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Cattle herding ecological technology, blockchain education technology application mode

2022-06-24 04:58:57Yang Yang's lobule

The rapid rise and development of blockchain Technology , It brings new opportunities for the analysis and application of educational data , Analyze the current education data , Need to explore hidden data causality , An in-depth development direction of education big data is the integration with blockchain technology . What are the blockchain educational technology application modes ?

1、 Digital resource copyright management

Digital resource copyright is born to protect the interests of copyright owners , But in Education , It is difficult for copyright owners to protect their rights , It's harder to prove . There are many kinds of educational resources , Everyone can be a producer of resources , It is too expensive to allocate copyright certificates for everyone's digital resources by traditional means . Use blockchain technology to encrypt digital resources , It can greatly improve the difficulty of cracking , Take asymmetric encryption as an example , Increases the cost of the cracker , It is difficult for the cracker to unlock resources through traditional violent cracking , Blockchain technology can also record the access application records of each visitor , It is very helpful for copyright owners to safeguard their copyright interests . Add an exclusive copyright block to the resource , It can reduce the cost of registration and management .

2、 Learning process data collection

Existing education data cannot cross classroom 、 Interdisciplinary collection , The collected data is not continuous , And can't do interdisciplinary data analysis . Just unify the standards of learning process data , With blockchain technology, students will not have time 、 Different locations 、 The learning behavior data of different disciplines are stored in the same database , On this basis, data analysis , The saved data cannot be modified , It ensures the authenticity of the data and the credibility of the analysis results .

3、 Education and training market norms

At present, the management of education and training market is chaotic , Some parents will choose more than two training institutions , The course is not well connected , Can't better improve learning efficiency and effect , The fundamental reason is that there is no communication mechanism of mutual trust between institutions . Use blockchain to record students' courses 、 Performance and achievement information , Can effectively solve this problem . Every training institution can only truthfully record the real performance of students , In order to reflect their own value .

Blockchain is an emerging technology in the field of education , Only by catering to educational needs can we fundamentally solve educational problems . Security of blockchain Technology 、 The advantages of de trusting are obvious , Specific educational applications still need to be explored . In terms of educational resource interaction , Blockchain has certain advantages , While safeguarding the interests of educational resource providers, it also protects their privacy .

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