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ENS Nuggets Handbook: How to Spot Trends and Monitor Expired Domain Names?

2022-08-03 18:35:30Sina Finance-Blockchain

Written by: Karen Reprinted from Golden Finance

In "ENS Nuggets Handbook [Part 1]: Where are the opportunities for latecomers?", we have sorted out the most noteworthy types of domain names and domain name opportunities. This article will summarize ENS tools that can help discover domain name trends, batch query and registration, improve transaction experience, and monitor expired domain names.

ENS.Vision is a powerful ENS trading market and tool, from personal domain profile to domain name query (bulk search, expiration), batch registration, to trend discovery (domain classification, transaction status) and shopping cart transaction experience, the functions are very comprehensive.

In terms of transactions, the platform will charge a 1.5% fee (the OpenSea platform fee is 2.5%), and also add portals to ENS DApp, OpenSea, LooksRare and X2Y2, as well as shopping carts,Watchlist, latest sales, latest listings, highest bids, and more.

In addition, ENS.Vision also provides domain name bulk search (Bulk Search) and batch registration services, you can manually enter multiple domain names, or you can import and search in txt files,The registrations and expirations of these domain names are displayed.Regarding the batch registration of domain names, ENS.Vision said that this feature will save 30% of the gas fee compared to ENS DApp, but will charge 20% of the fee.

ENS.Vision also makes a more detailed classification of domain name categories, such as 10k Club, 999 Club, female first name, male first name, last name, English noun, 3, 4 or5-letter words, triple Emoji, etc., will assist in judging domain name trends.

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ENS.Tools can help users find potentially expired ENS domains, and also add filters such as length, expiration, letters or numbers only, but some advanced filters require membershipNFT to unlock.

Website link: link:

ENS Registration and User Data Dashboard:

About to be released ENS domain name and real-time domain name registration:

Digital ENS Domain Name Dashboard:

ENS Whale Ranking:

ENS Revenue Dashboard:

Additional ENS dashboards published by ENS core developer makoto:

As described in "ENS Nuggets Manual [Part 1]", ENS official DApp supports setting NFT as Avatar, adding personal profile information, setting primary domain name and importing DNS domain nameIn addition to ENS, ENS DApp also supports the domain name collection function. You can check the expiration status at any time by adding the domain name you follow to your favorites.At the same time, we can also query the domain name held by a certain account.

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ENS Ideas is a relatively simple domain name real-time registration update website, which also allows direct search of domain names and directs to ENS DApp.

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OpenSea, Gem, and LooksRare have added filters such as registration date, character length, letters, numbers, Emoji, and expiration to the ENS domain name series, which were acquired by OpenSea in April this year.Gem's NFT marketplace aggregation platform Gem also offers custom filters for categories such as 999 Club and 3L, as well as bulk buying capabilities.

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