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Metaverse starts the battle for "standard": overseas alliances have been established one after another, and domestic policies have been boosted

2022-08-03 18:33:39Sina Finance-Blockchain

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  The universe in yuan under the condition of market participation main body has enough,Industry norms and standards of the state is still in the absence of.

  In the giant rushed to layout yuan in the war in the universe,“标准”Become the new key words.

  近日,The Sandbox、DecentralandYuan, such as the universe, andWeb3Enterprise jointly sponsored by the“Web3开放元宇宙联盟”(Open Metaverse Alliance of Web3,简称OMA3),The goal of the organization was established including industry“标准化”.

  不久前,由微软、Meta、英伟达等Web2In the era of science and technology giant set up“元宇宙标准论坛”(Metaverse Standards Forum),华为、百度、中国电信、OPPOSuch as science and technology enterprises in China is also the organization's member companies.据媒体The block报道,OMA3Or plans to join the universe standard BBS.

  The two standards organization in,Enterprise members circle,Focus on the yuan universe standard areas, with emphasis on.在Web2巨头FacebookThe company name changed toMeta之后,It has some users of digital assets centralized characterWeb3Enterprises put forward its yuan universe”造假“的质疑.

  The standard how to define,The parties also discuss,Even at odds.

  True and false yuan of the universe

  从OMA3And the business context to yuan universe standard BBS,They have obviously different,前者主要是Web3新兴企业,The latter is more aWeb2时代的科技巨头.The universe from two organizations public expression of yuan vision also see,In the direction of the power on the standards also has the difference.

  OMA3According to official announcement,Alliance toDAO的模式运作,Standards set by the ownership will be real,Aim for mutual interoperability and real-time.Want to build an open yuan universe,Allow the user to cross-platform independently owned and use digital assets、Identity and personal data.

  Yuan universe standard BBS involved technology mainly include3D渲染、用户创建内容、AR/VR/XR人机交互、数字孪生、Geographical spatial system.

  Conflux Co-founder yuan-chieh chang said:“On the yuan universe standard very broad,From the aspect of hardware graphics chips,To the software level digital asset proof will be involved in.Standards can reduce the cost synergies of yuan universe participants,Make the data island mutual melting each other.There is currently no particularly pronounced yuan universe standard landing performance,Mainly rely on enterprise through market competition to grope for the answer.”

  《链新》From yuan universe standard BBS member enterprises in China to know,“元宇宙标准论坛”Union industry association shall be formulated by the focus on open standardsKhronos Group创办,For businesses open declaration,Alliance itself is not organize and release standard,旨在进行“The broader industry coordination and communication”,The current domestic companies have not substantive cooperation and research of the alliance.

  元宇宙游戏第一股Roblox在2021Publicly listed in the prospectus and presented to the eight elements of the universe must be,分别是身份、社交、沉浸感、低延迟、多元化、随时随地、经济系统和文明.

  For the yuan strategic renamed the universeMeta的FacebookHave been in the industry“掺假”的质疑.区块链游戏公司Animoca Brands创始人Yat SiuIn an interview with the media in public“打假”:“FacebookIs to do a fake yuan universe,It is just a beautiful Disneyland,In which the user can't really have assets、构建商业.”

  去年以来,Yuan universe concept in the capital market has become increasingly hot, AShares many listed companies was suspected of the concept of rub,Respects were also exchange information its yuan business related universe.

  莫塞MOSSAIYuan universe founder Wang Linchuan think,Yuan in addition to the universe should have generative、涌现性、The characteristics such as openness and sustainability,Discrimination is an important difference between true and false yuan universe“Information ontology”,No ontological yuan the universe must be fake.

  所谓“Information ontology”,In real dollars in the universe,Information is the existence of similar material first.Wang Linchuan said:“The blazers WuKun information philosophy professor20Many years ago laid the philosophical basis for yuan universe,Yuan universe to long-term development,Its philosophical foundation is necessarily information ontology.Block the development of chain technology make information with the existence of a similar material.”

  The consensus of yuan universe form:岛屿=网站?

