Part of the reason why cryptocurrency transactions are so complicated is the number of blockchains and exchanges . for example , The user wants to transfer the existing currency security smart chain (BEP-20) Upper  Binance (BNB)  Tokens, , You may have to go through several steps before you can Terra  Get... On the Internet  LUNA  Tokens, .

Especially when considering new users , This process may take a lot of time to search and compare decentralized finance  (DeFi)  Tools . Even advanced users must consider how to track anchor token blockchain fees and understand multiple  UI . in fact , stay  Twitter  A quick browse on the website usually reveals how many questions the community has about the cross exchange bridge solution .

To address this need , Created a cross chain decentralized exchange (DEX) Aggregator , Each aggregator seeks intelligent algorithms to complete transaction orders across the blockchain ecosystem . The result is that the aggregator can immediately execute the order at the best price , Make better use of  DeFi  The ability of .

Rango Exchange  To improve this process , Make it a competitive cross chain  DEX  Aggregator . The exchange actually became a super aggregator , Will include  Uniswap (UNI)、SushiSwap (SUSHI)  and  Bancor (BNT)  Inside  DEX  And  Paraswap (PSP)、Matcha  and  1inch (1INCH)  etc.  DEX  Aggregator and  Thorchain (RUNE)  Equal span chain  DEX  Combination ), adopt  Terra Bridge  and  Cosmos IBC  Such as centralization and decentralization of the bridge to improve their products .

In addition to extensive connections ,Rango Exchange There are also some additional functions , It adds a kind of “ Super ” The atmosphere of . One of the most striking is the simplified user interface , The platform describes it as “ Magic ”. The simplified interface enables users to manage complex routes from any token on any blockchain in a cohesive interface , And all of this is unmanaged .

In addition to simple experiences ,Rango Exchange  Designed to take advantage of more than  27  A blockchain 、20  Multiple bridges and  DEX  And six cryptocurrency wallets , For users from  A  Point to  B  Click to find the fastest 、 The safest and cheapest route . In the near future ,Rango  Will launch  Solana (SOL)、Polkadot (DOT)  and  20  Multiple blockchains , as well as  30  Multiple services , These will be on  2022  Launched in 2013 .

Based on intelligent routing system

The advantage of the platform lies in the foundation of the project , Including its intelligent routing system and Rango API. High level of the project API To acquire assets , And manage the routing and creation of transactions .

therefore , In practice ,API  It has three main components : A route for finding the best route  API、 Transactions used to check prerequisites and balances  API, Finally, it is used to track blockchains and related contracts , Calculate statistics and track associated rewards  API. The  API  It is now open to the public free of charge , It is intended to be used by... Which aims to provide cross chain exchange function for its end users  DApp  And wallets .

Rango Exchange  The core of is actually using tokens  RANGO. In addition to stimulating growth ,RANGO  Create polls and polls for project governance . In practice , Tokens are awarded to early project adopters , Some transaction views are used to buy back and destroy tokens , Add value to users .

Rango Exchange  Operate in a community first way , Of the total number of tokens  44%  These community development and growth incentives will be allocated .

Success begins with a good partnership

The team has reported more than in the past six months  12  Billion dollar deal , This may be attributed to the team working with  Harmony (ONE)、Multichain (MULTI)  and  Celer (CELR)  Our partnership . result , Now more than  16,000  Users make up the team in  Twitter  Online community on .

Although last year's efforts have proved to be the beginning of a solid foundation , But then  12  More progress will be made in the next month . among , The team plans to  2022  In the first quarter of, they launched their first decentralized exchange product (IDO), Integration through future projects , It is expected to become the largest Multi Chain hub in the world . Users can also look forward to the launch of a paid service later this year . as for  Rango  Of  API, The team plans to see... By the end of this year  15  To  20  Top products use it .

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