A new decentralized autonomous organization  (DAO)  Established , To raise money to make an appointment with  40  US $billion acquisition of the NFL Denver Broncos .

BuyTheBroncos DAO  It aims to give fans a chance to own part of the team , Whatever their wealth level .DAO  One of the organizers of 、 Former Cisco employees  Sean O'Brien  stay  2  month  19  Japanese news  CNBC:

“ The goal is essentially to build an infrastructure , So that fans from all walks of life can become owners of the Denver Broncos .”

If it works , It will join the Green Bay packaging team , Become a fan owned  NFL  One of the teams . Hope to pass  DAO  Fans who own shares of the Broncos can contribute at will , Not every share of the packers  300  dollar .

Contribute to Ethereum (ETH) Buy the team's  DAO  Members will receive a NFT,BuyTheBroncos.com  Express , The token “ Will be your ‘ Membership card ’, So that you can enter into cooperation .”

BuyTheBroncos Currently in its 630 individual Twitter There are some professionals among the fans , Including lawyers 、 Certified public accountants 、 Software developer 、 Professional athletes and mathematicians .

The trustees of the team have expressed their commitment to  2022  The urgency of transferring ownership to the new side before the start of the season , But buyers won't get any discounts . ESPN  The team is expected to sell for  40  Billion dollars , Become the highest price in the history of North American sports teams .

It's not clear  NFL  Commissioner,  Roger Goodell  Will it be allowed  DAO  Owning and running a team .

DAO  Give relatively small investors the opportunity to pool their money , Make large investments as a single entity .Constitution DAO  Tried this strategy , It tried to buy the first print of the constitution of the United States . It is from  17,437  Contributors raised  4,700  Thousands of dollars , But failed in the auction .

DAO  Recently, it has also been used to help raise funds from the crowd , For example, Canada's recent  Freedom Convoy  motion .