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Bankless: 5 key themes and trends for the next bull market

2022-08-05 12:13:03golden finance

注:原作者为 Jean-Paul Faraj

Bear markets are the best chance to build wealth.游客(投机者)都已离开,It's the off season.This is when developers are working hard,It's also time for investors to bet on the next big trend.

Witnessed the recent bull market cycle DeFi 和 NFTs 的崛起,Both tracks have seen a lot of innovation、interest and capital.

那么,what about the next round??The next bull market the key themes and what will be the trend?

Predicting the future is hard,But here are some enlightening thoughts.

我们知道,对于新人来说,It's not easy to watch prices plummet.Even for veterans who have experienced bull and bear,Watching the money dwindle is never easy.

Although we are here for technology,对吗?

Bear markets are often referred to as opportunities to get rich,但这是为什么呢?

This is because of the activity with the project、development versus utility,Opportunities to buy projects at extremely low prices abound throughout the crypto space.It's not easy to choose the right project,But the opportunity is clear.

This article is not a guide to getting rich,But if you take the time to learn and observe in this bear market,You are likely to be in a good position.

This article will outline what is bubbling on the surface of the crypto market,and the next big bull market,Which tracks will lead the charge.


在区块链领域,有一个明确的、current impetus,i.e. to scale and increase transaction throughput.在上一轮牛市中,我们看到了围绕 Solana 和其他 Alt L1 Plenty of interest and speculation on projects such as.这在很大程度上是因为以太坊Not yet at the right scale to handle the bull market's demand for its block space.

然而,many of these blockchains,While boasting incredible speed and throughput,But the ongoing outage has many users outraged,Or underperforming when demand is high.最终,Many of these blockchains fail,because they are monolithic,不是模块化的,They try to provide all the security in a single product、Decentralization and Throughput.

This doesn't work at scale,And it is very obvious(biased opinion,But got fully support).那么,提供高吞吐量、What is the solution for high security and high decentralization?

进入 L2

Layer 2 solution provides the ability to increase throughput,So as to improve the extensibility of the block chain,At the same time, it inherits the security of the main chain.像 StarkNet 和 zkSync Such a solution can achieve "批量处理",Bundle thousands of transactions into a single transaction,and publish it to the main chain(以太坊).This cut the cost of each transaction for several orders of magnitude,And increase the speed and total transaction volume that can be processed on the chain.

那么,why this is so amazing,why we should care?In order for this amazing technology to penetrate the mainstream,And as the core of the new Internet technology used,we need it fast、安全和去中心化.

L2 The solution solves the speed problem,The main chain provides security.

This will enable a wide range of use cases to operate to the standards we need,for worldwide adoption.Examples include thousands of micro transactions per second of video games,Media for instant and cheap sharing,and money transactions that can be done in the blink of an eye.

如果没有 Layer 2 的解决方案,Probably in a very long period of time can fully exert the potential of the block chain.If we want to gain adoption,We need to provide a layer,for easy transactions while allowing mass adoption --Layer 2 provides this core requirement.

目前,Layer 2 解决方案,如 zkSync、Starknet、Polygon Hermez、Optimism 和 Arbitrum,都在积极开发,and a lot of progress,The basic requirements needed for adoption will soon be met.

2.DeFi 和 NFT 的成熟

Much of the last bull market was driven by two things:即 DeFi 和 NFT.Both are very powerful tools,But both are still in their infancy --NFT 比 DeFi 更有优势.

With the market calm,Now is the time for these products to perfect their capabilities,and re-test the market fit of the product.

那么,Why Decentralized Finance Could Lead to the Next Bull Market?

DeFi 是一个开放的金融系统,任何人、任何地方、Any amount of money can participate.

Not only does this provide a plethora of opportunities for the unbanked,but also enable various new fintechs to grow and mature.问题是,“Decentralized lending is in its early stages.It can't offer everything centralized lending,But it trumps the inefficiencies of traditional finance,and close to being Web3 Attract creative thinking”.
- Bankless

Existing centralized financial systems(CeFi)is a huge walled garden controlled by banks and the government.they choose who gets in,who gets how much.Even if you meet all their requirements,They are also still can easily put you away,and often.

DeFi Lending protocols and services bypass this licensing threshold,Offers the same financial services that banks currently offer everyone.

它是 100% transparent and trustless.Everyone can view each other's chips(Anonymous by their address),And according to their own standard assessment creditors/Debtor's Financial Health.This means you can peel off the layers as before,拥有一个了解 DeFi A Window on the Internal Operation of Banks in the New Era.

This opens up a world of financial innovation,Introduced new utility、新的机会,and around making money、Clarity of who borrows or puts money.

但是 NFT 呢?those are not just jpeg 吗?

Why they could lead to the next bull market?

如果你这么想,那你就大错特错了.NFT is the Trojan Horse to the world of true digital ownership.

在上一轮牛市中,Monkey photos and pixelated punk rule the universe.And that only marked the beginning,is a simple demonstration of the basic utility of digital ownership.

When we buy a shirt from a brick and mortar store,它是你的,only you own that particular shirt,And you have a receipt to prove is in any sense“非同质化的”.

然而,在 NFT 出现之前,This is impossible in the digital realm.You can certainly buy it online X、Y 或 Z 的收藏品,But they are stored on a server rented by the seller's company.有了 NFT,Assets control in your wallet.

The technology can and is likely to overturn the industry including games、音乐,as well as home mortgages and currency loans.Of the scope of its hard to imagine,Some of the other products and solutions outlined below that will lead us into the next bull run,Use this key technology.

总之,关注 NFT Innovations in the field and those teams that are working hard to reach their full potential.

