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Multi-dimensional exploration of the most potential metaverse: Comparison of the three giants of Animoca Brands, Yuga Labs, and Gala

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2021 year is the first year of the metaverse,从 Facebook Determine the renamed Meta 开始,A single spark has been start a prairie fire.Both inside and outside the circle, there has been a wave of Metaverse upsurge,当潮水退去后,To find out who's swimming naked.

从我个人角度看,The universe is the yuan RMB game as the center of the universe,Animoca Brands、Yuga Labs、Gala It can be called the three phantom gods in this field,According to its own development direction,A multiverse of different elements was born,分别以 Sandbox、OtherSide、VOXverse as a representative of the three.

Sandbox:Animoca Brands Metaverse,Use voxels as the base style for building the world,并以 PGC、UGC A mode of coexistence to create an open world,整体更像是 Minecraft 与 Roblox 在 Web3 的结合体.

Otherside:Yuga Labs The most luxurious open metaverse ever built,拥有 BAYC、CryptoPunks high net worth、High-adhesion user group,Use the strongest technology to achieve thousands of people online.

VOXverse:Gala 联手 Unity 创建的元宇宙,与 Sandbox same voxel style,On the current content structures in the official offer scenarios,The subject content is also taken from Gala Well-known chain games under the ecology,complementary as content.

The following will conduct objective fundamental analysis from multiple dimensions.


Animoca Brands:The creator of the multiverse in the encrypted world,the vast majority of the metaverse、Behind the chain game and its related upstream and downstream technology companies Animoca Brands 的身影,The company number up to be 340 多家.recently completed a 7530 万美元的融资,Valuation of the company is 59 亿美元.

In an environment of tighter monetary policy,Still able to raise a large amount of capital,可见 Animoca Brands The growth of the company is affirmed by the capital market.Animoca Brands owes its success to its co-founder and chairman Xiao Yi(Yat Siu),His wit and courage,Firmly seize the opportunity given by the times,Godfather of the Metaverse.

他在 2018 年就投资了 Dapper Labs、The Sandbox 、OpenSea wait for such a giant,They were seed stage companies at the time,Their valuations are unbelievable today.

Animoca Brands Not only has its own metaverse project,Another metaverse giant to follow Yuga Labs It is also one of its investment targets , Investing in it is not only about capital,It also provides in-depth support and cooperation in ecological resources.

图 1 Animoca Brands 生态项目 (来源:Animoca Brands 官网)

Yuga Labs:BAYC 的创始团队,从 2021 年 4 月到 2022 年 3 月完成的一笔 4.5 亿美金的融资,Do the valuation in one year 40 亿美金,And in the whole investment team Coinbase、马克库班、Sandbox、FTX、Tiger Global And so on well-known angels and institutions.

In addition, the entire team is responsible for brand building、品牌推广、The executives of the operation strategy are all serving Apple in the industry、Google、Nike Waiting for the veterans of traditional factories.根据 Nansen 的统计数据,In royalties to reach 1.479 亿美金,This crypto winter is for Yuga Labs not cold.

图 2 Yuga Labs Royalty situation (来源:Nansen 推特)

Gala:Have star CEO 的团队,walking a unique road.Gala 由 Eric Schiermeyer(明星 CEO,Zynga 和 MySpace 创始人),Wright Thurston(One of the first miners in the crypto space,Has a number of blockchain patents),以及 Michael McCarthy(游戏创意总监,如 Farmville 2) 3 co-founded by people,Both are veterans of the gaming industry and cryptography.

从 的信息看,Gala No public financing information,early may have Zynga 的资金支持.除此之外,Sell ​​through its nodes,Gala enough funds to sustain its growth.The current price of a founder node is 1,583,897 个 $GALA(约合 95033 美金).

Based on third-party data,截至 1 月 11 日,Gala Games earned from node sales 5.1 亿美元和 8,681.8 ETH.Focus on each boutique game,building a blockchain Steam 平台.

与前两者不同的是,Gala I prefer to enlarge the layout,除了游戏之外,艺术、音乐、Movies and all things digital life will touch.

图 3 Gala 标语 (来源:Gala 官网)


图 4 元宇宙中的内容 IP

以上所列的 IP Only those involved in the project itself or appearing in the promotional video IP,Contains no parent company cooperation IP.其中 OthersideMeta 和 VOXverse almost all of its own IP,这点上 Sandbox 更甚一筹,Cooperation across Web2 的各个领域,have luxury、名人、音乐、游戏、娱乐、traditional institutions, etc.,Maximum radiation for all aspects of the user.

