This report consists of preface observation and Cointelegraph CO produced in Chinese .

Preface comments :

policy :

This week, , According to Cai Zhengmao, director of Shanghai Hongkou District Science and Technology Commission , Hongkou will set up a total amount of about 10 A billion yuan cosmic Industry Fund , Further make the meta universe industry real . Hongkou District will take the cultivation and development of yuancosmic industrial economy as the key to accelerating the upgrading of Hongkou industrial structure , With new ideas 、 New measures promote the new upgrading of regional economy 、 New breakthrough , Strive to build a modern economic system .

In terms of industrial dynamics :

This week, , Since the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics , The mascot “ Ice mound ” Fire out of the ring , Social network related hot spots frequently appear , All over the country and even overseas, hand-made or physical goods are sold out , Even if authorized manufacturers work overtime, the supply still exceeds the demand , One “ Pier ” Hard to find . This phenomenon is also popular in the field of digital online . Bing dwen dwen issued by International Olympic Committee NFT Digital collections have soared nearly a thousand times these two days , Sales seconds empty , Second hand transactions soared nearly a thousand times .

According to the nWayPlay website , The image of Bing dwen dwen in the blind box will be displayed as an athlete. , Perform various winter sports , Such as alpine skiing 、 Steel frame snowmobile 、 Snowboarding, etc . meanwhile , The blind box also contains 2 A version of Beijing 2022 The official emblem and a poster of the 2008 Winter Olympic Games .

Application aspect :

This week, , Hebei xiong'an branch of Bank of China and Bank of China fudeng Village Bank Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ BOC fudeng ”) Deep cooperation 、 Jointly promote the application of digital RMB in the bank bank cooperation scenario of non operating institutions , Export digital RMB related capabilities to BOC fudeng through inter link mode .2022 year 1 month 16 Japan , BOC fudeng customers open and use digital RMB personal e-wallet through the bank's own channels , This marks the opening of the digital RMB silver cooperation mode in xiong'an new area .

The digital RMB bank bank cooperation mode provides non operating institutions with digital wallet opening 、 Tie the card 、 Transfer accounts 、 Full life cycle functions such as logout , Enabling partners to transform digitally , It fully demonstrates the universality and universality of digital RMB services . This model is the rural credit cooperatives of xiong'an new area 、 Local legal person institutions and other non operating institutions have played a leading and exemplary role in digital RMB cooperation .

Blockchain policy highlights

The innovation of national blockchain has been implemented , Improve risk control of financial institutions

2 month 14 - , In recent days, , Central network information office, etc 16 Departments jointly issue the notice , The announcement has been recommended by local authorities and departments 、 Expert review 、 Determined by online publicity and other procedures 15 A comprehensive and 164 List of national blockchain innovation and application pilots in characteristic fields . The people's Bank of China Tianjin branch organizes the application “ Relying on blockchain technology to carry out supply chain financial services ” The project was selected , Be selected by Tianjin 5 One of the pilot projects , It is also the only pilot project selected in the financial field of Tianjin . This national blockchain innovative application pilot project relies on Shenzhen Qianhai joint trading center (QME) Blockchain Technology , Convert non-standard commodity spot into standardized electronic warehouse receipt assets for trading , Tianjin Branch of Bank of Shanghai will pledge through standardized electronic warehouse receipt , Provide supply chain loans for platform dealers , And in 2021 year 4 In June, the first financing business of this model was successfully launched nationwide . Through the effective application of blockchain Technology , Improved the transparency of underlying assets of warehouse receipt pledge financing business 、 The accuracy of risk control of financial institutions and the convenience of capital approval and investment , Providing supply chain financing services for commercial banks .

Jiangxi issued opinions to speed up the application of blockchain technology and industrial development

2 month 14 - , Jiangxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology 、 Jointly issued by the provincial network information office 《 Implementation opinions of Jiangxi Province on accelerating the application of blockchain technology and industrial development 》( hereinafter referred to as 《 opinion 》), Proposed to 2025 year , The comprehensive competitiveness of the province's blockchain industry has been comprehensively improved , The ability of independent technological innovation has been greatly enhanced , The integration and development with the new generation of information technology are closer , In enabling the real economy 、 Positive results have been achieved in improving the supply of public services and strengthening the capacity of government governance . Form a number of competitive well-known enterprises 、 Well known brands and representative products , make 2 To 3 A cluster of blockchain industry development .《 opinion 》 Define the construction of blockchain famous parks , Cultivate famous blockchain enterprises , Create blockchain famous products .

