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V Shen issued an article to discuss different types of ZK-EVM

2022-08-04 19:03:35Carbon News

Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, published a paper discussing different types of ZK-EVM and ZK-EVM-like projects, and the trade-offs between them.Buterin describes a taxonomy of different "types" that are equivalent to multiple EVMs, and the benefits and costs of trying to implement each type.Buterin concluded that, personally, I hope that over time, through a combination of improvements in ZK-EVM and improvements in Ethereum itself, to make it more ZK-SNARK friendly, everything will become Type 1 (Fully equivalent to Ethereum).In such a future, we will have multiple ZK-EVM implementations that can be used both for ZK rollups and for validating the Ethereum chain itself.In theory, Ethereum does not need to standardize on using a single ZK-EVM implementation for Layer 1; different clients can use different proofs, so we continue to benefit from code redundancy.However, it will take quite a while to realize such a future.At the same time, we will see many innovations in the different paths of scaling Ethereum and Ethereum-based ZK-rollups.

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