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Will CEX be the end of the cross-chain bridge?

2022-08-04 13:33:14golden finance

撰写:Marco Manoppo

Mobile encryption in block chain network assets is difficult,However, as the encryption assets and chain block industry mature,Web3 The world will become more chain is changed,Various blocks, chain network according to specific requirements and usage is optimized.然而,It also increases the asset owners in transfer of assets between different network the risk.仅在去年,就有超过 10 Billions of dollars from a variety of encryption currency used on the bridge——而前几天,We have witnessed a called Nomad The bridge across the chain stolen about 2 亿美元.


This event is unique in,It does not require deep technical knowledge,The cause of the incident and evil people mixed up participants,Almost any understanding of block trading operation model of the chain can be attacked,Simply copy and paste the original attacker's effective transaction data is ok.

在这一点上,Almost all the existing bridge across the chain has been used in one way or another.Some survived,While others never really recovered to former glory.I'm not an expert network,I'm just here states the working principle of cross link bridge,其重要性,缺点,And put forward my thoughts on its future changes,Because encryption monetary assets has matured.

Across the chain bridge is how it works?

从字面上看,Just like the meaning of the word itself,Cross link bridge between multiple block chain network "连接 "加密货币资产.This trend can be said to be in 2020 年初开始的,因为多个 L1 The development of the ecological system and the competition for market share,Invite people to their space to,And try something they provide.

Usually these cross link bridge through packaged tokens in the intelligent contract,On the other chain issue,At the same time ensure that the user's packaging tokens can always one-on-one redemption to local assets,让我们来看看一个具体的例子.

包装比特币(WBTC)Bridge is one of the most popular across chain assets,The nature of the bridge across the chain is centralized and managed.The user from the currency block chain BTC,Received in the etheric fang block chain WBTC,一种 ERC-20 代币.BitGo 是 WBTC 的托管人,我们需要通过 BitGo 进行 KYC The process to redeem WBTC.此外,And a group of partners,They hold all the deposit and the casting BTC Sign the keys.在这种情况下,The user can verify chain data,查看是否是 1:1 支持的.


一般来说,Bridge across the chain can be divided into trusted bridge across different chain bridge and no letter chain.

The former means that the bridge across the chain need to rely on a centralized entity to work,如上面 WBTC 的例子所示.Users need to trust the centralized custody institution of security,To ensure their bridge assets in the user wants to redeem the native tokens, there are enough liquidity.在这种情况下,Risk is centralized entity of hooliganism and incompetent safety management.

The latter means across a link bridge depends on the intelligence contract.The safety of the user needs to trust the underlying block chain and write in the above intelligent contract,In order to realize the function of the bridge across the chain.在这种情况下,Risk is a poorly written code,黑客,New attack vector or previously neglected.

此外,There is also a bridge without trust,它结合了 AMM,Basically created a more seamless across chain exchange experience.Compared with the traditional pattern of bridge,The efficiency of this model generally much higher.然而,It is still a no trust mode,With the intelligent contract risks inherent in the.


对于黑客来说,Encryption currency across chain bridge like bee flowers.As the world becomes more and more many chain,Total value of the assets and encryption,( DeFi TVL 的增加),The attack on the bridge across the chain to more benefits will get more.截至 2022 年 8 月 2 日,有超过 200 Million dollars is locked in multiple bridge.


你会相信 20-30 At the age of founder and a less than 10 Person's team was able to resist the national hackers?(Axie-Ronin,Harmony)


The thought of school

Vitalik 曾经认为,The future will be more chain,It will not be a cross chain.His basic thought,Living in a different chain of decentralized applications can produce complex interdependence between multiple chain relationship,据此,Just a chain 51%Attack will have a significant contagion effect,威胁到整个生态系统的经济.

Not only is a security risk,Token economics also need to decide how to treat their tokens in the case of different chain.There will be demand supply problems,To ensure that the original token economics framework,To ensure the tokens of the rate of inflation will not be cross chain material impact.

Bridge across the chain of the savior

具有讽刺意味的是,Rescue the word may be one of the most negative description for Wall Street firms to the mainstream media,The company messed up,需要政府(或沃伦-巴菲特)Provide some assistance.但现在,Encryption currency at lightning speed to repeat TradFi 的错误:

  • Wormhole 3.2 $by hackers attack——Jump Trading 施以援手.

  • Ronin ( Axie ) 6.24 $by hackers attack——Binance, Animoca, a16z, Accel, Paradigm, Dialectic  Participate in the assistance.

  • Harmony Bridge 1 亿美元的黑客攻击 ——抬高 ONE 代币的价格,以补偿受害者(Is actually the community help set the project).

  • Poly Network 遭受 6.11 亿美元黑客攻击 ——Fortunately, hackers to return the money.

In the above four cases,The result is the best Poly Network,Because hackers eventually returned almost all the stolen money.然而,If we encounter attack,Or need capital relief,Either rely on the hacker's kindness,So what we do here?

我们通过 CEX Or trusted chain across the bridge to "桥接 "Isn't it better to assets?

These entities are more supervision,There are auditable reserves,Be prosecuted, the founder of the,以及(希望)Had better service.

当然,你可以说,CEX And trusted bridge across the chain can stop at any time you visit their services,Especially when they are a lot of pressure regulator.Although this is one hundred percent correct,But without the bridge across the chain of trust also may be forced to do similar things,Although much smaller,例如阻止 IP Address or tag transactions from blacklist purse.归根到底,When encryption currency is worth 10 亿用户时,这些 dApps 的 99%The consumers don't really care about across what is the mode of chain bridge,They just want to as soon as possible、最安全、The most reliable way to transfer their assets.

我想,当 USDC/USDT Find a way to exchange across the chain,并在 G-20 When countries integrate fiat export,The game is the end of the basic.


Our goal is to create a decentralized financial ecological system,But when a leak occurs,We are likely to need to rely on the government to retrieve the money.如果是这样的话,Why don't we believe there is an endorsement of CEX 呢?是的,They may be slower when using the new chain,But if the end result is the same,而且随着 CEX 被监管,It is likely to be safer,So it's not just against the original purpose of?

我预测,With trillions of money "真正的 "Agency will tend to CEX And trusted chain across the bridge,Not no trust.因此,Although there is no trust across chain bridge market will still be there,But activities will be mainly driven by speculators,They want to find them in latest fortress and chain Meme 币.

现在发生的事情,再加上 Vitalik Views on the future of many chain,We may need to rethink the herald a cross link bridge design、Concept and usage.

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