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DID: the chain of credit business, and improve the DAO identity

2022-08-05 10:49:54golden finance

AAVE Recently introduced a stable currency GHO And referred to in the route of the credit scoring system,The chain of credit once again return to the line of sight of people:Mentioned before early unsecured credit loans will be popularized the?并非如此,As a foundation for credit credit scoring system also faces many problems,DID Infrastructure to promote the slow,而 DAO As an independent economic individuals,Don't have a difference in the identity of the retail paradigm,Credit business is facing in the chain of identification and recovery could not solve the problem.

DID As a potential credit score solution,Will be how to through the credit business improve DeFi 的扩张,How will the DAO 这一 DeFi Potential new clients include.本文将讨论 DID 对 DeFi Credit business potential to improve and DID 确定的 DAO How will the financial status of impact DeFi.

DID 的三种特性:Different from the root of the existing identity system

DID Not realistic social identity system copy,Identity in the chain of value system and the identity of the real system has essential difference between the,这是由 DID Three characteristics of the decision.DID Has the low cost of consensus,Composability and native globalization three features,These three features set DID Will bring new rules,Rather than a copy of the old system.

Low cost of consensus

  • 速度快,验证效率高

  • Any information on the chain,范围广


  • Agreement between call

  • An identity can all enjoy the ecological benefits

Native globalization

  • Natural without borders,Natural meet the demand of international credit value transfer

  • The global division of labor without borders,Natural cover broader group

DID The consensus of itself is formed at the bottom of the male chain,Enough of the decentralized chain has solved the consensus problem,Building on its DID System does not need to consider consensus,The key behavior data is recorded on the chain directly,Direct consensus.DID The agreement between and DID Between agreement and other agreements can call each other,Control over all is decided by the user,这给予了 DID Composability protocol is very big,DID Agreement can facilitate access to other applications to,Information without barriers.This gives the user the ownership of their data,Users can license agreement calls to any type of data,Agreement between can mutual combination.

DID Could be run without a trusted entity,Therefore natural without borders,Users can naturally will himself in the chain of credit access to various applications to,And don't need to consider the application of registered.在后续的发展中,DID Whether because of compliance and regulated now remains to be seen,在理论上,DID Meet the needs of the international credit value transfer,Value can be achieved without borders transfer.DID Implementation has a certain ideal,Large scale is difficult to access the identity and data under the chain not,但是 DID At least can broaden the scope of identity,Solve the problem of many global division of labor,如 DAO Organization of global employment, etc.

DID 对 DeFi 的完善

DID 解决了 DeFi The identification of problem,这是 DeFi 的痛点所在.Unable to determine and measure the user's credit level,Can all user adjustable rate increase and excess mortgage.结合 DID To launch a credit scoring system,To achieve low mortgage rates even unsecured credit loans,被普遍认为是 DeFi 的下一个发展方向.而 DAO As economic individuals,Also need an identity paradigm,DID If the paradigm created,也将为 DeFi 带来 A new range of customers,Financial operation will be very easy to implement various chain,DeFi The rapid expansion of basis points, will find a.

DeFi Large-scale expansion is bound to grab market share and the traditional financial services,Is not able to access a credit system of financial services is unable to complete the lower mortgage rates.Don't access credit system,DeFi Will not be able to lower mortgage rates,Improve the utilization efficiency of own money,这将是 DeFi A big obstacle to achieve large-scale expansion.以 DeFi Accounted for a high lending business to see,Present a massive unsecured credit business just exists in agency business,The size proportion is very small.现阶段,It is still early credit in the chain of development,There is a certain distance with idealized credit business,DID The popularity of will reduce the cost of information collection,Will is a indispensable part of the credit business in the future.DAO 作为 DeFi The ideal customer,At present does not have an identity pattern to adapt to the DAO 的特性,DID Will determine the paradigm of,为 DeFi Bring new clients.

Idealized credit business and DAO Financial status

An idealized operation includes three dimensions of the credit business,事前,事中和事后.