Shanghai Hongkou :“ Action plan for the development of yuancosmic industry ” Release , Yuan universe industry Party building alliance unveiled

2 month 16 - , Issued by Hongkou District, Shanghai “ Action plan for the development of yuancosmic industry ”, The party building alliance of yuancosmic industry in Hongkou District was unveiled , Members of the alliance include Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 、 Shanghai Wanxiang blockchain Co., Ltd 9 Home unit , Bailian Group and Shanghai Urban Investment Group awarded yuanuniverse Hongkou 1 Space number 、2 Space number . It is reported that , Hongkou will strive to build a demonstration area for the development and application of Yuan universe on the North Bund , Cultivate and introduce a number of high-quality enterprises for meta universe scene application , Build a number of Yuan universe industrial economic space .

Guangdong foshan : Promote the application of blockchain technology and build a new social credit system

2 month 17 - , In recent days, , The reporter learned from the development and Reform Bureau of Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province , Blockchain technology as the core “ Blockchain + Public credit information sharing service platform ”( hereinafter referred to as “ Blockchain + Credit Zen city ” platform ) It has been officially launched a few days ago , The platform is built by “ Credit Zen city ” The website has also finished the internal test , Officially open to the outside world . according to the understanding of ,“ Blockchain + Credit Zen city ” The platform will be the same as before “ Decentralized ” Of “ Enterprise credit repair ” The management channels have been integrated and innovated , The online service hall of enterprises has been opened in the online website , The offline data service area has set up a processing window and a terminal . Enterprises only need to choose any online or offline channel , You can quickly apply for . For some enterprises “ No sense of dishonesty ” The problem of ,“ Blockchain + Chancheng credit ” The platform has strengthened credit warning , Change passive repair to active reminder . The reason why early warning can be realized , Because “ Blockchain + Credit Zen city ” The platform can use big data to assess the credit risk of enterprises , By building “ Zen belief points ” Corporate credit evaluation mechanism ,“ Blockchain + Credit Zen city ” Platform from 70 Data label angles , To the whole district 20 More than ten thousand market players have conducted all-round credit portrait , And its credit level is divided into... From high to low A、B、C、D Four levels . For enterprises with high credit risk , To strengthen “ Double random 、 A public ” regulatory , Strengthen credit risk prediction .

Shanghai Xuhui District proposed to develop NFT Art industry

2 month 18 - , After this year 1 Months will “ Meta universe ” After taking the lead in writing the government work report for the new year , Xuhui District of Shanghai has clearly put forward the development of NFT(Non Fungible Token, Heterogeneous token ) Art industry . meanwhile , The first one in China NFT The art ecological alliance is ready to emerge in Xuhui . Jin Jianhong, deputy director of Xuhui District Bureau of culture and tourism, said at the exchange meeting , at present , Xuhui District has established the West Bank as the core area NFT The goal of the art industry ecosystem , Will be established as soon as possible NFT Art ecological Alliance , Step up the construction of platform scenes 、 Formulate industry development standards and rules ,“ Grab this hot new track , Vigorously develop regional digital economy ”.

10 Provinces and cities have incorporated digital RMB into the financial system “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ”  Standard development is expected to speed up

2 month 18 - , recently , Issued by Chongqing Municipality 《 Chongqing financial reform and development “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” planning (2021-2025 year )》 Pointed out that , We will strive to carry out a pilot project of legal digital currency , Explore the international application scenario of digital RMB . Comb and discover , since 2021 year 6 Since the month , Digital RMB has gradually become a financial asset in various places “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Planning high-frequency vocabulary . Specific include : jiangsu 、 Zhejiang 、 fujian 、 Shanghai 、 Shenzhen 、 Guangzhou 、 tianjin 、 Xi'an 、 hainan 、 Chongqing, etc 10 Provinces . among , Jiangsu is in 《 Jiangsu Province “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Financial development planning 》 I mentioned , Support Suzhou to give full play to the first mover advantage of digital RMB pilot , Develop and expand the digital currency industry . And in the planning column 15 Exploring transportation is mentioned separately in 、 School 、 Health care 、 Cross regional connectivity of digital RMB in social security and other fields . 《 High quality development of financial industry in Shenzhen “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” planning 》 Express , Innovative applications such as digital currency research and mobile payment will be carried out , Accelerate the breakthrough of key technologies such as mobile payment and terminal security related to digital currency wallet , Strive to build a legal digital currency innovation pilot area , Promote international cooperation and cross-border use of digital RMB ;《 Financial industry in Hainan Province “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” development planning 》 The proposed , The pilot project of digital RMB will be carried out all over the island . And explore the application scenario of digital RMB with the characteristics of Hainan free trade port , Build a digital RMB ecosystem .

