subject of coffee NFT. Howard Schultz 表示,The plan will be based on the current reward mode,And will be combined with digital starbucks rewards ecosystem and starbucks brand digital collections.The company announced earlier this year the into web3 领域的计划,并指出其 NFT Not only can be used as a digital collection,Can also provide the owners with exclusive content and other privileges.


【Design and research institute of nanjing college of art will jianyuan the universe】

Nanjing college of art and deepen the school to strategic cooperation agreement nanjing gulou,The two sides will build yuan design and research institute of the universe,Actively attract outstanding cultural enterprise.


【The Philippines plans to introduce digital identity system】

近日,Philippine Finance Minister Benjamin Diokno 表示,The Philippine government is actively promoting the Philippines identification system(PhilSys ID)研发.他指出,随着《Financial products and services to consumer protection laws》正式获批,Bank of the Philippines(BSP)Better able to handle the network security question,Raising the level of consumer safety in Numbers in the financial sector.The Philippine government hopes the technology innovation,在 2023 In the half of the domestic retail payment digital,并将 70% The Philippines adults into the formal financial service system.他还补充道,PhilSys ID System will also assist the Philippines of taxation(BIR)and Customs(BOC)Implement the tax system digital,推动“电子政务”革新.


【约会软件 Tinder Announced the end of yuan universe date and distribute tokens, plan】

约会软件 Tinder 母公司 Match Group Decrease announced Tinder Yuan universe date plan,Within the application provided and cancel Tinder Coins 代币的计划.前 Tinder 首席执行官 Renate Nyborg 已离职,据悉,Match Group The quarterly earnings below analysts' expectations(7.95 亿美元,而预期为 8.04 亿美元),And earnings in the third quarter of this year is almost no growth.


【金色数藏《七夕限定》数字藏品,今日 13:14 正式开售】

Tanabata is coming,Golden number hidden platform this afternoon 13:14 开售《七夕限定·Love is magpie bridge》数字藏品,Each implies people yearning and pursuit of an ideal love.其中“牛郎”Limited edition 3500 份;“织女”Limited edition 2500 份;“鹊桥相会”This is a collector's edition,通过 3 Cowboy +2 The Weaver Girl can be exchanged for it,共发行 1200 份.


【Yangtze river delta digital creative industry alliance focus on the yuan universe】

日前,In the culture and tourism in anhui province hall、省工商联、Under USTC institute, etc. We first,Yangtze river delta digital creative industry alliance was formally established yuan professional committee of the universe.Of RMB will promote the universe technology and application in the field of scientific research、标准制定,Provide industrial policy consultation with industry development report;Yuan universe related theme salon activities、高峰论坛,Build yuan universe academic exchange and display platform;Support member units to foster a batch of RMB into the universe、区块链、Innovative companies in the field of artificial intelligence and other emerging,To create a larger social influence of yuan innovation service center of the universe.


【SoftBank has this year“提前卖掉”About 30% of Ali shares,Some will flow into a second vision fund】

Led by billionaire founder masayoshi son, softbank group through advance forward contracts this year(一种衍生品)The sale of shares held by alibaba about a third,共套现约 220 亿美元.据悉,Cash crop is a big piece of flowing into the second vision of the group's fund,The fund failed to attract outside money,And has been to 250 家公司投资 480 亿美元,包括 Web3 和区块链安全公司 Certik、区块链基础设施服务商 InfStones 等.


【Instagram 正在向 100 Many countries or regions in the introduction of digital collection display function】

Meta 创始人 Mark Zuckerberg 宣布 Instagram going to Africa、亚太地区、Middle East and America 100 Many countries or regions in the introduction of digital collections(以在 Instagram 上展示 NFT),Also started with Coinbase Wallet、Dapper 的集成以及对 Flow 区块链的支持. Instagram Currently support the wallet with a third party connection,包括 Rainbow、MetaMask、TrustWallet、CoinbaseWallet 和 DapperWallet,支持的区块链包括以太坊、Polygon 和 Flow.


【数据:2022 In the first half of yuan universe field at home and abroad a total of 118 笔融资】

2022 年上半年,国内外Yuan universe field of118笔融资,投资总金额达到 270.6 亿元,超亿元的融资有 34 笔,最大单笔融资达到 135 亿元.分开来看,2022 年 Q1 季度,国内外Yuan universe field of 43 笔融资,The financing has more than one hundred million yuan 18 笔,融资总金额达到 82 亿元,Total amount of financing rose 51%.而在 2022 年 Q2 季度,Yuan universe field of 74 笔融资,The financing has more than one hundred million yuan 16 笔,融资总金额达到 188.6 亿元. 其中,Solution, the track to the top of the financing of,达到 29 笔,占比 24.6%,VR Financing content track number second,达到 28 笔.The underlying technology track and games on separately obtained 15 笔、14 笔融资,分别占比 12.7%、11.9%. 此外,The hardware circuit also won the 12 笔融资,占比 10.2%.此外,The degree of related enterprises in China by capital attention,远高于其他国家.2022 年上半年,有 60 Chinese companies get financing,平均3One day financing.2022 In the first half of the year for investment and financing enterprises registered the main gathered in China and the United States,分别为 60 笔和 24 笔,Followed by the UK and Japan are respectively 6 笔和 4 笔,其余国家均在 1 至 2 笔左右.


【NFT 社区平台 Based 完成 350 万美元融资,Progression Fund 领投】

NFT 社区平台 Based 宣布完成 350 万美元种子轮融资,Progression Fund 领投,Hannah Grey、Collab+Currency、Palm Tree Crew、Franklin Templeton、GFR、And a group of angel investment ginseng cast. 据悉,Based The user can display in the circle of friends and the community NFT 内容,At the same time also can easily check in the circle of friends and groups NFT Activities and their attention NFT 项目,并且通过 NFT In the digital world to establish the relationship of the.


