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Cattle herding ecological technology: basic principles of blockchain guidance

2022-06-24 05:19:26Yang Yang's lobule

   With the development of blockchain , Blockchain applications will penetrate into many fields of economy and society , In process product traceability 、 Data flow 、 Supply chain management and other fields to cultivate a number of well-known products , Form a scenario demonstration application . The issuance of blockchain related guidance plays an important role in the development of blockchain , The basic principles to be adhered to are :

Apply traction : Promote blockchain in key industries 、 Applications in the field , Large scale application will drive the iterative upgrading of technological products and the continuous improvement of industrial ecology .

   Innovation driven : Take blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technology , Define the main direction of attack , Increase investment , Promote collaborative research , Improve innovation ability ; Pay equal attention to short plate and long plate , Promote the industry to accelerate to the high end of the value chain .

   Ecological cultivation : Give full play to the main role of enterprises in the development of blockchain , Speed up the cultivation of internationally competitive products and enterprises , Build an advanced industrial chain , Build a win-win industrial system .

   In many ways : Promote the integration of all forces of industry university research fund , Promote the efficient allocation of resource elements . Strengthening the government 、 Enterprises 、 Colleges and universities 、 Collaborative interaction of research institutions , Explore a new model of win-win cooperation .

   Safe and orderly : We should pay equal attention to development and security , Accurately grasp the development law of blockchain technology industry , Strengthen policy coordination and standard guidance , Strengthen the construction of security technology support capacity , Realize the scientific development of blockchain industry .

   Blockchain and the Internet 、 big data 、 A new generation of information technology, such as artificial intelligence, is deeply integrated , In various fields to achieve universal application , Cultivate and form a number of enterprises and industrial clusters with international leading level , The industrial ecosystem tends to be perfect . Blockchain has become a manufacturing power and a network power , Developing the digital economy , It is an important support for the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity .

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