  • 事前

    • 收集信息,Such as historical repayment history,收入证明,担保等.

    • Investigation and risk assessment,Check information.

    • According to the model of credit,Evaluation of default probability,Determine the applicable interest rate、Mortgage rates and lines of credit, etc,Combined with subjective judgment,Determine whether or not to give credit.

  • 事中

    • The use of the provisions of money,The operation of the traditional financial services is to set up the special account.

    • 风险管理.

    • Capital monitoring.

  • 事后

    • 追偿,Liquidation of the collateral.

    • 信用记录,Limit the customer's service scope.

    • Back to measuring adjustment model.

一个 DAO The identity of the ideal paradigm in financial company as a legal person shall be similar to the real world,With independent property rights,The commercial rights independently.

  • Independent property rights

    • Control is an open,No separate entities can control DAO Fiscal Treasury,But to determine the way of governance to determine capital running.

    • Most of the assets and liabilities are chain,Can choose to open or not.

    • Business sustainable,Members can flow,是独立品牌,Does not depend on an individual and exist.

  • The commercial rights independently

    • The commercial rights independently,With commercial credit.

    • Independent business responsibility.

At present credit business in the chain of trouble

The scope of credit business in accordance with the size of which can be roughly divided into retail users and institutions,To the credit business institutions,规模大,利润高,Cost of financial service providers have an incentive to spend more to collect information,而对于零售客户,The high cost of the financial service provider to collect information,Collect information cost of time and energy are limited.TrueFi Is the first operate decentralized unsecured credit platform,Is currently the largest one,Its now only do agency business,The customer is only more than ten institutions.

其业务模式是,用户将 TUSD 投入到 TrueFi Platform in the pool,There is demand the borrower submitted,经由 TRU People who pledge after review credit,由 TRU Pool approved loans.在这个过程中,TrueFi The white list of review and TRU The pledge who decide to vote,但是 TRU Pledge of judgment in the very great degree is TrueFi 的 Credit models give TrueFi Credit rating,因此,该模型的核心是 TrueFi In a strict system of white list review prior to the borrower and the built-in credit model.

DID:Credit business of chain andDAOAs to the identity of the improve

TrueFi 业务流程图(数据来源:TrueFi 官网)

Due to the large range of customer information are collected and determine,TrueFi Selection scheme is strict white list censorship,To select a default probability is low,And can under the chain of recourse against the agency user.TrueFi Credit model are through the establishment of their own to participate in the chain of the construction of credit score.When we consider TrueFi The condition of large-scale expansion,Can perceive clearly the main bottleneck of credit business development at this stage chain,即Large-scale users to identify and recover the issue.

尽管很多 DID Projects are interested users to identify the problems in the financial sector,But for the moment is still in very early stage,There exist some problems in the various protocols are,Is not a large-scale application of the agreement.Recover the problem including DID Do you want into the chain of identity and data,As well as the field level problem.LTO Network Is a compound block chain platform,He authentication credentials on the underlying design chain system,Choose the identity to strengthen the chain link to real world data on the commercial availability,这是一条路径.After joined the chain of identity and data,Real users are in reality can be confirmed to the,But it will also appear some new problems,Such as small customer default event,At the field level is difficult to through legal or other means to recover the.未来的 DID Is not included in the identity and data under the chain,It is not clear now,但是单靠 DID Really can't solve the problem of recovery.

DID 的改善

DID By a credit scoring system based information and improve the various aspects of credit business in.

  • Prior information collection and subjective judgment

    • DID Is mainly used to supplement the information collection of the credit business in advance link,Under the chain environment,通过 DID Records of documents and data read user information for preliminary assessment user.Such as the user's historical repayment history,Chain activity records,Social contact and so on all can be used as the initial information for DeFi 协议评估.

    • 通过 DID Record the behavior of the data(Interactions with the certain agreement,参与的 DAO 等),DeFi Agreement also can let the salesman or some kind of Token The pledge of the subjective judgment,辅助决策.

