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How does Unilever play this game of chess in the Metaverse?

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As highlighted in the influence of various track,Yuan universe has become the industry's giants importance,Unilever is no exception.

在这一年里,Unilever has adopted a strategic step in yuan universe bureau,Brands are through合作伙伴关系、游戏和体验RMB to explore the universe.

As unileverWeb3 Collective项目主管Emily O'Brien所说:

“We are using our size and global image,For our business and the future lay the basis for some suitable for future.”

01DegreeVirtual marathon

In the study of digital fashion institute a global,60%People think that digital domain lack inclusive,This can lead to some online community marginalized.

And deodorant brandDegreeIn yuan in the universe through an inclusive marathon,A step for improving these problems.

4月,这项名为Degree MetathonVirtual marathon,覆盖了DecentralandLargest city of Las Vegas and sports area26.2Virtual miles.

比赛前,The embodiment of the participants can create,Including the wearable device,如假肢、Running the blade and wheelchair,This for disabled people to provide more representative.

Degree MetathonThere are many virtual classes,The course includes more accessible architecture,For example, the wheelchair ramp.

This activity lasted forDegree的增加The representative of moving target.比如在去年,DegreeIs introduced one kind of upper limb disabilities make it easier to use deodorant.

And after the event,DegreeCommitment will continue to build a more inclusive of the virtual world.

For example, for people with visual impairment to add audio description,Implement when creating the headThe binary options,As well as build a wider variety of body shapes and sizes, and so on.

02DoveThe virtual mother-to-child space

当然,In the yuan reflects the uniqueness in the universe more thanDegreeThe family brand.

Mothers, if want to interact with other treasure mom make useful,那么她们可以在Dove的Virtual mother-to-child spaceU-COINVille中做到这一点.

在那里,Mothers can beCare CaféShare parenting skills,在Baby Dove Real Care CenterHaving baby shower time,还可以社交、购物、Play and work to make money.

When exploring the virtual space,Mothers can pass try different function of them,To get the reward in real life、Vouchers and other rewards.

对此,Skin digital excellence, said:

“This kind of innovation in the field of real and virtual,Let us move forward toward a more progressive space.”

“在这个空间中,Mothers can not only nourish baby's skin,Can also make them thrive in every possible way.”

The unilever company in the PhilippinesBaby DoveBusiness performance director also added:

“实现我们的目标,And through our products to provide more meaningful connections chance,Has been our mission.”

“这次,Yuan enabled us to see the universe at the same time provide functional expertise and emotional connection real opportunity.”

03SunsilkThe virtual girl space

We not only provide nursing services for the treasure mom of virtual space,And virtual space of the exclusive in young girls.

比如,护发品牌Sunsilk就在Roblox平台上推出了Sunsilk City,Designed to provide a barrier-free space for female gamers,At the same time also provide inspiration to young girls.

In addition to the game's true role model,Sunsilk City的迷你游戏Sidewalk SuperstarsAlso encourages players toThe education on housework.

Another mini gameBlow Them Away,For players with the help of virtual blower against causes negative feelings to the female nasty.

Sunsilk CityAlso do our best to provide women with skills for the real world.

These skills through free online courses education players,Soft and hard skills are part of the course,To encourage them to dream.

由此,Unilever, vice President of global brandPurnima Lamba说:

“SunsilkDedicated to helping young women to set up confidence,Looking for new possibilities for their future.”

“There are so many young women to participate in the game in the world and virtual world wide possibilities,We see the contact in the form of a compelling and real good opportunity for a new generation of.”

04MagnumThe virtual museum

In addition to entertainment and learning,The possibility of virtual space still have a lot of.

6月, 雪糕品牌MagnumIntroduced virtual museumMagnum Pleasure Museum,展出了Magnum与画家、Original artwork for designers and sculptors cooperation.

Users while on a tour of the museum,Still have a chance in the virtual vending machine orderMagnum,How will see ice cream in the future may be ordered.

At the end of the virtual experience,The ice cream will be sent to them,This virtual world into reality,Let the user experience by super futuristic food shopping experience.

For this link,MagnumMarketing manager said:

“Our ice cream business now,Yuan has gone through the universe has been a huge success.This is a unique way,In a new space,And other brands and industry leaders.”

之后,MagnumHead of global e-commerce added:

“Our first step into the virtual world,Shows the brand's rich artistic history,And the future of the consumer journey,Finally, a real lifeMagnumIce cream ending.”

“对于Magnum来说,Yuan universe can bring creativity, innovation and new consumer interaction.”

05联合利华,Pilot yuan universe

Unilever's brands for yuan attempt and innovation of the universe,In to help unilever sailed along in this new world.

而Emily O'Brien在最后说道:

“Our consumers are already immersed in yuan in the universe,Spend more time on the virtual experience,Allow them to explore their own passion,参与文化活动,And to interact with like-minded community.”

“This is a good opportunity for brand,But they must provide consumers with the real utility,而不是随大流.”

“We are shaping unilever unique way,To ensure that our brand truly appeared in the virtual world,Let people feel safe and have value in our space.”

“As unilever,我们有机会、Also have the responsibility to influence industry,Play a leadership role in front.”


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