The Korean financial supervision authority will strengthen its supervision of NFT And the supervision of the meta universe

2 month 15 - , Korea financial supervisory authority (FSS) Announced in the annual work plan released on Monday , Will strengthen the supervision of including NFT Monitoring of new trading assets including .FSS Express , Countermeasures will be formulated for the factors causing damage to consumers in the fast-growing digital asset market . Earlier this month ,FSS It means that we will strengthen our understanding of NFT And emerging market enterprises such as metauniverse IPO Verification of .

The Bank of Korea is studying the use of CBDC payment NFT And other digital assets

2 month 17 - , The Bank of Korea recently announced , Is studying how to use the central bank's digital currency (CBDC) To pay NFT And other digital assets . The first phase of the test is to build a virtual experimental environment on the cloud disk , Using distributed ledger Technology , Realized manufacturing 、 issue 、 circulation ( Remittance 、 Settlement )、 Recycling etc. CBDC Basic functions of . The second stage test first examines NFT And other digital asset transactions CBDC The possibility of . Also increased the use of CBDC Digital artwork circulating on other distributed ledger platforms 、 Related functions of copyright and other transactions . Connect different distributed ledgers , Plan to use CBDC Simultaneous settlement of ownership and funds of tokenized assets . Regarding this , The staff of the Bank of Korea explained :“NFT And many other digital asset transactions have always used ordinary cryptocurrencies . And now we want to try CBDC Make a deal .

Domestic industry trends

Huali Technology : It will focus on its main business , Increase in VR、AR Research and development of game and entertainment equipment in the field of Technology

2 month 13 - , Huali technology said on the interactive platform , At present, the world “ Meta universe ” The development of the industry is still in the stage of exploration and development , The company attaches importance to VR、AR And other virtual reality technology and game entertainment equipment , Make the company in “ Meta universe ” Games and other virtual scenes and amusement experiences have certain first mover advantages . The company will focus on its main business , Increase in VR、AR Research and development of game and entertainment equipment in the field of Technology ,VR、AR And other virtual reality technologies to realize the exploration of relevant application scenarios in the digital world and the real world .

“ Meta universe ” Social software gel takes the initiative to get off the shelf , Pause new user entry

2 month 13 - ,“ Meta universe ” Social software gel APP After topping Apple's general list , That is, falling into rumors of suspected disclosure of user information .13 Sunday night , Jelly APP The announcement said , Choose during large-scale system upgrade , Take the initiative to suspend new users from the app store , Focus on improving the existing user experience . Jelly APP Call in the announcement , In recent days , The gel encountered a continuous 、 Organized attacks , Malicious rumors spread on major platforms 、 Bad reviews by the navy in the app store . Regarding this , Gel has taken decisive legal action . Jelly APP Express , In order to let everyone have a more smooth sense of use , In the future, we can travel in a wider world with more friends , I chose to upgrade the system on a large scale , Take the initiative to suspend new users from the app store , Focus on improving the existing user experience .

China search was selected as the national blockchain innovation and application pilot

2 month 14 - , In recent days, , The central network information office and other 16 departments jointly announced the list of national blockchain innovation and application pilot projects , China search information technology Co., Ltd ( China search ) Included in the  “ Blockchain + Copyright ”  Pilot projects in characteristic fields , And ranked among the best , Become the only national new media platform and mainstream media on the list . China search is jointly established by the seven major news units of the central government 、 The national search engine hosted by Xinhua News Agency , At the same time, it is also the organizational unit of China news media copyright protection alliance 、 Central News website 、 National high tech enterprise .

