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"Sky high price" NFT frequently appears. Can ordinary players get the super rich script?

2022-06-24 04:35:3121st Century Business Herald

2021 year , from Beeple Close up artwork 7000 Million dollar high price order NFT Hot out of the circle ,NFT The hot market has continued . According to third-party data institutions nonfungible Statistics ,2021 year NFT The transaction scale reached 140 Billion dollars , Up to the scale before the epidemic 2019 Total global art auctions in 105.7 $ 1.3 times .

Get into 2022 year , The player 、 Collectors are right NFT Our trading enthusiasm is still only increasing .

21 Century economic reporter from Dune Analytics The data obtained shows ,2022 year 1 month OpenSea The market is 49.55 The monthly trading volume of US $billion hit a record high .2 month , Market trading enthusiasm continues ,2 month 1 Daily trading volume of 2.48 Billion dollars , Set a new high again .

Behind the booming transaction is the active participation of all parties , The enthusiastic participation of domestic big manufacturers and celebrities can be regarded as a wind vane .2021 Since then , Since the ant group was the first to eat crabs, the limited edition has been released “NFT” Version payment code skin , Then tencent 、 NetEase 、 JD.COM 、 Baidu 、B standing 、 Tiktok and other major factories have followed up the code. .

Celebrities are also testing the water ,2022 year 1 month 18 Japan , On Jay Chou's birthday , The tide brand jointly founded by him and his friends was announced for sale NFT Project fantasy bear , limited 1 m , All sold in less than an hour , Total more than 6200 Ten thousand yuan .1 month 29 Japan , Jay Chou also announced that he would NFT Auction their own classic songs that have never been made public Demo Music digital collection . Celebrity effect drives NFT Further out of the circle , not a few “ Insiders ” He told reporters that he was very happy to see the active participation of Jay Chou and other stars , It is expected to further expand NFT market .

but NFT The financial attribute also means risk , The soaring market has made countless investors feel excited , However, I'm afraid there are still a few people who really get sustainable returns .

2 month 12 Japan , International Olympic Committee authorized Bing dwen dwen NFT Digital blind box in nWayPlay The platform is on sale , Official pricing 99 dollar , Once on sale, it was quickly robbed , Its official selling price has also risen . By 2 month 18 Japan , The official selling price has reached 349 dollar , More than tripled . Compared with the official price , The rise and fall of the global secondary market is even more amazing . Someone once hung up in the secondary market 9999 The price of dollars , Many media reports have increased thousands of times . But according to 21 Understanding of Century Economic Report , In the actual transaction, it is far from so exaggerated , The secondary market is really hot in the short term , The highest transaction price once reached nearly 2000 dollar , But the latest price has fallen to about 700 dollar , The market fluctuates obviously .

A buyer told reporters , The reason is that 99 The dollar snapped up first-hand NFT I'll make an appointment in the next two days 15 Sold at times the price , However, it is still unknown whether the follow-up market can pick up for those who receive high orders .

Hot market 、 An endless stream of new projects and new ways to play 、 The ups and downs of the market 、 Hidden risks …… Yes NFT For this new thing , Its participants face too many temptations and puzzles .

  “ sky-high ”NFT playback

Beeple My digital works 《 every single day : front 5000 God 》 Shoot out 6935 After the sky high price of $10000 , Many insiders have told 21 Century economic reporter , This is already a small probability event that is difficult to replicate . Just a few months apart , This record was broken .

2021 year 12 month , well-known NFT The artist Pak stay NFT platform Nifty Gateway There was an auction on , This is called “Merge” Of NFT The project was eventually 28983 Collectors spent a total of 9181 Ten thousand dollars for .“Merge” Also become NFT The most expensive work in history , Ranked third in the turnover of living artists .

It's different from the last time Beeple The quality of the work “ One hammer business ”,“Merge” The auction mechanism and the project itself are more complex . According to the 21 Century economic reporter understands , The traditional auction lot is usually one piece or a group of works , Buyers usually have only one person or organization , and “Merge” Our auction is an unlimited sale .

stay 12 month 2 solstice 12 month 4 In this time window of the day , Anyone can buy any number of mess( The name of its issued token ),mess In the image, it is a small ball , And just like the name of this work “Merge”—— To engulf , Although you can buy unlimited mess, But each wallet address can only have one ball , If you buy two or more mess, They will merge into a ball , And then the volume 、 Color, etc .