3.采用 Web3 单点登录

单点登录 web3 Authentication allows a single password and account to be used on millions of new websites and existing major news organizations and platforms,and no additional personal details are required.

Another huge topic that keeps popping up in the news is privacy and data.像 Meta、Companies like Amazon and Google almost own your identity.they know everything about you -- 你的密码、出生日期、SSN,and what you say and do on the internet.

they say it's safe,But how many times has your data been hacked?这基本上是《西部世界》level of data collection,Most people just allow it to happen,Because there is no better solution yet.

The multi-billion dollar market for data collection,And that's how these companies make money.据 Datamation 数据显示:

“2021 The global data collection market was valued at 16.6 亿美元.估计到 2028 年将达到 82.1 亿美元,复合增长率为 25.6%.”

These trillion-dollar companies are in the business of selling personal data.It's not just about a 25 岁、白人、Random data on women living in Ohio,but your name、你的电子邮件、你的位置、products you purchased,and the list goes on.

Web3 Single sign-on (sso) solved the problem.It allows companies to collect data,了解你的喜好,and provide you with personalized information that they think is of interest to you,Keep your identity safe.

They can only have this data with your permission.(More information about personalized data sharing,请查看 Brave 浏览器).

在我看来,The future will be like this:创建一个 web3 钱包/身份,and link it to any hundred websites where you have an account.When you visit any web site,点击一个按钮 --"用 web3 钱包登录"-- 就 OK 了.This is the one password that can rule all websites,Protect your data and identity at the same time,make it easier for you to surf the web.

4. GameFi 的崛起

目前,in a traditional gaming environment,Players either pay for the game up front,or pay monthly,or buy digital assets in free games.

然而,无论玩什么游戏,Every action they take and every item they get/none of the characters are is stored by this game,If the player stop games or paid,it'll just sit there in a server they can't control.Current game studios often have strict terms of service,Any ban on players“真钱交易”.

This means all the time players put into the game and all the value added to the game universe,none of them.The current system does not allow players to take advantage of it,if they try to circumvent the rules,they will be permanently banned.

The time is ripe to overturn the market.Allows players to pass verifiable NFT Game of their chain drive into blocks of time and money to ownership,This will create opportunities for games and players.

We may soon be living in such a world,mothers stop talking "Why waste your time playing games",而是说 "我不明白 Jimmy what did you do on these games,But he can pay for all his stuff."

目前,The gaming industry is more profitable than all other media industries combined,但直到现在,Players are excluded from this.Web3 The game is not some fairy tale fantasy,It's a reality that's already taking shape.

不幸的是,There is currently a huge lack of complete playable web3 游戏.But in this bear market,Pay attention to those that are highly playable,A game with a strong community.

These are the games you want to try.

Some games I follow closely are:

  • Influence:Spatial Strategy MMO

  • Parallel:科幻卡牌游戏

  • Loot Realms:A massively multiplayer on-chain game of economics and chivalry

  • Guild of Guardians:移动 RPG 游戏

5. 音乐 NFT

现如今,It's harder than ever for an artist to make a living,Although the ability to spread your music out is easier than ever.

为什么呢?简单来说,Streaming services and record labels take most of the money,And there is very little left for the artist.

作为一个艺术家,You must be among the lucky few,to be selected by a record company,Or earn content revenue through social media algorithms.然而,Even if a content creators,You also need to be at the top of the leaderboard,to continue living.

在 Web3 中,Artists can access new monetization channels、Closer ties to the community and fuller ownership of music,better monetize their music.

使用 NFT Profits can be made in a few different ways

  1. Sell ​​Exclusive Memberships NFT,Giving fans the opportunity to get in touch with the artist,例如,演出的 VIP 通道、限量版商品、face-to-face opportunities with artists.

  2. sale for revenue sharing NFT,Share a percentage of profits from future sales,Enables artists to work freely,Unencumbered by the amount of red tape that comes with partnering with record labels and streaming services.

music ownership

Music ownership by artists is the crux of the problem in the market today.Record company owns most of the profits,Then the streaming service pays a fraction,then unfairly split between artists and labels.

有了 NFT 和 web3,artist can NFT release music in the form of,Whether it's a single or an entire album,Fans can buy music directly from the artist,without going through a record company.

a tighter community

有了 web3 认证和 NFT,Artists can make ends meet with small fan bases.You don't need a global audience to buy your world tour -- 你所需要的只是 100 loyal fans.

A typical example is the artist Gramatik,长期以来,He has always supported cryptocurrencies、Blockchain and empowering artists to own their own music catalogs and create freedom.

Unleash content creators,so that they can do it the way they want,Create where they want,while being able to have their own audience.

在 web3 中,Artists and content creators are no longer bound by they establish the platform,And no longer rely solely on advertising as a source of income.

be able to provide their followers with a basic、可能是免费的 NFT,Let them visit your private website、内容、Discussion Boards and Communities,Will enable the content creators to closer to their community,Bring their followers to any new platform,and release new unique web3 盈利机会.

The road ahead is turbulent

目前还是 web3 的早期阶段,It takes a lot of development and UX design to push us to the next level.

To support this growing ecosystem,Still need some big things:

  • Layer 2 solutions to fully work,And provide support for base layer number of deals,to support mass adoption and utility

  • Ethereum successfully merged,Close work proof(PoW),转为权益证明(PoS).

  • Improve the user experience of new users on these platforms and products to what we enjoy today web2 experience comparable.

We don't know when the next bull market will come.But we're trying to get out of the bear market,Expect the next bull run to deliver real utility and mass adoption.

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