The collection theme series of Sanxingdui yuan universe went online today

2 month 14 - , Sanxingdui yuan universe collection theme series is released today , It contains Vientiane 、 Liao sacrifice 、 Phantom City collection card . There are nine collections of cultural relics under the three themes , Each is on sale in limited quantities 30 Share . Total issue 810 A collection card , No additional issuance . Random blind box rush buying by users , Users are not restricted .2022 year 2 month 14 Japan , Open at 10 a.m. for limited time and limited sales . The collection is a digital collection issued based on Kezheng blockchain technology agreement , Sichuan Institute of cultural relics and Archaeology 、 Jointly issued by Sanxingdui Museum .

Yintai department store and Mao Geping, a beauty brand, launched a limited edition " grand ceremony " Series digital collection

2 month 14 - , Yintai department store cooperates with high-end beauty brand Mao Geping , Launch Limited Edition " grand ceremony " Series digital collection , And today 0 Go live . This series has two collections . Phoenix totem and ceremony . Double phoenix fan , limited 1000 Pieces of , Users buy at the tmall flagship store of Yintai department store MAOGEPING " Dragon and Phoenix sing together " The suit is entitled to , After shipment, you can receive and view it through Alipay Jingtan applet .

Hong Kong Ocean Park and The Sandbox The cooperation will launch NFT And explore the meta universe market

2 month 15 - , According to the Animoca Brands Official website , Hong Kong Ocean Park announces and Animoca Brands Under the banner of centralized game virtual world The Sand box Achieve cooperation , Will explore the launch NFT Assets and enter the meta universe market ,TheSand box Special contents and products will be built in the virtual plot for Hong Kong Ocean Park .The Sand box Director of operations and co founder Sebastien Borget Express , I hope to use this broken circle cooperation to show how the entertainment experience can pass through NFT And earn while playing P2E Pattern , Attract and reward visitors from local and around the world .

Guangzhou launched the Lantern Festival “ Guangfu temple fair cloud universe ”

2 month 15 - , Guangzhou announced the launch of the Lantern Festival “ Guangfu temple fair cloud universe ”, It is reported that ,“ Guangfu temple fair cloud universe ” Choose Beijing Road, which has been the commercial capital for thousands of years , With a thousand year old road 、 Arcade 、 Guangzhou Chenghuang Temple and other Guangfu symbols are used as building elements , Through digital modeling and phantom engine technology , Combined with the traditional spring festival atmosphere , Create online virtual public cultural space for the general public . It is reported that , China Unicom virtual digital man Yi and cartoon star pig man also came to “ Guangfu temple fair cloud universe ”.

Tencent launched a new business XR The layout of Quanzhen Internet has been recruited in the internal running water

2 month 15 - , The data shows , tencent (00700.HK) Launched a new business ——XR( Expanding reality ,Extended Reality) Business , And opened the running water inside a few days ago ( That is, transfer posts within and across departments ). In this internal information , Tencent said XR Business is a brand-new business that the company has vigorously built in response to the Quanzhen Internet , The goal is to build a world-class hard technology team under the leadership of industry leaders , Compete for the next ticket in the era of hard technology . The service focuses on the layout of the whole link XR ecology , Including hardware side XR equipment 、 The interaction between software developers and the industry .

Xunlei chain launched an enterprise digital collection service platform

2 month 16 - , Xunlei chain enterprise digital collection service platform was officially launched on the official website of Xunlei chain . Xunlei chain enterprise digital collection service platform is built based on the underlying technical support of Xunlei chain , Provide digital collection design for enterprises and institutions 、 Casting 、 Exhibition 、 Management and other full link service systems . The digital collections cast on Xunlei chain are uniquely identified by Xunlei chain technology , Complete encryption deployment through smart contract technology and keep it permanently in Xunlei chain , With a unique serial number on the chain . In addition to pure pictures , The platform also supports different types of digital content , For example, game props 、 Audio and video 、 collection 、 Event tickets, etc . It is reported that , Xunlei chain enterprise digital collection service platform has been in 2 month 7 The digital collection of thunderbolt hummingbird was distributed to all employees of thunderbolt on the th .