Someone will “Merge” Described as a dark forest , Here you are either eaten , Or eat someone else , and Pak This work is also changing its form with the continuous trading of collectors in the secondary market .

a NFT Trader Liu Feng ( alias ) tell 21 Century economic reporter , A lot of people NFT The understanding of may still stay at the level of digital avatar or a video , This is indeed the mainstream in terms of transaction volume in the current market , But not all .NFT There can be many innovative ways to play , such as “Merge”, It embodies an interactive art written on the smart contract , As the written contract continues to trigger change , No one knows the final form and result , Even that 3 More than 10000 balls are combined into one , It's not necessarily the end of the work , Perhaps this is a dynamic change process that will never stop . This is also Pak Although very controversial, the reason why we still have a large number of supporters , Rather than call it an artist , He's more like a man who really understands NFT A talented designer .

Liu Feng further pointed out , Unlike traditional auction houses, art collections are equated with celebrity wealth ,NFT The auction can be very close to the people ,“Merge” Is in the Nifty Gateway On the website , You can use a bank card or Ethereum , It's easy and efficient to take what you want . On this level ,NFT The reason why the fire broke out in a short time , It has a lot to do with its popularity .

and Merge after ,2022 year 2 month 10 Japan ,Pak The latest NFT series Censored Medium 1/1 works Clock Finally shoot 16593 An Ethereum ( about 5300 Thousands of dollars ) Of “ sky-high ”. And the presentation of this work is a timer , Count the days spent in prison by Wikileaks founder Assange , The image will change with the smart contract data over time .

Liu Feng told 21 Century economic reporter , Although I don't know the next sky high price NFT When will it appear , Will it surpass “Merge”, What kind of subversive form and creativity will it be ? However, in just one year, the sky high prices sought after by the market frequently appear NFT, It can be proved that this market is still hot enough .

  NFT With the increasing volume of the white list system

It often soars tens or even hundreds of times NFT It is undoubtedly tempting more and more investors to try to get a piece of the game .

But according to 21 Century economic reporter understands , This young novelty has become more and more serious “ Internal volume ”, Even in 2021 year 3 At the beginning of the quarter, the white list system gradually appeared , Ordinary players want to play in this game “ game ” It will be more and more difficult to benefit from .

The reporter found out in the investigation , In some white list qualification acquisition strategy posts , The professor said frankly “ The essence of the white list model is the process of professionals reducing dimension and harvesting retail investors , We must master this skill ”. What is the whitelist model ?

The reporter learned in the interview , Compared with the earlier NFT, The present NFT The project is gradually becoming mature and professional , For limited edition NFT Come on , The difficulty and cost of obtaining through public sale also rise , There has been a qualitative leap . Because of the mechanism of Ethereum , Once the traffic is too large, blockchain congestion occurs , transaction cost (gas fee) Will grow several times .

Liu Feng told 21 Century economic reporter , Because the quantity is scarce , Users compete for coins , Keep adding transaction fees , It's easy to have transaction cost ratio NFT The actual Mint price is several times higher . In order to alleviate this situation , quite a lot NFT The project adopts the method of white list , Segment the casting , By limiting the size of each wallet NFT Quantity and when tokens can be minted to reduce congestion , So as to avoid a sudden surge in transaction prices .

So what kind of users can get the qualification of white list ? According to the reporter , The white list system itself is also a community encouragement mechanism , Many project parties will set some community activity when drawing the white list 、 Contribution 、 Drainage and other conditions , Once you get the white list qualification , Users can mint coins at a lower cost , Compared with ordinary users, it has obvious advantages .

With X Rabbits Club( Cold rabbit ) Project as an example , Its pre-sale price is 0.0502ETH, Each pre-sale qualification can cast two NFT, At the end of its pre-sale, the floor price has reached 1.5ETH about , This means that white list holders can easily earn at least 3ETH, The cost of ordinary users who can't get the white list needs to be doubled several times .

Chainalysis According to the Research Report of , A small number of participants get most of the benefits . data display , Users on the white list sell their newly cast NFT, The probability of profit return is 75.7%, The only users who do not enter the white list are 20.8% The probability of benefit .

According to the 21 Century economic reporter understands , stay 2021 In the second half of , The white list system appeared in the early stage , Investors and institutions that take the lead in mastering the playing method do make a lot of profits . However, as more and more investors and even professional institutions actively participate, the community tries to get the white list , It's getting harder and harder to get a whitelist qualification .

