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The annual report of China blockchain was released, and Tencent ranked first in competitiveness!

2022-06-24 06:37:25Tencent security

In recent days, , CCID Consulting Digital Economy Industry Research Center released 《2020-2021 Annual report on the development of China's blockchain industry in 》, Yes 2020 The development of blockchain industry in the world and China in , At the same time, it gives a judgment on the trend of China's blockchain industry in the next two years . Tencent relies on leading blockchain solutions 、TBaas Solutions and TrustSQL Blockchain self-developed technologies such as financial solutions 、 Industrial practice and positive assistance to all sectors of society , Successfully leading the competitiveness list of China's blockchain leaders , It ranks first in China's blockchain industry .

And in the 2020 Ranking of global blockchain enterprises , Tencent is also on the list Top10, It has become the only two companies developing with blockchain technology 、 Providing solutions IT One of the similar Chinese enterprises , It shows the strong blockchain technology development strength and industry service ability .

Sadie pointed out ,2020  year , Under the influence of novel coronavirus pneumonia , The growth rate of the global blockchain industry has slowed down significantly , The overall scale of the industry has reached 28.1 Billion dollars . Industrial structure , The industrial scale of computing in the basic hardware layer is 4.4 Billion dollars , Proportion 15.7%, Second overall ; The scale of financial application industry in the application service layer reaches 5.7 Billion dollars , Overall, it ranks first , Percentage 20.3%.

In China, ,2020 In, the scale of China's blockchain industry reached 27.8 One hundred million yuan , Growth of 33.7%, More than the growth rate of global blockchain industry , Become one of the countries with the greatest development potential of the global blockchain industry . The number of non digital currency blockchain enterprises in China is large 、 Innovative , And most of these enterprises take the alliance chain as the underlying structure , Technically mature . However, the penetration rate of industry end users under the industrial chain needs to be improved , As the demand for improving quality and efficiency in the manufacturing industry further increases , It is expected that the demand of industry end users to deploy blockchain solutions will gradually increase in the future , The market space will be further enlarged .

Tencent from 2015 Started self-development of blockchain technology in , It is one of the core promoters of the development of China's blockchain industry . In the practice that blockchain technology helps the industry , Tencent has stimulated the positive role of the industrial blockchain in the development of all walks of life .

2020  year , Technological innovation of Tencent blockchain has made breakthroughs , The quantum secure cryptographic algorithm is adopted , The underlying layer of its hard security blockchain has the characteristics of flexible algorithm , Rely on the leading blockchain platform 、TrustSQL Blockchain underlying services 、ChainMaker Blockchain open source underlying software platform 、TBaaS Bottom chain management platform 、FISCO BCOS The security advantage attribute of the underlying platform of the blockchain , Tencent is using electronic access certificates 、 Credit information sharing 、 Government data services 、 Supply chain traceability 、 Social welfare and other application scenarios , And get “ Users in the blockchain application field recommend brands ”.

after 5 Years of development , Tencent has built the full stack operation capability of the industrial blockchain from the bottom engine to the upper product .

Memorabilia of Tencent blockchain technology landing :

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