New net bank : The application for the qualification of digital RMB service provider has been approved by the central bank

2 month 19 - , As one of the few Internet banks in China , Xinwang bank has reached cooperation intention with many operator banks on accessing digital RMB , Digital RMB access development 、 The test is going well , The application for service provider qualification has been approved by the central bank . future , Xinwang bank will actively explore the application of digital RMB together with a variety of application scenarios including chain supermarkets . Besides Sichuan Xinwang bank , At present, two Internet banks, Weizhong bank and e-commerce bank, have joined the ranks of digital RMB wallet operators .

Foreign industrial trends

Phillips auction house will auction virtual artists on Valentine's day  NFT

2 month 14 News , Phillips, a global auction house, launched a three-day auction in Hong Kong on Valentine's day on Monday  9  The irreplaceable token of heaven  (NFT) The auction . One for auction  NFT  By  Gusto Collective  Virtual artists developed  MonoC  Produced by auction data  NFT “Drowning in Love”.Gusto Collective  Founder and CEO  Aaron Lau Express ,MonoC  At least... Will be entered from the real-time online auction  100,000  Data points , generating algorithm , Present in video form NFT, Will be in 2 month 22 Day to day 1000 The Hong Kong dollar (128 dollar ) The starting price of the auction .

USC Marshall has invested in the new blockchain program  500  Thousands of dollars

2 month 14 - , As the cryptocurrency boom continues , USC Marshall business school is increasing and adjusting their courses , Invest and contribute to MBA  Students create new opportunities to become familiar with the digital economy . in fact , investment company Van Eck Associates stay  2  At the beginning of this month, the University of Southern California Marshall School of business donated  500  Thousands of dollars , Used to establish a plan focusing on cryptocurrency and blockchain , Including new courses 、 Research opportunities and activities . USC Marshall University undergraduate alumni  Cynthia van Eck  And her husband  Jan  The donation will give students the opportunity to understand NFT And blockchain .

NBA Commodity Designer Shawn Kurz Create an ecosystem based on blockchain , Aimed at solving the problem of global famine

2 month 14 - ,NBA Commodity Designer Shawn Kurz Announced the creation of a blockchain based ecosystem FoodChain Global(FCG), To support charitable activities aimed at global hunger . Former military systems engineer Cody Boyd With the help of the ,FCG The development team has launched a platform based on Polygon Of FoodChain Global Tokens and NFT And so on , The proceeds will be used to supply food to Canadian charities, the daily bread and food bank and shelters on Queen's road .

Bing dwen dwen issued by International Olympic Committee NFT It has risen nearly a thousand times in the past two days

2 month 14 - , According to China Fund , Bing dwen dwen issued by International Olympic Committee NFT Digital collections have soared nearly a thousand times these two days . Browse nWayPlay The official trading platform of , This Bing Dwen Dwen NFT In the market, the secondary trading price has skyrocketed , The original price 99 The dollar has become history . The biggest increase was Nordic United Beijing 2022(Nordic combined Beijing2022) Mascot pin Bing dwen dwen , At present, there are 13 individual NFT stay nWayPlay On sale , The lowest quotation has been reached 2000 dollar , The highest offer 88888 dollar . With the initial issue price 99 Dollars compared to , Soared nearly 1000 times .

Football player “ Xiao Luo ” As a Graph Blockchain its NFT subsidiary New World Global ambassador

2 month 14 - , Canadian listed blockchain companies Graph Blockchain Declare its wholly owned subsidiary New World With famous football player Ronaldinho (“ Xiao Luo ”) Achieve cooperation , Augmented reality will be officially launched worldwide (AR)NFT platform . As a global ambassador , Ronaldinho's partnership includes creating exclusive events and events for fans and supporters NFT Experience . As part of the agreement with Ronaldinho ,Graph Blockchain Agree to issue 400 10000 ordinary shares , But subject to regulatory approval , Including from CSE Approval .

Lane Bryant Roksanda Will be in 2022 Available at London Fashion week NFT

2 month 14 - , Lane Bryant Roksanda Will be in 2022 Available at London Fashion week NFT.Roksanda With the Digital Fashion Institute, a virtual world innovation provider  (IODF)  cooperation , Created a geometric print sculpture dress NFT, It can be done by Instagram Conduct AR Try them on? , The NFT Will be in Sold in pounds last year .Roksanda  Express , Hope to simplify NFT Buying process , And enable existing luxury consumers to use NFT.

