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The office and go to the office. How do you choose?

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一场疫情,Let countless people experience the long-term home office for the first time.随着元宇宙的大热,The workplace will again face the new“进化”,compared to traditional telecommuting,The biggest change of Metaverse technology to the office is to increase its sense of presence and immersion.From now on, working from home is no longer a lonely job,Rather like a game.

元宇宙办公,A worker's ultimate dream?

韩国初创公司Zigbang Launched a virtual office product “Soma World”,在这个虚拟世界中,有30层高的办公大楼、可容纳 3,000 人的会议中心、Office facilities that are similar to the real world, such as network centers.

图 | Employees are meeting in a virtual conference room

目前,全球已有20company settled“Soma World”,Employees can log in from anywhere in the world,Work with colleagues in a virtual office,Or communicate with other companies in a shared lounge,You can also walk around the virtual campus.

图 | Employees communicate in a virtual campus

Zigbang 表示,This virtual office space can not only provide users with an immersive office environment,It can also greatly reduce carbon emissions caused by employee commuting and paper and pencil work.

图 | Employees work in shared areas

在韩国,Metaverse Office also has another well-known product.Com2uS号称首个实现“元宇宙上班”的公司,依托Com2uS去年底发布的《Com2Verse》平台,公司员工的打卡、开会、演讲均可以在元宇宙中进行.

图 | Com2Verse

After the employee logs in to the account,You can enter the Metaverse Office Building,Experience the worker mode from a first-person perspective,大楼内部环境及工位一应俱全.

图 | 沉浸式体验冲闸打卡

图 | Com2Verse

其中Office WorldProvides a metaverse working environment that is not affected by physical distance,日常开会、日程管理、File processing and other functions are readily available,It can also achieve smooth and fast communication through video.

图 | 在Office World办公中使用日程表管理行程

Leading consulting companies have joined the Metaverse office one after another

目前,The Metaverse office application is still in its infancy,But the market has seen infinite possibilities in it.

根据市场调研机构YouGov的数据,nearly half of the employees(44%)有意愿在“元宇宙”中工作,并相信“元宇宙”能够带来工作效率提升等诸多优势,The research objects include those from China、美国、英国、巴西、Singapore and Japan7,500remaining employees.

Some top international consulting firms have already participated in the Metaverse Office,From the observer of the metaverse becomes the entrant of the metaverse.

普华永道: 虚拟土地、Grasp the activity with both hands

普华永道(香港)咨询公司在The Sandbox中购买了一块虚拟土地,Try new ways to connect with customers in the Metaverse.其合伙人William Gee表示:“Metaverse offers companies new possibilities to create value through innovative business models,并引入了与客户和社区互动的新方式.”

Well-known companies like PricewaterhouseCoopers,Can play an important role in the development of an open metaverse.特别是帮助建立一个生态系统,So that companies and brands who may not be familiar with the Metaverse can get the advice they need.

当然,PwC's layout in the Metaverse goes far beyond that.此前,他们还在VR社交平台VRChatheld a large virtual event for internal employees.

图 | PwC Virtual Conference

The company is ready for its employees3000多台VR头显,目的是“验证元宇宙概念的可行性”,Almost everyone from management to employees participated,The total number of visits over three days is 8800次.

普华永道表示:“专注元宇宙,It is because the face-to-face in reality is affected,In the Metaverse, you can keep employees highly engaged.”

埃森哲: From training to work,all in the metaverse

其实,提供VRDevices allow employees to participate in virtual events,PwC is not the first.

Global market consulting giant Accenture said,将招聘1510,000 new employees in Metaverse positions.These new employees will be available from their first day on the jobVR头显工作(Wonder if they won't get dizzy at the end of the day?),Accenture even created a name for this“Nth floor”virtual venue,for social and immersive training of employees, etc.目前,Accenture is deploying in multiple countries6万台VR头显,It is also the first consulting firm in the world to do so.This also makes Accenture in“元宇宙办公”The field is at the forefront.

图 | 埃森哲的虚拟办公空间Nth Floor

3月,Accenture released“Metaverse Continuum”元宇宙服务解决方案,to reshape the way people work and interact,And established the Metaverse Continuum business group.

据悉,Metaverse ContinuumVarious virtual worlds and experiential content are hosted on the platform,Application scenarios include virtual office、团建、培训、互动、社交互动等.

毕马威: Create a Metaverse Collaboration Center

紧随其后,Consulting giant KPMG has also launched Metaverse Office.

6月,KPMG launches Collaboration Centre in Metaverse,Designed to help clients develop strategies in the metaverse realm,Provide metaverse space services,Explore growth opportunities in global industries.

并且,KPMG also announced,Invest in the coming year3000万美元,Focus on the metaverse,包括协作中心.This Metaverse Collaboration Center is primarily its employees、A venue for virtual team meetings for partners and customers.

They will also have training sessions in it、工作面试和员工评估,以及展示毕马威服务和功能的会议.

图 | KPMG virtual conference

对此,Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of KPMG USLaura Newinski表示:“The Metaverse is a market opportunity,is the way to re-attract talent,It's also a way to connect people across the globe through new collaborative experiences.The unique experience provided by our Collaboration Center will inspire the creativity and passion of our employees and customers,加速创新.”

图 | KPMG Metaverse office scene

President and Managing Partner of KPMG DigitalArmughan Ahmad也表示:“Our metaverse space experience imagines it as a world without borders,It is possible by offering new jobs、Learning and recreational opportunities to improve our lives.”

The combination of virtual and real is the new form of future office?

Although many big factories have begun to try Metaverse Office,但业界普遍认为,At this stage, the metaverse office cannot completely replace the physical office,Except for technical limitations,Mental health of long-term virtual office workers、Human connections and community building are unknown,很难衡量.

同时,The development of technology and the ability to work online are stronger,Nor can it erase the willingness of people to communicate offline.可能在不久的将来,This is the world that will replace the brick and mortar office:People have the right to choose where they want to work:办公室、元宇宙,Or a new office form that combines virtual and real.

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