The leaked data shows , Until recently , Bank of Switzerland Credit Suisse Holds more than for sanctioned individuals and heads of state accused of money laundering  1000  A billion dollar account .

《 The New York times 》2  month  20  reported , Data breaches include  18,000  Multiple bank accounts . These data can be traced back to  1940  S to  2010  Accounts opened in the s , But these accounts have not been operated at present .

stay Credit Suisse hold “ Millions of dollars ” The account holders include the king of Jordan Abdullah II And the former Deputy Minister of energy of Venezuela  Nervis Villalobos.

Abdullah II The king was accused of misappropriating financial aid for personal gain , and Villalobos stay  2018  He pleaded guilty to money laundering in . Other sanctioned individuals are also Credit Suisse Have an account , just as 《 The New York times 》 As it is written :

“ Other account holders include the son of a Pakistani intelligence chief , They are  1980  Helping to transfer billions of dollars from the United States and other countries to Afghanistan in the s ( Jihadist organization ).”

Leading decentralized finance  (DeFi)  platform  Yearn Finance (YFI)  Lead developer  Banteg  Today I wrote on twitter :“Credit Suisse AML  I was very happy to receive the traffickers 、 Murderers and corrupt officials .” Commentators have noticed another large international bank, HSBC , It has paid huge fines for helping international criminals .

Although Swiss banks are prohibited by law from accepting deposits from known criminals , But even if the country's famous bank secrecy law is implemented , It's easy to escape . just as 《 The New York times 》 written , This seems to make Switzerland an attractive place for criminals to conduct international banking :

“ The leak shows that ,Credit Suisse Not only the super rich , And those with questionable backgrounds , Just search their names on the search engine , Will be very clear about the background of these people .”

The cryptocurrency community also suffers from the irony that large traditional financial institutions help criminals , The community has been fighting charges of abetting criminals for years . Overview of data breaches  1000  A deposit of $billion makes  Chainalysis  Estimate of the  2021  The crime of encrypting whales held  250  Billion dollars is dwarfed by .

Credit Suisse Deny any wrongdoing , but Credit Suisse The centralized secret operation mode is in sharp contrast to the completely transparent blockchain technology . This transparency may also mean that investigators and law enforcement agencies can monitor in real time individuals and governments trying to evade economic sanctions .