Lenovo is about to release “Think Book Series digital collection ”

2 month 15 - , It is reported that Nervina Labs The official account is issued , Lenovo is about to release “Think Book Series digital collection ”, All in all 3 Types , The number of types is 300、300、400, total 1000 Share . It is reported that , Lenovo tried to use these NFT To visualize ThinkBook Brand core . The NFT The technology behind it comes from the secret treasure , One NFT Basic technology service platform .

Underwear giant Weimi filed with the US patent and Trademark Office  NFT  Trademark application

2 month 15 - , The secret of Victoria, a famous underwear retailer (Victoria's Secret, abbreviation : Wei Ming ) Several have been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office  NFT  Related trademark application , Plan to sell virtual underwear 、 The footwear 、 Headwear 、 glasses 、 Bags and fashion accessories . According to the documents submitted , The company also plans to organize virtual fashion shows . American trademark lawyer  Josh Gerben  writes :“ Victoria's secret is entering the virtual world ”.

Disney appoints new executives to take charge of metauniverse strategy : about “ The story of a new generation ”

2 month 16 - , Walt Disney CEO Bob · Chapek (Bob Chapek) In an email sent to employees on Tuesday, it said , The company has appointed an executive to oversee the meta universe strategy . According to the mail , Mike, senior executive of media and entertainment Distribution Department of Walt Disney · white (Mike White) Be appointed “ Next generation stories and consumer experiences ” Senior vice President , He will work with the Disney creative team , Help determine how consumers will experience Disney's upcoming metauniverse . Chapek... Last year 11 In June, Disney announced that it would enter the meta universe ,“ Promote storytelling by combining elements of the physical and digital world ”, He called metauniverse part of the company's strategic focus .

British gallery Unit London sell NFT edition “ Famous paintings ”, The price is 10 Wan to 50 Ten thousand pounds is not enough

2 month 16 - , A gallery in London, the British capital, launched NFT edition “ Famous paintings ” exhibition , And sell the famous painting collections of Italian museums , Selling price from 10 Wan to 50 Thousands of pounds ( About us 85.9 Wan to 429.3 RMB 10,000 yuan ) Unequal . According to AFP , This gallery is called “Unit London”,15 A special painting exhibition will be held on the th : With nonhomogeneous tokens (NFT) The form of the work shows Raphael, the great master of the Italian Renaissance · Sangxi 、 Leonardo · Masterpieces by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci , Buyers can get a physical picture frame and a digital version . according to “Unit London” Statement , Digital printmaking is used for electronic screen display , With high resolution ; The real picture frame is handmade in Tuscany, Italy , Accurately copy the picture frame used in the exhibition of authentic works in Italian museums .

Indian media giant Viacom18 Release Fully Faltoo NFT,48 Sold out in hours

2 month 17 - , The main product of Indian media Viacom18 Young people 、 Music and English Entertainment cluster (YME) Released 3000 individual Fully Faltoo NFT, The company said in a press release on Wednesday , these NFT After the launch 48 Sold out in hours . Fully Faltoo It's a local award-winning sitcom ,3000 individual NFT Composed of collections inspired by the popular characters of the play , Such as “Bakra urf G.O.A.T” and “Rangu The Champ”.Viacom18 Express ,Fully Faltoo Will continue in Fully Faltoo NFT The market releases more such culture oriented NFT, By infrastructure builders GuardianLink Provide support .

Universal Music Group and NFT platform Curio Achieve cooperation , Will develop... For record companies and artists NFT series

2 month 17 - , Universal Music Group (Universal Music Group) Already with NFT platform Curio Building partnerships , For their record companies and artists NFT series . Universal Music Representation , Planning and Curio Develop works of art and other digital artists and their collections .Curio It will also serve as an online store , Allow users to purchase officially authorized NFT, Will be in 3 Month and Capitol Music Group And British songwriters Calum Scott To launch the first NFT series . 