21 Century Business Herald reporter learned in the interview that , At present, it is popular on the Internet Discord APP On , There were thousands of people NFT The community is already active , But today's new projects often have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of users , Nowadays, the difficulty of getting a white list has increased exponentially .

Liu Feng told reporters , Now there is also an industrial chain that specially obtains the white list , There are many on the Internet “ Studio ” Hire college students to chat and pull heads 、 Hire painters to paint 、 Write program, brush activity, etc , Even in order to get traffic eyeballs, there are many vulgar behaviors . The participation of these professional institutions makes it more difficult for ordinary investors to obtain admission tickets , Many ordinary investors have said they want to quit the track . What's more serious is , Even if you can get a white list , It doesn't mean making money .

NFTScan data display , More than... Can emerge on the Ethereum chain in a week 84 m NFT. But a large number of these projects have broken . Some investors pointed out that , It takes a lot of time and energy to get several NFT,90% It's all broken , This means buying a quilt cover . Not to mention investors who buy in the secondary market at a higher price , According to the 21 Century economic reporter understands , Recently, the prices of many popular projects fluctuated , Take the cold rabbit as an example , Its after-sales floor price soon broke through 1ETH, Once upon a time 1.5ETH about , But after the blind box is opened , Its price is gradually falling , Recently, the floor price has been insufficient 0.2ETH. This means that investors who get on the train at a high level have to wait for the price to rise nearly 8 Times to get back .

   cheat 、 Regulatory and trading risks

undoubtedly , Even though NFT Has been facing controversy since its birth , It is still sought after by the market and capital . But under the heat of the market , Various risks still cannot be ignored .

NFT Senior participant Xu Zhihong pointed out in a recent media interview that , stay OpenSea Participate in the transaction NFT The risk of , Than investing in an exchange The currency Even buy one meme Money is a big risk 100 times . Because bitcoin has a perfect scene —— Continuous bidding trading can be carried out on the exchange , however NFT There is no such thing as , So the risk becomes huge .

“ If you know you're spending NFT, That's not a big problem . But if your goal is to invest , Then most of them may lose money .” Xu Zhihong pointed out .

21 Century Business Herald reporter learned in an interview that ,NFT The fraud faced 、 transaction 、 Regulatory and other risks have always existed , It has been concerned by more and more participants .

Blockchain analysis platform Chainalysis A recently released report pointed out that , Is already emerging NFT The market found a cleaning transaction (wash trading) And money laundering “ important ” evidence .

It is reported that , Its so-called clean trading is a form of market manipulation , In this way , An investor buys and sells the same asset at the same time , Create false and misleading activities in the market . a NFT The holder can put his own NFT“ sell ” Give them another wallet they control , send NFT“ appreciation ”.

Chainalysis Through analysis NFT Sales to “ Self financing (self-financed)” To track cleaning transactions , Statistics show that there are 110 Users gained nearly... From this activity 890 Ten thousand dollars in profits .

Liu Feng told me about this 21 Century economic reporter , The manipulation of prices and markets has been NFT There is... In the market , Although there are more and more participants , But big money 、 There are still a few powerful players , Once the project is handled , Ordinary players are at greater risk of being cut leeks , Only traders can profit from it .

Besides , Money laundering risk has been widely concerned ,Chainalysis In the report , Funds sent to the market through an illegal address are in 2021 Third quarter of 2007 “ A big climb ”, And in 2021 In the fourth quarter of 2004, it increased to nearly 140 Thousands of dollars .“ Money laundering is very important for people to establish a right to NFT Trust poses a huge risk , It should be up to the market 、 Closer monitoring by regulators and law enforcement .”

2 month 18 Japan , The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) publishes on its official website 《 About prevention “ Meta universe ” The risk of illegal fund-raising in name 》, Prompt with “ Yuan universe investment project ”“ Meta universe chain tour ” And other items to absorb funds , Suspected of illegal fund raising 、 Fraud and other illegal and criminal activities . Which point out that , There are many fraud projects that fabricate false yuanuniverse investment projects .

According to the 21 Century economic reporter understands ,NFT As an important application of the concept of meta universe , There are also many false projects , Investors need to be carefully screened before investing . Besides ,NFT There is no final conclusion on the legality and compliance in China , It is not difficult to find that although many large head factories are involved NFT, But little publicity , There is also little large-scale investment , Most of them are tentative innovation and exploration . A person in charge of relevant business of an Internet enterprise told me 21 Century economic reporter , about NFT Legal compliance of , The enterprise is very cautious , We have always maintained positive communication with the regulators , In the future, we will also carry out relevant business carefully . For the future of regulation NFT The attitude of , The person also said he was not sure , It also depends on the development of the domestic market .

