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Is Magic Eden's Solana NFT trading throne difficult to secure under the escrow crisis?

2022-08-03 11:10:56Golden finance

随着 Magic Eden 崛起,Solana NFT Community members are increasingly worried about platform in the process of its development becomes too centralized. 

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在 Solana NFT 领域,没有比 Magic Eden A bigger players.The market in the last fall to start,Usually occupied Solana All of the trading volume 90% 或以上.在今年 6 In the latest round of venture financing in,它的估值已达到 16 亿美元.

但是随着 Magic Eden 的崛起,Solana NFT 社区的成员(Including the creators and collectors)In the process of its development becomes increasingly worried about platform over-centralisation.他们指出,The recent update restricted access to the third-party aggregator and tools,以及 Magic Eden 托管用户 NFT 的方式,May let the user's assets vulnerable.制造 Solana NFT 工具的 Zion Labs 的创始人 Marty 告诉 Decrypt :「People should realize that the hacker can get Magic Eden 的密钥,并 ‘rug’ 他们的每个 NFT.If it is a decentralized,代码是开源的,This won't happen.」

在发给 Decrypt 的回复中,Magic Eden No special mention risk based on the pattern of managed trade,但它表示,It believes the current for users,Not quite safe alternatives.The marketing plan in the future no hosting system,但「The technology is not enough safe」.

Magic Eden NFT Hosted mode challenged

关于 Magic Eden The user's list of NFT The debate is heating up in assets stored in hosting the purse.Magic Eden Hosting the assets of all online,Rather than allowing them to stay in your own purse,用户的 NFT Through market intelligence contract stored in hosting the purse.这种做法在 Solana NFT Common market early,But after the Solana Company of ecosystem,如 OpenSea 和 Hyperspace,And don't take this way.

上周三,OpenSea 在推特上发起「反对 Solana The market managed NFT 」的话题,虽然没有直接点名 Magic Eden,But the goal is clear.OpenSea At that time wrote on twitter:「我们相信,Hosting the user's NFT Market will limit choice and utility,And endanger the security.」

Metaplex The auction protocol to make Solana Can do not need to market under the condition of the custody assets NFT 交易.一位不愿透露姓名的 Metaplex 消息人士向 Decrypt 证实,Magic Eden Market contract is based on the auction house early version,Is a free license point-to-point trading system.然而,Magic Eden For the contract code and is based on Metaplex 的 Candy Machine 的 Mint Tool start platform contracts for major revisions.Magic Eden Will they and the other members of the community apart.该消息人士表示:「它们是 Metaplex Closed source code of open source technology and licensing derivatives.」

This method increases the NFT The potential risk of traders.Closed source software could not be community audit,Or benefit from the loophole incentive plan.甚至连 Metaplex 都不知道 Magic Eden The contents of the market contract code.如果 Magic Eden Hosting the wallet stolen,会发生什么?或者,如果 Magic Eden 突然宕机,Like other encryption in recent months the company in the recent market collapse that,会发生什么?Metaplex 消息人士表示,截至上周,「中心化」Hosting the purse held about 18 万个 NFT.

在回答 Decrypt 的问题时,Magic Eden 的联合创始人兼首席技术官 Sidney Zhang 表示,Marketing plan at some point to no hosted mode,But in his team,The current solution is not enough security.他写道:「We are actively exploring a hosted mode,And plans to no hosted mode,但我们认为,The realization of the other market currently in use without hosted mode of intelligent contract is not safe.This change will bring a lot of security problems,We want to caution,To ensure that our customers will not inadvertently because there is no update the list of lost assets.」

Magic Eden Recently a number of adjustments

In addition to the hosted mode,Magic Eden Still have a lot of new change:More and more review,The run way to review its platform,And third party applications based on the way of build.

上周,由于用户 「Pland」 在 Twitter 上疯传 Magic Eden The hosted mode of topic:Due to the recent intelligent contract changes,Magic Eden 「Is no longer a free license Dapp 了」,Most users don't notice,But it does have a big impact on the ecological system.Intelligent contracts held for Dapp 和 NFT Power assets code.与 Decrypt Talked to developers say,Contract changes made Magic Eden Must be signed on its market happen every transaction,This is different with before.其结果是,Some aggregate multiple market list of third party applications, and can be used to purchase a specific NFT 的所谓「狙击机器人」Tool damage.

Magic Eden 向 Decrypt To admit that the contract change,Explains trading now need two signature:One from the end user,另一个来自 Magic Eden 提供的 API 密钥.API Keys are used to verify wants to access the application or service developers and third-party applications.像 OpenSea 这样以以太坊As the center of the market also has a API 系统.

