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Tiffany releases sky-high NFT with a real gemstone pendant

2022-08-02 21:32:46Heart of the Metaverse

今天,Tiffany 即将发行 NFT news swept in NFT 社区.This long-established luxury brand is also about to be up to date with the latest trends NFT 接轨了.

本次发行的 NFT 名为 NFTiffs,It's Tiffany & Co (Tiffany & Co.) 推出的第一款 NFT 产品.Tiffany 发布的推文显示,This release will be available in limited quantities 250 只,售价高达 30 ETH,且仅限 CryptoPunks 持有者购买.

受该消息影响,CryptoPunks 系列 NFT Transaction volumes rose,24 小时涨幅达 1024.43%,rose to the number one trading volume,当前地板价为 74.89 ETH.( It turns out that so many people are rushing for flowers 30 ETH 的 NFT 先付 75 ETH......)

据悉,NFTiffs 是一款以 CryptoPunk Modeled pendant NFT 系列,Maximum purchases per customer 3 个 NFTiff.

此外,Tiffany 还为这个 NFT The pendant provides the corresponding physical version.However, the delivery date of physical goods is relatively long,Expected deliveries of physical merchandise are expected to be in 2023 年初.

Tiffany 介绍称,Pendants for creating custom designs are used a lot CryptoPunk 的设计元素,其中包括 CryptoPunk NFT 集合中的 87 个属性,并将 CryptoPunk 中的 159 color into the most similar gem or enamel color,Each pendant will use at least 30 颗宝石,These include but are not limited to sapphire、Amethyst and spinel.

虽然该 NFT 尚未发行,但 Tiffany Its contract address has been announced,We can keep a close eye on this.

NFT 合约地址如下:0xe8f88d16f24255FcFab25959705D724406D67D9d

该 NFT 将于美东时间 8 月 5 日上午 10:00 Available to all eligible users,At present, you can see the eye-catching countdown interface at the purchase entrance.NFT No airdrops will be performed,所有 NFT All must be purchased.

这并不是 Tiffany 第一次向 NFT 领域进军.早在今年 3 月,Tiffany It was posted on social media announcing the purchase Tom Sachs Rocket Factory(火箭工厂)系列 NFT 中的的 Okapi,正式进入 NFT 领域.Then Tiffany will Okapi 设为推特头像,并一直沿用至今.

早在 4 月,Tiffany 的高管 Alexandre Arnault I designed a pendant myself.The pendant is what he owns CryptoPunk #3167 为蓝本,Although we have no way of knowing this time NFT The specific image of the pendant,But this is the same CryptoPunk The pendant may provide us with a reference.


Tiffany 背后的技术服务商

有趣的是,此次 NFT Issuance is not made by Tiffany 独立完成.这一 NFT The bottom layer of the issuance is not the public chain we are familiar with,It can be found at the bottom of the project's official website「Powered by Chain」字样,Chain The company is this time NFT The distribution project provides a series of basic support.

Chain Provided to customers「NFT 即服务」(NFT-as-a-Service),i.e. from the original design、Customization right up to code deployment,through end-to-end services,Help customers launch customized NFT 产品.Although we don't know Tiffany 和 Chain specific details of the cooperation,But it may be possible to make conjectures,本次 NFT Issuing maybe more work still to be done Chain 来完成,rather than the brand side「亲自下场」.

Its official information shows,Chain Rich encrypted ledgers and cloud infrastructure are built,to support transformative financial products and Web3 服务.创建于 2014 年的 Chain 已经从 Khosla Ventures、 Pantera Capital 、 Capital One、 Citigroup、 Fiserv、 Nasdaq、 Orange 和 Visa 筹集了超过 4000 万美元的资金.2018 年,Chain 被 Stellar 收购.


The influx of luxury brands Web3

Whether it's for marketing purposes or looking to reach upstart customers,Luxury brands enter Web3 Fields and Testing the Waters NFT 已非新鲜事,尤其是 Tiffany 已被 LVMH Group mergers and acquisitions for one year,The luxury giant has also been testing the waters NFT 领域.

去年 4 月,LV、Cartier、Prada Launched together Aura,This is based on the blockchain network、利用 NFT 鉴别、Services to track goods,One fight against counterfeiting.LV 还曾推出 NFT Mini-games and setting up Metaverse Virtual Ambassadors.

今年 5 月,意大利奢侈品牌 Gucci 就曾宣布,Acceptance will begin at five U.S. stores 12 种加密货币支付,And plans to gradually expand this service to the United States,And plans to roll it out more widely in the future.此外,Balenciaga、Farfett、Off-white It has also successively launched cryptocurrency payment services.

此外,奢侈品牌 FENDI 也曾为 Ledger Design exclusive leather bags,This is the first time a luxury brand has designed an exclusive product for a hardware wallet,Target consumer groups precisely to encrypted users.

毫无疑问,Web3 And the wave of crypto has intensified in the world of luxury,Where does it end up going,仍有待时间的检验.


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