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FA Cup launches new NFT platform plan

2022-08-05 12:15:58Heart of the Metaverse

UK football organisation FA has announced plans to create a newThe NFT platform.

The EFA will launch a new edition ofNFTs.As stated in the announcement on the official website of the English football organization FA, the English Football Association has issued a request for proposal (RFP) to find long-term NFT platform partners.The English Football Association is the main governing body for amateur and professional football in England.The FA Cup is the oldest football competition in the world.The association now plans to use blockchain technology to create new ways for fans to interact with the UK national team,and attract new audiences.

The British Football Association believes that,The establishment of the NFT platform will help generate new long-term revenue and put it back into the game.BFA Commercial Director Navin Singh said, "The NFT platform is an exciting opportunity for us, we can build a new long-term platform around the FA Cup and English teams for the benefit of the game."

NFT platform will showcase NFT collectibles related to the UK men's and women's national teams, platform partners will have access to player names, images, logosetc. Player IP image.Singh noted, "As a nonprofit, we are alwaysNew technology to expand the fan base and provide the necessary funding for the FA Cup."

"NFT provides a unique and innovative opportunity for the FA Cup, star IP to interact with fans, and the revenue generated will be used for the FA Cup, while providing fans with exciting opportunities in this excitingnew ways of expressing ideas in new media.”

The application of NFTs in the sports industry is not a new thing. In the past few years, many sports leagues have adopted NFTs.Earlier this year, top German football club Hoffenheim signed an NFT partnership with Baby Doge.A recent survey shows that sports fans are now ready to invest in NFTs with real value,From this point of view, the British Football Association's move seems to follow the trend.


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