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Wu Hequan: Web 3.0 will not be popularized to the public, and the Metaverse will not be the next generation of Internet

2022-08-04 23:20:04The Way of the Metaverse

The Metaverse is still a niche market and cannot represent the next generation of the Internet

Source: Beijing News Shell Finance

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Original title: "Wu Hequan: Web 3.0 will not be popularized to the public, and the Metaverse will not be the next generation Internet"

On the afternoon of August 4th, at the 2022 Beijing News Shell Finance Summer Summit "How far is the next generation Internet from us" digital technology theme forum, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, China InternetWu Hequan, director of the advisory committee of the association, talked about his understanding of hot topics such as web3.0 and the Metaverse in his keynote speech.He said that web 3.0 is more of an evolutionary version of web 2.0, and cannot take on the heavy responsibility of the next-generation Internet.The Metaverse is still a niche market, and the prospects are not yet clear enough to represent the next generation of the Internet.

Wu Hequan said that web 1.0 was the Internet of PCs. At that time, the portal was mainly used as the center. Using a web browser, users could obtain content from the Internet in one direction. The main applications includeBrowsing and searching are generally passively accepted by users.web2.0 is the mobile Internet. At this time, the Internet platform becomes the center and becomes the dominant player. At this time, users interact in two ways, but there is also the problem of platform monopoly. Users submit some works online, but it is difficult to guarantee their rights.Now some people call it the Internet of Value in web 3.0. It is actually decentralized, or user-centric. The main supporting technologies are blockchain, digital identity authentication, and digital currency. Compared with web 2.0, at this timeUsers have ownership and value rights to the online works they submit.

Wu Hequan believes that web 3.0 is an improvement to web 2.0, which provides confirmation of rights for the works created by users on the Internet and realizes the sharing of interests between the platform and users.its positive side.However, the proportion of bloggers who actually want to publish their works online is relatively small relative to the total number of netizens, and processes such as ownership certification and rights sharing also require costs.Therefore, web3.0 is not just needed, at least it will not be popularized to the public, so it cannot bear the heavy task of being the next generation Internet.

About the Metaverse, Wu Hequan pointed out that the Metaverse blurs the boundaries between simulation and reality. Based on VR, AR, and MR technologies, it integrates user avatars, content production, social interaction,Online games, virtual currencies pay for these cyberspaces.Although the word Metaverse is very new, its technology is actually the integration of modern information technology, which involves 5G, IP network, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, digital currency, Internet of Things, human-computer interactionWait, but it's more demanding of these technologies, and it's unlikely that the metaverse will become a reality within a few years.

In addition, Wu Hequan said that the prospect of the Metaverse is not clear enough. At present, the main exploration is consumer-oriented applications, including cultural tourism, games, and sensory interaction. In the future, it will be at the industrial level., can also include applications such as digital creativity, virtual office space, etc.Compared with the current social media, VR, and AR, the business model of the Metaverse has not changed fundamentally, so the Metaverse is still a niche market.Therefore, the metaverse will develop in the future, but it does not represent the mainstream Internet. The statement that "the next generation of Internet is mainly the metaverse" will definitely not hold.

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