Of course there are some IP Cooperation is done only by purchasing land,But the complementary exposure has also gained a lot of attention,After all, any planted seed has the potential to grow into a towering tree.


Judging from the promotional videos or beta materials that have been launched so far,The fastest project is Sandbox,Two rounds have been completed Alpha 版本测试.

in the upcoming third round of testing,It will bring more game scenes and branding.Sandbox The technical team not only has a lot of investment in ontology engineering,在 VoxEdit(道具设计)和 Game Maker(The rules of the game design)spare no effort in the development of tools,就像 Steam the same as the creative workshop,UGC It must be an indispensable part of the whole ecological construction.

VOXverse 和 Otherside is relatively slow,The former is currently selling different themes NFT 环节,On the one hand it was just announced and Unity co-created plan,另一方面 Gala Most of the games in the ecosystem are still in the development and closed beta stages,等走到 VOXverse This step will take time.

图 5 Otherside First Trip 性能测试(来源:Otherside 官推)

Otherside 目前在 7 月进行的 First Trip In the internal test of performance, the expected effect is perfectly achieved,Achieved thousands of people online,And test users can also run in the world、跳跃、dance, etc.,This is thanks to Yuga Labs 选择 Improbable 作为 Otherside 的开发商,Make it unique in terms of basic performance.

On Product Design Capability Again,Sandbox The main creative team has nearly 10 年的行业经验,作为 Sandbox The two predecessors of the mobile game sandbox have achieved a record of one million downloads,Also in the same type of voxel project,Sandbox The finest degree is first-rate.

本次 Alpha The test will issue 10000 个 Pass,持续 10 周,共有 90 Showcase of multiple projects.The gameplay also continues in the past to complete the exploration according to the requirements、解谜、击杀、collection tasks,Just the theme will change.值得一提的是 BAYC also appeared in this test .

图 6 The Sandbox Alpha Season3(来源:The Sandbox 官推)

无独有偶,Gala The main creative team also has an impressive historical record,Gala 的 CEO Eric Schiermeye It's an old gun in the social circle and game circle,曾创办 MySpace 和 Zynga,其中 Zynga 制作的 CityVille 霸榜 Facebook,To live tens of millions,The entire company was then Take 2 收购.

由此可见,明星 CEO And star team know how to make users love work.在后来的 Gala 产品体系中,Town Star It is also a business chain tour that everyone talks about,Whether it is from the gameplay or the style of production, people can't put it down,现在 Town Star 的 NFT 已经集成进了 VOXverse 中.

Otherside Although only performance tests were performed,Currently unable to demonstrate its product design capabilities,But combined with its overall brand operation and design,“猿” The universe is still worth looking forward to.


How to define the malleability of the metaverse,I define it as the interoperability between the multiverse and the mutual extension of virtual world and real world.

Talking about interoperability between multiverses,Animoca Brands 与 Yuga Labs 达成深度合作,旗下子公司 Forj(前 Bondly)可为 Sandbox 与 Otherside Provide a bridge for interoperability.

当你在 Otherside 中拥有一个 Ape,in another metaverse Sandbox you'll have a voxel version of Ape,This strong binding alliance will make the consensus between the universes tighter,宇宙中的 NFT The basic value is more reliable.

在本次公布的 Alpha Season 3 宣传片中,BAYC has been integrated Sandbox 的元宇宙.(视频链接:

图 7 BAYC 在 Sandbox 中的展现(来源:Sandbox 官方宣传片)

Then there is the extension of the metaverse and the real world,Sandbox 与 BAYC 是做的最好的,But there are differences,前者是 To B 的延伸,助力 Web2 brand direction Web3 延伸,At the same time also let their radiation Web2;

后者则是 To C 的延伸,Support for real world use ApeCoin 消费,Promote the development of offline community building,It is also an extension of the consensus of the two worlds.

图 8 The malleability of the metaverse

反观 VOXverse,它是一种将 Gala A metaverse where all projects under the ecology are integrated.由于 Gala 是一个开放的平台,除了 Gala Games,还拓展了 Gala Film 和 Gala Music,High-quality projects are likely to enter in the future VOXverse.

It has no connections to other metaverses,但是 Gala Its own openness also indirectly extends VOXverse 的边际.(视频链接:


$SAND:总量 30 亿枚,current liquidity 12.84 亿.在 Sandbox used in any role $SAND 的场景,Game creators can use $SAND Build a prize pool or lease land;玩家可以使用 $SAND 参与游戏,Earn rewards or buy in-game assets;

Landlords can pass $SAND to bid for land;The success or failure of this conventional economic system depends on the entire Sandbox Whether the entertainment and gameplay of the world can meet the psychological expectations of players and are willing to pay for tickets.

