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Aether Seven Days Talk • 2022/8/2

2022-08-03 13:47:05ETH Chinese Network



第六次 Goerli 影子分叉

在 Goerli/Prater Before the merger will be the sixth time's Goerli 影子分叉 (GSF) 测试,计划触发 TTD Consolidation time is 8 月 4 日,在 ACD 之前.

GSF6 的配置:

EL 浏览器:

CL 浏览器:




根据 Erigon 开发者 @PaoloRebuffo 的推文,用 Rust 语言写的 Erigon 新实现 Akula To is almost Erigon Twice the speed of the synchronous (即大约 35.5 个小时) An Ethernet fang full archive node.



其他主网更新,请看最新一期《Eth2 进展更新》与《[Goerli/Prater 合并公告](notion:// 合并公告)》


Optimism EthCC And the surrounding activity speech retrospectively review,Bedrock Upgrade to watch:optimistic 和 zk 之间的无缝切换?

L2 扩容解决方案 Optimism Released its team to participate in the EthCC Speech as well as the surrounding of the activities of video summary,Topics covered include Optimism The next version update Bedrock、EIP-4844、Cannon Fraud proof mechanism and Optimism 的技术路线图.

Summary link:

在这里值得一提的是 @kelvinfichter 针对 Optimism The future road map and Bedrock Upgrade speech “Wen?”

Optimism The ultimate goal is to achieve decentralization rollup,And the only direction to this goal is the diversity of the client and prove that diversity (Client diversity and proof diversity).因为它们允许 Optimism Safely remove upgrade key.

而 Bedrock Upgrade is to lay a solid foundation for everything.Bedrock Is so advanced,Because it is modular and very simple.Bedrock Will design philosophy is the etheric existing code into Rollup 的代码,并且已经实现了.其客户端 diff 命令为 500 行代码.

Bedrock 有一个新的 L2 派生管道,Make it a very save gas The cost of a rollup 架构.

Bedrock At the same time is also the only one using Ethernet fang engine API rollup 设计,To achieve consensus on the client and execute the client separation.

And these functions are so important,Because they are made Optimism Become a real decentralized EVM rollup 的基础.

Bedrock Very flexible and modular nature means that it can be easily insert a new layer data availability (只要 EIP-4844 即 proto-danksharding 推出,Optimism Can be seamlessly to release data blob),Users can enjoy a very low fee.

Bedrock The flexibility of also reflect in another way:Bedrock 是一个 Rollup 客户端,而不是一个 Optimistic Rollup 客户端.Different from other design,Bedrock 对于所使用的 Rollup Proof type completely unknown.虽然现在 Optimism 正在构建 Optimistic 证明 (Cannon),But the future will also use ZK 证明系统.Bedrock Has been designed to in Optimistic 和 ZK Seamless transition between proof system.


Aztec Team to introduce new programming language Huff

7 月 28 日,隐私扩容解决方案 Aztec Introduce its another programming language team,To introduce a new programming language Huff.Huff Is a kind of low level programming language.根据 Aztec Network 的推文,其创始人 Zac Williamson 早在 2019 Year they build Huff 编程语言,旨在直接在 EVM Support optimization of intelligent machine code contract.


Optimism Launch a against the use of the user guide page,Finish operation can get NFT

Optimism Launch a against the use of the user guide page ”Get Started”,In accordance with the instructions to complete the process will be able to cast a free NFT.Optimism Explorer 系列在 Optimism 的 NFT 市场 Quixotic 上发行,包含 5 类 NFT,用户铸造的 NFT Will interest with corresponding,每一个 NFT 是 Optmism A building in the city.


zkSync v1.0 Net migration test upcoming

zkSync v1.0 Test of the net migration to 8 月 2 日进行.请注意:Test network will stop operation for a period of time,使用 Ropsten 或 Rinkeby Developers need to be in Goerli 或 Sepolia Redeploy the contract.


NFT 交易市场 Mint Square 即将上线 StarkNet 主网

27 日,Built on the etheric fang L2 zkRollup 上的 NFT 交易市场 Mint Square 宣布,即将上线 StarkNet 主网,The user can be purchased in the above/出售 NFT.