Magic Eden Co-founder and chief engineering officer Zhuojie Zhou 告诉 Decrypt:This change is introduced in order to maintain the reliability of core websites,And reduce may endanger the robot of the list of users and transaction behavior.We are very welcome to ecological system in our API 程序.」 Solana Labs Recently made some changes,Try to improve the stability of the network.

Zhou 表示,Magic Eden Already provide developers with 300 多个 API 密钥,包括像 Tensor 和 NFT Soloist 这样的聚合器,以及像 Exodus 和 Slope This wallet application developers.他还指出,Solana 钱包 Phantom The developer of the requirement Magic Eden 拥有一个 API To verify whether transactions from the server.「We believe that support the official developer ecosystem,So as to realize the goal of safe and reliable market,」Zhou 补充道,「We keep an open attitude,According to the developer needs to develop API.」

Magic Eden 的强制性「Volume within the action」

然而,Solana Some developers think that this change was refused to decentralization principle.NFT 市场聚合器 Hyperspace 的一名代表告诉 Decrypt:「We are very surprised they do this,Because this is totally centralized,Does not benefit the end user.Because it increases the dependence on their server,Leading to the proliferation of transaction failure rate in the.」

这位不愿透露姓名的人士表示,Before the contract change,Magic Eden 联系了 Hyperspace,并威胁说「如果不改变 Hyperspace 的平台,为它们服务,就会关闭 Hyperspace.」据称,Magic Eden 想让 Hyperspace 向 Magic Eden 提供「Exclusive online information,And only through their API 进行操作.

Magic Eden A representative of the deny in the discussion threat they:「We encourage our business partners as deeply as possible and Magic Eden 整合,As much as possible in order to provide comprehensive technical and operational support.不幸的是,Hyperspace Are not interested in such cooperation,And has been in a state of hostility.」

Hyperspace 表示,它发现了 Magic Eden API 的解决方案,And continue to provide aggregated list,But other aggregators(如 CoralCube)So obviously lost function.「从那时起,They have been trying to and actively study how to prevent us from,」Hyperspace On behalf of the claim that.

「CoralCube There was once a transfer list button,但是 Magic Eden Recently to Web2 的中心化平台.没有 Magic Eden Concentration of signature,Can't delete the project.This is why we remove the migration button,现在 NFT 卡在 Magic Eden The managed.」

Solana Some of the builders to tell Decrypt,他们认为 Magic Eden Act was intentional,Purpose is nearly a few months to get attention NFT Aggregator out.It finally let Magic Eden Control who can access the online list and benefit from its liquidity.Hyperspace Has been publicly opposed the strict anti-competitive behaviour,Because of a violation of the principle of the open web.

Magic Eden New feature was criticized by the intense

此外,Magic Eden When implementing new features,Appears to be outside Solana The application of inspiration,Therefore come under fire.上周,Magic Eden On-line function allows the project to NFT Remove to create user allow list before,因为与 Blocksmith Labs 的 Mercurytool Very similar under the resistance.

匿名 NFT 收藏者 Topo Gigio 告诉 Decrypt 关于 Magic Eden 新增的功能:「This seems to be a representative for trying,To anyone who can do better out.」同时,Zion Labs 的 Marty 声称:「Magic Eden 正在‘The risk investment as a weapon’,Rapid expansion to become the integration of the Solana NFT 资源.」

Magic Eden 的 Zhou 回应称,Magic Eden 是一家「Company customers first」,It is mainly according to the user's request to increase the function.He claimed that extend the functionality of platform is to NFT Collectors service,And refused to debate over centralized.Zhou 称:「This conversation is not about centralization and decentralization,从来都不是.自我们成立以来,在 Magic Eden Growing market experience on the basis of existing cooperation tools,We are not going to change this way.」

对于 Web3 Some of the participants in the field of,围绕 Magic Eden The whole conversation is mainly about the centralized and decentralized,Including the major players in the field should be how to deal with such as asset management、Open source code and block chain assets and protocol of composability, etc.In the continue to use the escrow and to API As the center between the change of,Magic Eden Decision recently is not for everyone.但 Magic Eden 仍然是 Solana Collectors buy and sell NFT 的最佳选择.

对 Magic Eden Criticism of the more and more,但许多 NFT Project will select issued in other places,And well-known collector will select public positions and exit Magic Eden 市场,还有待观察.Topo Gigio 就是其中之一.这位 NFT Collectors said on twitter,He will give up liquidity,And claims that he will no longer use this market,并指出 Magic Eden Hosting policy and contract changes have taken place in.「All the liquidity Magic Eden,It doesn't matter I quit for them,」他告诉 Decrypt,「I am willing to put my high value assets elsewhere,Even if the volume smaller.」

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