Blockchain travel booking platform Travala Launch based on NFT Travel incentive program

2 month 17 - , Blockchain travel booking platform Travala Announced launch based on NFT Travel incentive program . hold Travel Tiger series NFT And lock 2,500AVA Users of , Will be available Smart Diamond Membership . all Smart Diamond All members are eligible for the ambassador's bonus . Every quarter ,Smart Diamond Members can receive the equivalent of Travala Net income 10% Travel points . Besides , Members also have the opportunity to receive random travel rewards , The reward range includes luxury hotel accommodation 、 Air tickets and private holidays , And other benefits . It is reported that ,Travel Tigers Series include 1,000 A unique NFT, yes Travala The first one released on Ethereum NFT series . among 900 individual NFT Will be sold ,100 Funds reserved for marketing promotion and future projects . At present, the sales have been carried out to the... Th 3 round , But directly in OpenSea Buy on .

Former US first lady Melania · Trump launched “ The President NFT” series POTUS NFT

2 month 18 - , Former US first lady Melania · trump (Melania Trump) Launch former president Donald · trump  (Donald Trump)  During the term of office NFT series POTUS,POTUS Generally refers to the president of the United States , namely President of the United States of America Abbreviation , Some people object to the naming . The NFT The series will be launched 10,000 gold , be based on Solana Blockchain , The price is 50 dollar , Highlight the landmark moment of the former president's Government , And NFT US president's Day 2 month 21 The day begins .

Doodles Will be in 2 month 28 Promulgated by the Space Doodle NFT

2 month 18 - ,Doodles  Announced on social media  2  month  28  Promulgated by the  Space Doodle NFT. according to the understanding of ,Space Doodle NFT  use NFT  Packaging technology , The holder can pass  Doodle Bot  Smart contracts will own  Doodle NFT  pack , The randomly generated spacecraft will match the original  Doodle  To synthesize into  Space Doodle NFT, User's original  Doodle NFT  Will be hosted in the official  Space Doodles  In the vault .

Indian dating platform Mingout Start the trend of meta cosmic dating

2 month 18 - , Dating platform Mingout Launched a meta universe dating in India , Organized a virtual moon based appointment for two users . Metauniverse or virtual dating is still a new concept in India ,Mingout Hope to create a dating revolution , Make it within reach 、 Interesting and immersive . In the past year ,Mingout the 1000 Multiple virtual dates , But this meta cosmic integration can provide some of the most immersive and interactive experiences for this generation of single men and women .

Russian figure skating Olympic champion “ Prince ice ” Plushenko will create IceDeer NFT Help the Winter Olympics

2 month 18 - , with “ Prince ice ” Known as the famous Russian figure skater Plushenko Plushenko Announce on your personal twitter that you will Opensea issue 1 copies IceDeer NFT, Help the Beijing Winter Olympics . He was 2006、2014 Gold medals and... At the 2008 Winter Olympics 2002、2010 Silver medalist in . Have obtained 3 Second world champion ,7 Second European Championship ,10 Second Russian champion . On twitter 56.6 Thousands of fans . It is reported that , Every one IceDeer Of NFT Will be given a special by Plushenko “ identity ” And rights , Having it can not only become IceDeer Club Members of , You can also enjoy more rights . meanwhile , According to prushenko's official announcement , He will also come from here 10000 Share IceDeer NFT Choose a avatar as your social platform , Use special Crypto Way to help fuel the Winter Olympics .

South Korea's Huxi university to all  2,830  Graduates are given  NFT

2 month 18 Japan - South Korea's Huxi University will present its  2021  All of  2,830  Graduates are presented with non-homogeneous tokens  (NFT)  Degrees and certificates . The University hopes to move from a paper degree to  NFT  Will improve access to administrative services , And prevent forgery or alteration of degrees . It is reported that , Many industries and entities in Korea have begun to adopt  NFT, Samsung, the country's conglomerate 、SK  and  LG  take  NFT  Incorporate its latest range of goods and services . Earlier this week , South Korea's Samsung supported chengjunguan University presented awards to three students at its graduation ceremony  NFT  certificate .