以太坊合并对 DeFi 有什么影响?

7 月 23 日,DeFi Pulse 的 Nathan Howard 撰文《The etheric fang merger and its impact on supply change》,In explaining the merger will (1) 直接减少 ETH 的增发量,以及 (2) Reconstruct the block ETH 激励后,The author on the basis of these facts directly to merge DeFi The influence of made some forecast:

  • For liquidity pledge agreement,一方面,Combined the user get on behalf of the share pledge the homogeneity of tokens at below ETH To sell the risk to a;另一方面,Liquidity pledge agreement fees after the merger will be for a APR 的增长.
  • 对于用 ETH As a reserve asset DeFi 协议,They will feel ETH 供应量的减少.例如 ETH 是 Maker The main assets of the collateral,This means that the main DAI The collateral value of the expand.
  • 对于二层,With the merger happens,This could pave the way for the activities transferred to the second floor.


Mirror 宣布上线 web3 订阅功能

27 日,Mirror 宣布上线 web3 订阅功能,Readers can use the wallet address to subscribe to any Mirror 发布内容,New content conferences have email.对于创作者来说,There will be a community based on the wallet,Wallet community members into active participants,They can collect、购买、Support and participate in the governance.

Mirror Illustrates the present some subscription based on purse may use case:

  • Subscribe to the forefront of thinkers article
  • 订阅最佳 DAO 和 web3 Project weekly update
  • To the subscriber set tokens threshold
  • Grant tokens to the subscriber and NFT 空投
  • Set can be cast NFT The subscriber of white list
  • Make analysis of the subscriber preferences and behavior dune dashboard
  • Only the subscriber management proposal


Nomad Bridge protocol attacks

Nomad Across the chain bridge agreement be attacked, WETH 和 WBTC Be partial out to millions of us dollars.

起因是 Nomad During the normal upgrade,The trusted merkel root initialized to 0x00,Cause the system automatically prove every transaction information.

攻击者利用这个漏洞,Find effective transaction and will someone else's wallet address to replace their own,Continuously running out across the capital chain bridge.据 DeFi Data tracking platform DefiLIama,将近 1.907 Encryption is money is transferred $,只剩下约 651 Dollars in bridging the purse.


The etheric fang wallet address more than 2 亿个

根据 Etherscan 的数据,The etheric lane on the network has more than 2 An etheric fang wallet address,这是一个新的里程碑.

The first year of the etheric fang block chain creation,网络上只有 50 Wan an etheric lane address.而后,As more and more people interested in the etheric fang,The etheric lane on the addresses will create more and more.Etherscan 的数据显示,以太坊在2021 年增加了将近 5.2 Thousands of new address,这其中与 NFT The contribution of the. 直到现在,The etheric fang wallet address more than 2 亿个.


AaveDAO By creating algorithm stability c GHO 的提案

7 月 7 日,Aave 创建了一个新稳定币 GHO 的 ARC (Aave request for comment),向其 DAO Proposal to introduce new encryption monetary excess mortgage type stable currency,Support any can be used to Aave Protocol encryption currency as collateral.

而后 28 日,The official start of the vote.

最终于 31 日,Aave 宣布,The algorithm is stable c GHO 的提案已经通过,The following will discuss GHO The creation of parameters to vote.


ENS Domain encapsulation is introduced

ENS Domain encapsulation can be assigned to the user to turn any“.eth”的域名为 ERC-1155 标准的 NFT.

封装一个“.eth”Domain name domain parent can restrict the subdomain may happen.“example.eth”Allow the holder thereof to allow subdomain“sub1.example.eth”的创建,And further restrictions on it,Can prevent it from again to create a new domain name.

Domain name encapsulated by introducing“fuse”(权利)The concept of operate,比如:

  • The right to transfer
  • Further create a subdomain
  • Set the text records

每一个 fuse Can be permanent and irreversible enabled/禁用,换句话说,Subdomain won't be back.

比如说,Somebody wants to control“example.eth”,And to give his friend a sub domain name“fren.example.eth”,Now can be done.并且,Through the domain encapsulation,The user can destroy others fuse,Let it could no longer take any“example.eth”的子域名.


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