21 Century Business Herald reporter also learned in the interview , Except for the law 、 Regulatory and other risks , because NFT It's based on smart contract technology , Therefore, it is also faced with the transaction risks brought by the technical level , There have been many cases . Such as “Merge” There have been loopholes in technology contracts , The same NFT Sold twice , Once upon a time OpenSea Suspension of secondary market transactions .

Liu Feng told reporters ,NFT As a new thing , There are many potential risks now and in the future , Investors who do not have enough knowledge reserves must be careful to enter this field .

   Leasing and lending ,NFT How far is the extension of ?

With NFT The hot , Its derivative market demand has also boosted NFT lease 、 The development of markets such as lending .

Although this kind of NFT At present, there is a huge market for consumption patterns , But it completely ignores another possibility , namely NFT lease .

According to the 21 Century economic reporter understands , At present, there has been a discussion about the future in the industry NFT New consumption patterns —— Discussion on purchasing by renting . So-called NFT lease , About to hold NFT Lease out the right of use , Its ownership does not change or is only transferred to the lessee for a short time , Make others think about this NFT Interested people can have the opportunity in a limited time “ Exhibition ” My favorite collection , At the same time, the original holder can earn some passive income in this process .

After this view was put forward , Many people in the industry pointed out this NFT The consumption pattern is a little far fetched , But many people still think that with NFT The continued rise in asset prices , lease NFT It can further release value for holders and consumers , The future market of digital leasing is promising .

Xu Zhihong thinks ,NFT The rental market is bound to appear , But he is more optimistic about NFT Mortgage platform .

21 Century Business Herald reporter learned in the interview that ,2021 year 12 month , Encrypted lending and trading platform Nexo Cooperated with Sanjian capital to launch NFT Lending and art financing service platform “NFT Lending Desk”, This platform is provided by NFT Supported encrypted credit . and Nexo Is the first to allow customers to use certain NFT Borrow stable currency as collateral 、ETH And other cryptocurrencies .

“ The lending market is bound to rise this year ( It might be called NFTfi),DeFi( Decentralized Finance ) So inside , It will overflow to NFT In the field of . Through pledge 、 Lock cabin 、fram( A method of obtaining tokens through proportional pledge ) One key, three links , So as to boost a lot of this year 100ETH The project appears .” Xu Zhihong said .

according to the understanding of ,DeFi It has achieved great success in the encryption market in the past few years ,DeFi Pulse Pointed out that ,DeFi The total market has exceeded 430 Billion dollars . Insiders point out ,NFT It is the most exciting upsurge in the field of encryption ,DeFi It's pushing NFT A catalyst for broadening boundaries , The combination of the two was born NFT Lending is also seen as the next explosion in decentralized Finance .

In this business process , Users can publish the information they want to use as collateral in the market NFT, Obtain loans through mortgage, so as to release the value of assets and obtain liquidity , To use loans to explore NFT Other opportunities in the field . If the lender defaults on the loan , The lender who chose the collateral wisely will have the opportunity to obtain the collateral at a very low price NFT.

From a positive perspective ,NFT The emergence of mortgages and loans will increase NFT Market liquidity , Funding participants , It can also be estimated in high frequency 、 mortgage 、 Let... In the transaction NFT The valuation of assets is more stable .

But a risk controller in the stock industry told reporters , In terms of mode ,NFT Mortgage and loan are the same as those in the real world , It is a tool to use financial leverage , The use of leverage can help expand the market , But it also magnifies the risk . Especially for NFT For this new thing , In the face of the drastic fluctuations that may occur in the short term , How to measure its value as collateral ? How to measure NFT The pros and cons of , Is it all NFT Can be used as collateral ? as well as NFT There are questions about whether there are systemic risks in the market . Investors and platforms trying to carry out this part of business must be reminded of the possible risks .

In this regard, Liu Feng is right 21 Century economic reporter said , about NFT, The market and investors are in a relatively hot attitude , Many platforms 、 The project side hopes to explore more opportunities in the market , Hope to expand as soon as possible NFT Extension , Develop new business , Boost the extension of the industrial chain . This starting point itself is indisputable , But the emergence of these tools will probably further boost the market bubble. . Compared with foreign markets , The domestic market has proposed so-called de foaming. , Judge the short-term domestic leasing 、 Loan, etc NFT The development of derivative business will be more cautious , The pace will be slower .

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