  Companies both at home and abroad about yuan on the practice of the universe,Common to all“岛屿”“土地”“房地产”等形态.基于区块链的元宇宙土地项目大量出现.

  The first foreign fire up yuan universe project,例如Decentraland、The Sandbox,Is to build a virtual reality platform in the etheric fang and chain,Attracted celebrities and famous brands to,Purchase of virtual land、To open virtual store,Yuan universe fashion week and concert and other activities,将游戏、创作、社交、Immersive experience elements such as fusion together.

  以The SandboxThe land as an example,The virtual land is based onERC-721标准生成的NFT数字资产,The player with virtual property is one of the owners of the yuan universe items,从而能够在The SandboxCreation of content and hold assets.

  2021年,The Sandbox虚拟土地销售额超过3.5亿美元,其中在12Clinch a deal on a virtual land ends430万美元的价格售出,Set the meta universe real estate price record.

  在国内,百度希壤、莫塞MOSSAISuch as Chinese enterprises and users platform has also begun to explore the yuan universe scene,Through virtual venue rental、Islands, etc,The introduction of many brands to,Marketing space and events.

  Wang Linchuan said:“If the web page(page),网站的站(site)Is a metaphor for the Internet age,那么,Islands which is a metaphor for the yuan to the universe.Yuan island universe is equivalent to the Internet site,There must be a unified standard in the future,Analog transmissionhttp标准,网页布局的html标准等.”

  According to Wang Linchuan,The practice of the current yuan island universe has abstract out the preliminary construction standards,Such as the island terrain、Island building above3D场景标准.As the age of the Internet is not only ahtml,Yuan island standards will not just3D场景标准,RMB will also contain the universe(化身)、财(数字支付)、物(数字资产)Many aspects, such as exchange of norms and standards.

  As head of domestic public chain system development,Yuan-chieh chang said:“Block chain as a decentralized distributed books,Is the most important function for the issue of digital assets.Digital asset proof standard of contract is the block chain enterprises to promote universal standards for the direction.”

  Policies to promote RMB cosmic standards

  根据市场研究机构NewzooThe latest release of a yuan universe report,过去一年里,Into yuan universe of companies from2021年7月份的200Home to now500多家.

  The universe in yuan under the condition of market participation main body has enough,Industry norms and standards of the state is still in the absence of,At present the main is the manner in which businesses and industry organizations rely on market competition naturally selected consensus scheme.

  今年4月,由深圳市信息服务业区块链协会组织起草的《基于区块链技术的元宇宙身份认证体系》《基于区块链技术的元宇宙支付清算体系》Two groups standard release,Is domestic first published yuan universe technology standard,Focusing on the yuan universe digital identity and payment and settlement areas.

  近期,A growing number of local policy file yuan universe industry development has been driven overweight,And the universe to accelerate yuan standard research into policy category.

  今年早些时候,Tongzhou district of Beijing released《关于加快北京城市副中心元宇宙创新引领发展的八条措施》指出,“支持企业、协会、Union participation at home and abroad yuan standards created the universe,Approved to release the international standard、National standards and industry standards unit reward.”

  日前,上海市人民政府办公厅发布《上海市培育“元宇宙”新赛道行动方案(2022-2025年)》(以下简称《行动方案》),More references to yuan standard universe.例如,“支持企业、科研机构参与国内外标准制定,聚焦数据、接口、平台、代码,完善相关标准和连接协议,实现标准的通用性和一致性.完善行业规范,加强近眼显示、终端产品对健康影响的研究,完善检验检测标准;探索虚拟数字身份和价值体系构成,研究数字身份、数字资产的跨界流通.”

  此外,《行动方案》Also noted industrial yuan universe:“支持企业建设基于多维感知、实时逆向建模等技术的智能制造孪生平台.推动高校、科研机构、企业共同打造产学研用协同创新平台.研究工业领域‘元宇宙’标准规则,推动数据、协议、规则统一,实现互联互通.”

  7月11日,Jiangxi province people's government issued on the implementation of the national standardization development outline of the implementation opinions.意见提到,Strengthen the virtual reality(VR)、增强现实(AR)And yuan future industry standards such as the research.


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