  • Things for capital lock and monitoring

    • DID 结合 DeFi,Can stipulate the use of money,Through customized chain contract guarantee money to.

    • In the chain can constantly monitor the funds flow to,And record things behave,反映到 DID 上,In the matter to the DID 提供元数据.

  • After the credit records

    • In the event of default,Information recorded on the chain,在一个 DID In the perfect ecological,Will affect its subsequent can enjoy the welfare of the,And directly affect the next credit application,Is a kind of after the event of default behavior to make corresponding disposal methods.If a default record and the influence of the consequences is strong enough,A constraint can be formed on borrowers,But it depends on the construction of the ecological.

  • Can't improve the scene

    • Under the chain of recourse against the accountability:单靠 DID And there's no way to solve the problem of recovery,This involves chain under collection,Legal and other many difficult problems in the chain,更不是 DID Want to solve the key.

    • Data collection problem of the chain:Access data under chain means that an entity need to trust,而这是 DID 薄弱的地方,How to interaction with chain under data,Still is the difficulty.

    • Chain on the collection:Chain collection difficult,Losses after the difficult to recover the,DID A credit scoring system reduces the default motive,But it does not solve the problem of collection.

DID 确定的 DAO Financial status can be improved DeFi 的很多问题,This new customer range,也需要 DeFi 为其提供金融服务,因为这种 DID Natural life in the real world financial system,Traditional financial institutions is difficult to develop service in a short time DAO 的框架,也就意味着只有 DeFi To these DAO Provide financial services they need chain.

  • User identification problem

    • 一个正常运行的 DAO,Data should have rich chain,This is credit basis.

    • DAO Economic activity can offer its credit support,Similar to the company in the real world to future cash flows as reimbursement support,DAO Economic activity in theory will be continued,To a certain extent predictable.

  • Recovery from the financial problem

    • DAO The credit is very important,He directly affect their brand value and all the members of the credit,这对 DAO It is a constraint.

    • DAO 的违约,Can recover the future cash flow or intangible assets.

DID The present exploration

A credit scoring system

有很多 DID In the exploration on the financial data mining,To explore a credit scoring system can be widely used,目前来看,This provides financial services DID,Mainly rely on to an agreement,比如,TrueFi,Maple Finance Credit scoring model depends on their lending business,And keep white list review.Other focus on credit score DID 协议,All access to mainstream lending agreement,By mainstream lending agreement repayment records to give chains such as credit score,比如 ARCx According to the user and DeFi Interaction of the agreement to give credit score.

DID Agreement if you want to make a breakthrough on the financial status,Need to solve the problem of interaction with chain under data,当下的 DID Agreement and no data under the chain of good support,Link chain of social media is only a small portion of data under,尤其是金融方面,The significance of social data is not very big.How to interact with the chain under a wider range of data will be DID To explore the direction of the,Chain under the financial data of cover will help DID On the financial status of building go further.

DAO Financial status

There is no specially for DAO Provide financial status DID 协议,This paper argues that for DAO Standardize the financial status will be enormous demand.一个适应 DAO 特征的 DID 身份体系,将会把 DAO Assets and debt problems in some paradigm set,So as to realize the above-mentioned various financial operation.But it seems,The identity system will mainly is financial.总得来说,DAO The organization form of need a financial model,并通过 DID 确定下来.

同时,DAO 在发展中,Its members will also be facing similar to DAO 的问题.The reaction of the real world is slow,一个全职的 DAO Members want to get the real world of financial services exist difficulties.DAO The global employment,Identity in the local may not be agree with,It is hard to by itself in the income of the chain in the traditional financial services such as mortgage credit.并且,DAO Members of the credit is on the chain,Traditional financial in a short period of time is difficult to access the credit system,The flow of credit and the value of the flow are fragmented.DID 在未来的发展过程中,Will also be gradually solved DAO The status of the members.

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