Picasso's granddaughter said she would continue to create... With her family NFT

2 month 18 - , Famous painter and sculptor Pablo · Picasso's granddaughter Marina · Picasso (Marina Picasso) In today's  YouTube  A statement was issued on the , She expressed her love for  NFT  Technical support , And shared that her uncle Claude · Picasso now supports the project . Looking forward to the future ,Marina  It means that she and her family will “ Continue to produce  NFT”. Marina said in the video :“ I have one 30 Old son , He told the NFT passionate . It attracted me , So I studied this topic , I found it a modern technology , Can connect us with art . It really attracts me . It is in this way that , I decided to create our first... With my son  NFT  series .” their  NFT  The series name is “Man and the Beat”.

The application case

Xiong'an new area opens the digital RMB bank bank cooperation mode

2 month 13 - , According to the official news , Hebei xiong'an branch of Bank of China and Bank of China fudeng Village Bank Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ BOC fudeng ”) Deep cooperation 、 Jointly promote the application of digital RMB in the bank bank cooperation scenario of non operating institutions , Export digital RMB related capabilities to BOC fudeng through inter link mode .2022 year 1 month 16 Japan , BOC fudeng customers open and use digital RMB personal e-wallet through the bank's own channels , This marks the opening of the digital RMB silver cooperation mode in xiong'an new area . Bank bank cooperation is the pilot development stage of digital RMB , It is a cooperative exploration between interbank banks . BOC fudeng is the largest rural bank group in China , Stick to “ Take root 、 Support agriculture and small expenses ” Strategic positioning , Focus on serving the inclusive customer group in the county , It is also the first national banking headquarters financial institution settled in xiong'an new area .

jiangxi : Explore the establishment of the meta universe Alliance , Support the planning and construction of yuancosmos Experimental Zone in Nanchang

2 month 15 - , According to Jiangxi Daily , The Department of science and technology of Jiangxi Province has announced that it will 2022 The year is positioned as VR The quality of industrial development has broken through years , Gather the existing scientific and technological innovation platforms in the province 、 Leading enterprises and other innovative forces , Explore the establishment of the meta universe Alliance , Build a domestic first-class meta universe R & D platform , Focus on the hardware entrance of the meta universe 、 The underlying architecture 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Standard formulation and development tool supervision in the four directions of content and scene, re sort out and improve the key core technologies and technologies of virtual reality “ thetime ” Technical catalogue , We will explore the development priorities and paths of the meta universe ; Support the planning and construction of yuancosmos Experimental Zone in Nanchang , Build a digital economy industrial cluster , Focus on Development VR/AR、 Artificial intelligence and 5G、 Digital cultural and creative industries and other key industries of digital economy .

Nanjing Jiangbei new area yuancosmos ecological innovation alliance was established

2 month 18 - , The first meta universe digital ecology conference in the Yangtze River Delta was held in Jiangbei new area, Nanjing . At the meeting , Invested, constructed and operated by Jiangbei science and technology investment group “ Digital Security Innovation Center ” Unveiling ,“ Yuancosmic Ecological Innovation Alliance of Jiangbei new area ” Formally established . Deputy Secretary of the Party group of the Standing Committee of Nanjing Municipal People's Congress 、 Luo Qun, full-time Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jiangbei new area, attended the meeting and delivered a speech , Luo Qun said ,“ Meta universe ” Behind it is the digital economy brought by the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform represented by information technology , This will greatly change people's future production and life style , Promote future industrial development . Jiangbei new area is the only national new area in the province , Always adhere to the innovation gene , Clutching “ Two zone stack ” Unique advantages , Actively promote “ Two cities and one center ” Leading industry construction , Continue to build a more and more perfect digital ecosystem , Create a meta universe with Digital Blue Ocean layout “ Yangtze River Delta sample ”. Next , Jiangbei new area will continue to serve enterprises at a higher level 、 More optimized ecological environment 、 More diversified policy support , Attract more high-quality talents 、 Enterprises and capital come to the new area , Build a digital economic agglomeration area for common development , Share the strong advantages of the development of digital economy .

Meta wisdom : The technical accumulation of dual offline function test of digital RMB hard wallet has been completed

2 month 18 - , Zhengyuan wisdom related personage introduced to the reporter , The company has completed the research and development of digital RMB intelligent terminal , Namely support “ Card code face coin ” Integrated trading terminal , And the accumulation of technologies such as dual offline function test of digital RMB hard wallet . Dual offline payment is carried out when both parties have no network , It is an important direction of the digital RMB innovation scene .