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What are the blockchain products of Minsheng Bank?

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2021 year 8 month 3 Japan , The relevant person in charge of the Information Technology Department of Minsheng Bank said , at present , Minsheng Bank has created “ Blockchain open service platform ”“ Blockchain trade finance platform ”“ Blockchain electronic deposit service platform ” Three platforms .

Minsheng Bank is one of the early domestic enterprises to carry out the application of blockchain technology . It is domestic accession R3 The first members of the blockchain alliance , In addition to blockchain product creation , Also actively participated in 《 Financial blockchain application evaluation rules 》、《 Financial blockchain reference architecture 》、《 Technical specification for digital financing 》 Drafting of industry standards and specifications .

This announcement “ Blockchain open service platform ”“ Blockchain trade finance platform ”“ Blockchain electronic deposit service platform ” Compared with the products previously released by Minsheng Bank, the three platforms have a more comprehensive framework . Let's look at .

Blockchain open service platform (BaaS): It has created a blockchain application service with high performance 、 High-Convenient 、 Easy to expand 、 Strong security 、 Strong compatibility with the service base . The platform is based on self controlled bottom construction , Support a variety of heterogeneous chain bottom layers , Meet the needs of external blockchain industry cooperation . It provides complete functions 、 Easy to operate monitoring and operation visualization platform , Support regular data backup and intelligent archiving , It can effectively solve the high operating cost of the blockchain platform 、 The maintenance threshold is high 、 Problems such as slow fault repair .

Up to now , The BaaS The platform has supported the letter of credit 、 Forfeiting 、 Judicial deposit 、eKYC、 Electronic correspondence 、 Stock pledge 、 Online financing, etc 10 Multiple application scenarios , Link enterprise customers 、 Interbank institutions 、 Industry Association 、 The court and other digital industry partners .

Blockchain electronic deposit service platform : Through cooperation with Beijing Internet court 、 Fangyuan notary office and other party committees are connected , Realized “ Finance + The judicial ” The two ecosystems link efficiently and safely .

This platform has opened up the business center in the bank 、 Electronic channel platform system , The real-time processing of business data generates digital fingerprints , Store the digital fingerprint on the chain . According to regulatory traceable management requirements , The platform is also under the premise of user authorization , Through self-developed traceable components , A user operation backtracking video is formed , And the video is subject to the above-mentioned certificate storage processing for chain operation , Make the business operation have “ legal ”“ compliance ” Double guarantee .

at present , The platform has accumulated electronic evidence of blockchain up to 1000 More than ten thousand , The business scenario covers loans 、 fund 、 conduct financial transactions 、 Sales and other online scenarios , Protect the legal compliance of businesses on the middle line of the bank's digital transformation process .

Blockchain trade financial service platform : By Minsheng Bank and Bank of China 、 Jointly developed by China CITIC Bank , It covers the two business scenarios of domestic L / C information transmission and Forfaiting secondary market transaction , It is the first application of blockchain technology in the field of domestic banking trade financing .

This platform has become a centralized asset publishing platform 、 Capital quotation 、 Deal matching 、 An inter institutional financial system integrating inquiry management , It solves the problem of transaction information distortion in traditional inter-bank asset transactions 、 There is a disconnect between dealmaking and delivery 、 The multi-agent standards are inconsistent 、 Complex business operation and other industry pain points , Reshape the inter-bank asset transaction process , Greatly improve transaction efficiency and security , It has effectively promoted the high-quality development of the industry .

at present , The blockchain trade and finance alliance platform has exceeded 40 A bank joined , The scale of transactions on the chain has broken through 5000 One hundred million yuan , Become the largest blockchain trade finance platform in the domestic banking industry .2020 year 7 month , The general clearing center of the people's Bank of China formally signed the cooperation agreement on blockchain Forfaiting trading platform with these three banks .

Compared with the comprehensive , Before that, Minsheng Bank only announced 3 A direction . Domestic letter of credit system (BCLC)、 Forfaiting deal (BCFT)、 Trade finance system , It can be seen that the business has been better classified and planned . Now , The trade finance system has been upgraded to an open technology platform , Both L / C and Forfaiting are independent functions in the trade finance system .

The following is the previous announcement . It is convenient for us to understand the L / C and Forfaiting .

Blockchain based domestic letter of credit system (BCLC)

letter of credit , Means that the bank according to the importer ( Buyer ) Request , To the exporter ( seller ) A written document that guarantees the payment of goods .

The traditional letter of credit business has the following characteristics ;

Low efficiency : The original L / C and documents shall be sent by mail , The high cost , Longer time consuming ;

No specification : Elements and styles are not unified , Often circulating in the industry ;

Not autonomous : Need to pass through SWIFT Send a confirmation message , but SWIFT No Chinese support ;

High risk : Completely rely on the credit of enterprises and banks , It is easy to have disputes over refusal of payment ;

Weak trust : Paper letters of credit are difficult to keep , Easy to forge ;

BCLC be based on Fabric 1.0 The alliance chain realizes , The data is linked through the front gateway (golang), Data attachment hash uplink , file p2p Network transmission . It can be shared by all organizations , Business data JSON It's storage , You can query offline later .

Forfaiting transaction based on blockchain (BCFT)

Forfaiting is a type of export credit . Forfaiting is directly related to the letter of credit , Forfaiting is the conditional transfer of the bonds formed by letters of credit .

In the traditional Forfaiting field , When we transfer the creditor's rights , inquiry 、 Quotation basically relies on communication through telephone and wechat channels , Efficiency is very low . Due to the lack of unified quotation channels , The cycle of asset purchase and sale is also very long . And it is easy to cause the quotation to be affected by the region 、 Time 、 Customer relationship and other factors .

Because of the opacity of information , There are risks in the authenticity of the underlying transaction background , Rely entirely on the issuing bank's investigation of the trade background . and , The default cost of Forfaiting transfer is very low , No effective credit market has been established .

Minsheng Bank puts Forfaiting trading industry on the blockchain , Compared with letter of credit , Added a new identity as a package buyer , The buyer can be a bank , It can also be any financial institution qualified to purchase such assets , Quotation is realized through blockchain 、 inquiry , Even asset release , From letter of credit to asset trading 、 Complete closed loop of debt transfer . future , It can also be used in the secondary asset transfer 、 There are more attempts to split assets .

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