$APE:总量 10 亿枚,current liquidity 3.06 亿.APE Tokens, as a whole “猿” The main token of the ecology of the universe,Currently in addition to governance voting,No other substantial effect,Occasionally some offline scenarios can be used for payment,比如订阅《时代周刊》Or dine at the Boring Ape Restaurant.

Token distribution plan,1.5 亿枚(15%)of tokens with no lock-up period were airdropped to BAYC 和 MAYC 的持有者;剩下的 47% 给了 DAO 和国库,向公众开放;16% 给了 Yuga Labs,8% To the founding team,两者均为 1 年锁定期;剩下 14% For the contributors,The above all have different degrees of batch unlocking.

After half a year of market adjustment,Distance between the highest price 28 The dollar has fallen 75.7%.目前距离 Yuga Labs And in the hands of founding team 2.4 There is still nearly half a year to unlock.

$GALA:总量 500 亿枚,current liquidity 69.77 亿.用户可以通过 $GALA Tokens to buy games on the platform NFT play or buy GALA 节点,A kind of node POS Nodes can produce $GALA 代币,每年的 7 月 21 日,output will be halved.

当 $GALA When the coin appreciates,It will drive the purchase enthusiasm of nodes,The number of nodes is also limited,售完为止,And once sold, it does not support secondary market transactions.对于 $GALA 来说,Only maintain the quality of the game and user experience,使之 NFT Rising value and node value,才能形成一个正向循环.

目前 GALA Games displayed on the platform include 14 款,The much-anticipated MOBA 类游戏 Spider Tanks 已进入 Beta 公测阶段(视频链接:,Focus on token performance after outstanding games go live.


for all metaverse projects,The biggest risk is that the concept is too much ahead of the actual and the belief continues to be consumed for too long,Can not stand the market changes and finally die.

To specific to see,The above three risks are different,Sandbox As a federal state,Any of these games are presented as voxels,Gameplay is also Game Maker (The rules of the game design)expand under the settings,So to a certain extent it is a limited freedom;

In contrast to VOXverse material provided GALA Ecology is more like a confederation or an international organization,Some standards can freely express,more blooming.

“猿” The universe is like an authoritarian state,The source of belief in the whole world is BAYC,而拥有 BAYC holders are the elites of the world,Their words and deeds determine the direction of development.


图 9 Comparisons of the Metaverse

The outbreak began, social distance between people,It also confirms the necessity of the existence of the Metaverse.Throughout the existing metaverse, each has its own advantages and disadvantages,But still can't get rid of MMORPG 的影子.

I believe that the mature metaverse in the future will not be limited to game-centric,will be extended to all aspects of life and work,Create more jobs and additional income,bring about a new economy.The curtain just opened,好戏即将登场.

关于 Unity Technologies

The world's leading production and operations interactive real-time 3D (RT3D) 内容的平台.We will unleash the creativity of creators.Across industries and around the world.

关于 Improbable

This is a company focusing on the underlying technology of super-large games,Designed to solve high concurrency in large scenarios、Technical issues with high throughput and reduced latency,Because of its solid technical ability,还获得了 A16Z、网易、淡马锡、Softbank capital investment, etc.

图 10 Improbable 的融资情况 (来源

关于 Forj(前 Bondly)

Animoca Brands 旗下的子公司,brings together music from、娱乐、游戏和 NFT Creators and fans of various industries,There are also products and services designed to support the entire blockchain ecosystem to help brands land in various metaverses.

图 11 Forj 旗下 Metaprint 的业务示例       


[1] Animoca Brands Raised in crypto winter 7500 万美元,and raised its valuation to 59 亿美元,

[2] 为 The Sandbox Alpha 第 3 季做好准备,

[3] 迪拜虚拟资产监管局 (VARA) 进入 The Sandbox And become the first asset regulator with a Metaverse headquarters,

[4] Yuga Labs 收购了CryptoPunks和Meebits,and plans to grant corresponding commercial rights to the community,

[5] Gucci be the first to accept ApeCoin Payment of the,

[6] 视频采访:与 Improbable 的联合创始人兼首席执行官 Herman Narula 一起进入元宇宙,

[7] Galaverse Europe 22,

[8] 探索 VOXverse,

[9] 蜘蛛坦克 路线图,

[10] Gala Games 和 C² Ventures 启动了1 A $100 Million Fund to Accelerate the Development of Blockchain Games,

[11] Town Star Get the best blockchain game,


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