【Web3 社交平台 Niche 完成 180 万美元 pre-seed 轮融资,NEAR 基金会参投】

Web3 社交平台 Niche 宣布完成 180 万美元 pre-seed 轮融资,MetaWeb 领投,Alumni Ventures Group 和 NEAR 基金会参投.Niche 旨在利用 Web3 Technology will have a common identity or interest of people gather together,At the same time ensure that contact each other closer,得益于这笔最新融资,The company will accelerate the financial testing phase at the same time promote Web3 As an alternative to advertising drive social media.


【WeMade strategic investment Move-to-Earn 项目 SNKRZ】

韩国网络游戏公司 WeMade 宣布对 Move-to-Earn 项目 SNKRZ 进行strategic investment资,Investment details were not disclosed.据悉,SNKRZ 建立在 Klaytn 上,Allows the user to buy shoes NFT 并通过步行、跑步、Riding a bicycle way so as to obtain tokens reward.


【A group purchase fire currency its social product letter】

A group announced officially complete fire fire currency group social products acquisition,And plans to fire letter development as the world's first focus on the number of hidden and yuan social platform of the universe.Fire is fire currency group letter to 2018 , launched in a perpendicular to the block chain im social platform in the field of,截至 2022 年 7 Moonfire letter platform total registered users super 700 万,It is reported too a group of the offer letter,Will still keep the original letter team of independent fire,And introduce several hidden and yuan core enterprise and the strategic investment in the field of the universe,Together to build China's largest number of Tibetan and yuan universe social platform.


【Betashares In the asx Australia first Metaverse ETF】

The Australian exchange traded funds(ETF)提供商 Betashares 周三表示,It has been in the Australian stock exchange(ASX)推出了该国首个 Metaverse 市场产品.Betashares 在一份声明中表示,BetaShares Metaverse ETF(MTAV) Provides for the surrounding participated in Metaverse 进行建设、Development and operation of the global company portfolio. Betashares 与包括 ProShares 和 GlobalX Other suppliers, together seek to use the virtual world of potential growth,到 2024 Annual income is expected to achieve 8000 亿美元. 此前,澳大利亚在 5 Month by issuer 21Shares Listed on the first spot currency and etheric fang ETF.


【Will be located in dubai, head of PWC before encryption size 7500 The number of dollars asset funds】

普华永道(PwC)的加密货币负责人 Henri Arslanian has resigned from the company,Will be located in dubai for 7500 The number of dollars asset funds Nine Blocks Capital Management,The fund has received temporary regulatory approval.不过,Henri Arslanian Will continue to be as a senior consultant at pricewaterhousecoopers.


【Decentralized identity company Qui Identity 完成约 500 万美元融资,Round13 领投】

Decentralized identity company Qui Identity 宣布已完成 650 million Canadian dollars(约 500 万美元)融资,数字资产基金 Round13 领投,OMERS Ventures、Wittington Ventures、As well as Canada and the United States Web2 和 Web3 A group of anonymous angel investment in the field of ginseng to vote.Round13 This year launched an encrypted special fund Round13 Digital Asset Fund,Focus on the encryption infrastructure and Web3 Invest in projects.


【Web3 社交平台 Taki 完成 345 万美元种子轮融资】

Token 驱动的 Web3 社交平台 Taki 宣布已完成 345 万美元种子轮融资,Alameda Research、CoinDCX、Coinbase Ventures、Formless Capital、Gemini Frontier Fund、Huobi Ventures、Kraken Ventures、Luno Expeditions、OKX Blockdream Ventures、Roka Works 和 Solana Ventures 参投.


【Kurtosis 宣布完成 2000 万美元 A 轮融资】

Encryption developer tools Kurtosis 完成 2000 万美元A轮融资,对冲基金 Coatue 领投,CoinbaseVentures、Chainsmokers 的 MantisVC 和天使投资人 OlivierPomel 等参投. 据悉,Kurtosis 由前 Palantir 工程负责人 Galen Marchetti 和 Kevin Today 创立,Hope is based on web3 Developers to simplify the tool,Currently Ethereum、Avalanche 和 NEAR Ecosystem services.


【元宇宙基础设施平台 InfiniteWorld 拟通过 SPAC Ways to go public and raise 1.45 亿美元】

8 月 4 日消息,元宇宙基础设施平台 InfiniteWorld 计划通过 SPAC(特殊目的收购公司)方式上市,The company wants to work with Aries I Acquisition Corporation(RAM)一同进行 SPAC,And in the open market to raise 1.45 亿美元. 此外,InfiniteWorld Also announced the acquisition of game studios Super Bit Machine,But the specific amount temporarily not disclosed.Super Bit Machine Have on the extensible capability of game and the infrastructure,This acquisition will enhance InfiniteWorld For brand clients Web3 Experience and virtual world service.


【Qiao Xiuquan:Thus the key technology RMB will promote rapid development of the universe】

8 月 4 日消息,“Lighting science and technology innovation of the new digital economy——2022 Science and technology innovation conference of the jinggang mountains”Held in jiangxi jinggangshan.会上,, vice President of the Beijing university of posts and telecommunications institute of science and technology of Qiao Xiuquan said yuan after the concept out of the universe to the corresponding technical support,特别是 AR/VR 等技术,But its in the direction of the user experience immersive and real time is precisely the attractions of. Qiao Xiuquan thought,Yuan can be seen as the actual situation of the universe.From real to virtual use is“数字孪生”技术, The universe is yuan to promote the transformation of the manufacturing is an important,And real time reverse control,Without arrived at the scene to control the physical world,At the same time can be in the virtual space by VR Technical experience and science fiction game scene.

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